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Best B2C Solution with Explainer Videos

We have experts talking about Explainer Videos and agreeing to the fact that Explainer videos grab much of the attention if the sales pitch explains the essentials of the company product and its services. The basic aspect that we can relate to is the ‘Power to Explain’. How to explain? The explanation can be in long paragraphs that describe your company and the service it caters to but this is something websites no longer have and neither are they interested. Webmasters need something which is visually attractive, interesting and well explained in the most thoughtful manner.

The use of Logic

The logic behind the production of explainer video is that you will need to carefully decide which type to choose. Whiteboard and typography animated videos are a hit nowadays, you must be well aware of your business partners and competitors before you present them your business demonstration through the audiovisual. The clients would probably like to see the success of the video which is quite logical for them to think.

Connect with your Customer

The next few lines explain in detail on how explainer videos looks into the customers point of view before taking the first step towards video creation. Facts reveal that explainer videos takes into account the problems faced by the customer who will actually be enjoying the benefit of the product and how it can be the possible solutions to all their worries. Video marketing help in emphasizing the sales pitch and actually relate to the customer’s problem. In this way explainer videos serve as the best B2C solution that promoted your company services to the right channel.

The Script and Its Length

There has to be something relevant in the form of a storyline and also the voice over that interacts with the audience and helps them make decisions. Scripts are the foundation and it should have elements that clearly explain the company’s effort and motive behind introducing their value-added product and how the audience will benefit out of it. It is the crux of an explainer video without which video creation becomes a simple waste of time. Incorporate a voice over script and add much-needed edge to your video.

Explainer videos create the benchmark that is needed for your sales pitch and to make it possible you need the ideal video creation service. Silver Bazel is the ideal choice and is an explainer video company based in Noida, the technical hub.

Explainer Videos

Infographic Explainer Videos

What do you mean by an infographic? Although a new term, but as suggestive of its name it is information that is sustained and relayed forward through the use of graphics and more. Such information is presented in the most interactive manner.

Now combining an infographic with an explainer video is a great idea. Explainer videos are for those who have a broader, more general type of audience, while infographic mostly used as content, increasing the amount of time that your audience spent on your site, and hopefully return for more. The infographic is with the story on their website while the animation is shown on Twitter (social media).
Infographics serve a different purpose as they can be read in a noisy train or in a quiet office while videos often rely on audio.

Experts think that videos can create more engagement and generally are better at instilling an emotional response than an intellectual one – where info-graphics excel but it is good to have both an infographic and explainer video together to work on the message given and also keep it engaging for the audience through amazing information in graphic form.

Infographic explainer videos with 2D and 3D animation should never be compared with an ordinary explainer video since it creates a unique identity for companies or start-ups in a more persuasive way, getting people excited about brands and inspire people to make a move. And above all a video tells a story. They are two incomparable things.

You can use your mobile phone to read infographics at a crowded place, but without earphone, watching an ordinary explainer video may be not really comfortable, and not really understandable therefore it gets wiser to add infographic to make it understandable when mute.

There are video makers who have actually created an infographic and then added motion making the animation match the infographic. As you can see, the client used it on two different mediums. An infographics animation could be considered as an explainer video if it accompanied by a voice-over. There are different uses for them and they cater to different markets. Creating a professional looking engaging video is a specialist skill that if done correctly can generate sales, leads and drive new business for your company.

Silver Bazel creates and inspires the audience with Video that has an infographic in them to help businesses all over the world connect with their customers quickly by explaining their product or concept through animation. Our bespoke custom made videos will give you the edge over your competition and help skyrocket your business massively by leveraging the power of video.

Explainer Videos

Get Shared and Go Viral with Explainer Videos

Videos can be so engaging and entertaining; they are often liked, commented on and shared across social media platforms, acquiring more and more views. A top-quality video can even be shared to the extent that it goes viral. The sharing of a video can build brand identity and recognition as the images and sounds in animated explainer videos can become synonymous with a brand.

Where, how, and by whom an animated video is shared can influence the brand image that is formed. The nature of a start-up business and its objectives impact on the way animation explainer videos is best applied.


Infographics are a great way to share information through amazing text with overwhelming facts with the use of icons and graphics. People who create infographics do their work partly because they believe infographics are a great way to communicate information. Since the people in this field also need to communicate information about their work, it was inevitable that infographics about infographics would eventually be created as the most viable means of communication details that is worth knowing and deserving to be referred back for later.

Increases Conversion

According to recent statistics, 80% of internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited past 30 days. This made them remember its call to action most precisely. Similarly, consumers who watch a product video are 85% more likely to buy products, compared to those who do not watch the product video. Video on the dropbox home page increases conversions by 10%. This increase meant $48 million in additional revenue in 2012. In short, animated video increase conversion rates by 20% or more.

Silver Bazel works on your conversion levels in the most interactive manner through video creation and animation that goes at par beyond perfection. To find out how your company could best use this fabulous instrument of content marketing and product marketing through video creation.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard Explainer Videos- 3 Secrets that will make it a Success

Silver Bazel is into giving your product identity of its own and portraying it in a well-deserved manner through promotional video creationGetting decisive on creating a whiteboard animation explainer video insists the video maker to give high priority to its effectiveness and one way to do is asking the experts who have their own secrets and it’s not that easy for them to reveal. But then, sometimes some suggestions that they give are part of the secrets that can be revealed if insisted upon. In our round trip to the discovery of whiteboard animation facts, we have come across some ideas that really work for the biggest breakthrough.

Looking into the power of animation which can bring out a character to its utmost level of perfection there are some suggestive elements that you should use within the video:-

Character Animation in Whiteboard

There is nothing unique about the information that whiteboard videos use characters but it is not mandatory to work on its animation. But to those who have studied explainer videos closely have now come to the conclusion that inclusion of characters multiplies to the number of views a video gets to boost its effectiveness to a larger extent. Adding a character will explainer the story in a more realistic manner and will make it stand out among the rest. Much of what type of animation is best for your presentation has to do with the product itself, how much explanation is needed to show the product is well defined by a character animated to present the product and decide whether you want to be more direct with your presentation or more subtle.

We Connect the Drawings

Now what you do in a whiteboard is very close to the fact that you draw things out in an engaging manner with a bit of surprise element in it of what comes next. The most engaging thing about this video technique is that drawings are connected between them. Making it this way is quite difficult and makes whiteboard video production more expensive. However, connected drawings make these videos super appealing, because viewers watch how the story is created before their very eyes and how everything connects. One should have a look at how the drawings get connected in this whiteboard explainer video, revealing that the whole story was, in fact, a part of the brand logo.

The Use of Colors

Whiteboard animations are made in black and white but there is no harm adding the little bit of colored element to have some color addition but not much, because ultimately we don’t want to spoil this traditional technique.

Silver Bazel is into giving your product identity of its own and portraying it in a well-deserved manner through promotional video creation. The company and its teamwork after doing extensive research on the product and bring forward the unique traits. The video uses graphics, animation and impactful text.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard Animation –Imparting Knowledge Based Business Promotion

Are you in the verge of creating something through whiteboard animation? May be an explainer video, if so, then you must pay heed to the storyline. The storyline is the backbone based on which the company services are depicted in the most thoughtful manner. The storyline in whiteboard animation teaches us or give information on a topic or a fact that matters the most and if it is included in a whiteboard animated explainer video then that Whiteboard animation is imparting knowledge through its appearance of how it is depicted through typical animation.

Whiteboard relates to teaching and what we see in schools and so the first thing that comes in mind will be that it will be the most valuable thing that will tell us all about the topic being discussed. The viewers relate to the fact that whiteboard is the culmination of a storyline that sees its genesis through the sketches drawn on the whiteboard.

Having content is to educate why they need your services, how they can use your products, when they will need your training, or where they can best apply your coaching in their lives. No matter what you sell, your basic content creation goals will all boil down to educating a targeted audience. Whiteboard gives way for the best returns coming to you because such animations stand as the best medium to educate and inform at the same time. But apart from defining what whiteboard animation stands to be there are other interesting facts about whiteboard animation that you cannot ignore for sure.

One is its appeal to the masses through the way it brings out animation through drawing and sketching, secondly the way it engages the audience as they stay glued to the whiteboard to watch the animation and what culminates out the sketching of the animated hand. Because whiteboard video is able to convey so much information in an entertaining way, it can show your company to be professional and knowledgeable and so encourage viewers to be confident in the brand and its offerings.

This is incredibly important for start-up businesses that are striving to get accepted and noticed in a competitive market. Silver Bazel strives ahead and brings you amusing videos in whiteboard with great ideas from a team that works towards providing a distinct brand identity to the product available for promotion and thereby leading towards higher gains.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos- The Ideal Option for Maximum Gains

In the modern day world, what we see is often believed and video and animation are two powerful tools coming in one potent package. Yes off course you need the will to do it but more than that one should also analyze the effectiveness of all that hard work and effort you have given over a video. An explainer video is ideally made to generate maximum returns with the higher value given to the product portfolio which is presented in the most viable manner backed by an excellent storyline and something catchy which makes the audience curious for more.

Simple is the Call

According to Steven Johnson’s discussion of the creative process, take for example the video with the title “Where Good Ideas Come From”- we find it simple, succinct, and it’s a topic everybody wants to know about. It’s a highly informative video.” This, therefore, makes us aware of the fact that “It is good to be simple” as being simple also means to the point and not over exaggerating a point so much so that it becomes recursive and boring.

Self Proclaiming

Does your video communicate with you? Yes, it might sound fanatic but the idea is that your video should do the talking for you. You should be ruminating on the fact that your video creation is an explainer video and the main motive of it would be to explain and be in verbal terms with your audience. Your audience will not directly communicate but the video that they are watching should communicate with the mind that is asking questions and the video should be able to answer their queries.

An explainer video is an ideal choice today and if you have still not incorporated one then it is time now to go for the take. Whiteboard Animation explainer videos may be the perfect partner for you or maybe you need the best consultation on the type of video that works best for your business. Check out the portfolio section that describes the types of video created at Silver Bazel, explainer video company. It has the best team of voice over writers, sketch artist and animators to create 2D and 3D motion graphics explainer videos.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard Animation and the Essentials that Make it Distinct

Whiteboard is basically an artist’s recording of his own work. Whiteboard animation videos are seen mostly throughout the internet on YouTube and Vimeo. Many companies and firms of all sectors and sizes are incorporating this style into their engaging storyline. Whiteboard is also beneficial for educational purposes to learn new language, teach company employees different company policies, demonstrate a new software or product to consumers, or are used as chapter summaries for educational textbooks. Starting in 2010, the Royal Society of Arts converted selected speeches and books from its public events programmed into whiteboard animations. The first 14 RSA Animate videos gained 46 million views in 2011, making the RSA’s YouTube channel the no.1 nonprofit channel worldwide.


A whiteboard animation video can convey so much more information than text in one minute. It’s a great time saver, and need not be too pricey. In fact, you are likely to make a great return on investment from the video, so it could save you money in no time.

Free Up Your Webpage

Since all the information you need to share will be in your engaging whiteboard video, you can free your website of all that unappealing text. A video that runs in the homepage of your website will be far more effective than the textual jargon. Too much text and clutter can be overwhelming and make a website unattractive, so this can really help to retain visitors on your site, so that they browse and find out more.

Multipurpose Instrument

Whiteboard animation can be used to describe products, services and brands that need adequate exposure in the retail market. This animation technique is often used to educate about something, but it can also be used to share simple messages, perhaps by creating a story.

Boost Sales and Other Conversions

The movement, images, appealing concept and script of a whiteboard animation video make it truly engaging, so the viewer often does not feel as though they are engaging in a marketing message or sales funnel. When consumers are more relaxed, they are more likely to engage in the call-to-action at the end of a video, whether this is to navigate to another page on the website, make a purchase, or some other action.

Set your imagination free and you will surely find an innovative way to use this animation medium to share your desired message and accomplish your business objectives.

Silver Bazel is ideally suited for your branding and online marketing needs. It is a company based in Delhi NCR, which provides excellent services in Explainer Videos, Graphic and Web Designs, Search Engine Optimization and 3D Visualization.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos –An Untapped Channel for Content Marketing

Making YouTube videos is no longer meant just to kill the time by listening and watching videos of interest but for some, it is serious business. It is meant for all those creative people who can add their work content material in portfolio videos, business explainer videos, corporate business profiles and explainer videos on hobbies, health videos, cookery, beauty tips and many more. Experts reveal- “YouTube averages 4 billion hits each day, and 61% of B2B marketers leverage YouTube to extend the reach of their messaging and brands.” YouTube garners content marketing in the most prolific manner. But still it is an untapped channel and this provides us with a unique opportunity to explore and create.

Not only is YouTube one of the most popular websites of the decade for web video, it’s also a powerful social network and an effective way to showcase brands and demonstrate products. Many businesses now include short corporate videos on their home pages to help consumers learn about them quickly. Here are some of the various different video production types that can help explain your business.

With the acquisition of YouTube by Google in 2006, the world gets familiar with the fact, that Google loves visual storytelling through a compelling video. Google incorporates videos into the search results and therefore adding one to your website will only increase its standing and will rank well in Google. This will, in turn, drive traffic to your corporate video and likewise to your business page on Facebook and also to your website.

Silver Bazel, video and animation does brand promotion through the use of motion graphics and textual animations. Now you can interact with customers and also explain your point quite playfully yet to the point with great effects so that users find it amusing to watch. The company does animated video production keeping in mind every intricacy as per client requirement and also keeping it short with necessary elements like ‘Call to Action’ and contact information.

Video Marketing

Explainer Video Marketing Techniques That Work for You

The print media is for the publishing world and printed materials leave little impact on the audience. Analysis of the key metrics and finding answers to how videos serve as a better alternative is, therefore, the need of the hour. A recent survey reveals keeping the audience stick to the explainer video is one key aspect throughout the active session of the website.

Promotional Videos for Business Acclaim

An explainer video is not just a video, it’s an audiovisual tool you can use to create and gain a much needed recognizable identity for your company, representing and reinforcing your brand across the web. It is just the same way as your company logo and website will do. The statistics say it all with 90% marketers using promotional explainer video and have been successful in aggravating the conversion rates to a considerable level. This, therefore, gave then good returns and explainer videos have been very helpful in this regard.

The Engagement Factor

You need to give a synopsis of your video even before it starts playing for the audience. The number of clicks on a video totally depends on audience performance and what they feel or think that will eventually make them click a video and increase its watch time. Either use promotional thumbnails through a little snapshot of the video in its thumbnail or add a page that will work well when added as a thumbnail. Both ways you are going to gain acclaim and add to the engagement factor through an appealing presentation of the company and its product portfolio.

Product Features in Video

Boasting more of the company achievements and saying least about the product will not help in creating an edge even if you are using a video presentation. The product page is essential and is the core point where the video call to action will be taken into consideration. Remember, the audience is watching the video because he is interested on the product that you market and therefore looking through what your company offers will be the first priority. Make slides that highlight the product core features in the explainer video.

Silver Bazel is a clear-cut approach to the development of explainer videos with a team working towards quality presentation of company related product and services. The team consists of sketch artists, voice over writer, visualizers, 2D motion graphics artists working together to make an explainer video stand out to its fullest.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Video- Pay Heed to the Essentials

Are you in need of an explainer video? There are so many to choose from and you can actually get perplexed on your choice of which one to look at and then finalizing and adapting one idea that really sticks. You can’t be wrong but yes you can lag behind and might not lead the crowd. It is important here to note what will make your explainer video stand out and make it more interactive.

Here are some essential traits to share:-

The motion graphic you use should very well fit in with the storyline and you must pay heed to it to avoid going off-track and drift from the actual promotion that you intend to do. Some explainer videos enhance the performance of the video with the use of kinetic typography and motion graphics, plus the consistently smooth background music, help viewers focus more on the content of the video.

Sometimes being laid back works and we are referring to the real groovy versions with casual-tone script and laid-back voice-over make for a light video that’s still compelling to watch. This means that the voice over is not superseding the company product features and other traits that make a company distinct from others in the competition.

With Silver Bazel there is little scope to get laid back with the production of a video. The company makes sure there are much needed interactive elements in the video and a certain level of detailing to make the video self-explanatory in nature.