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Top 7 Impacts of Social Media: Advantages and Disadvantages

Social media has advanced over the past few years with high-tech tools and applications that provide end-user satisfaction. Social media plays an essential role in impacting people. Everybody has adopted social media for their purposes. If you want to learn, earn, and grow, social media is the best way to do it all. From culture to innovation, social m edia marketing performs well everywhere. Everyone has different perspectives on how social media impacts others. You can either use it to nourish yourself or simply ignore it. The choice is yours. Take help from our social media experts and kick start your business instantly.

Top 7 Impacts of Social Media
Impact of social media on:

  1. Politics
    Most politicians have an account on social media platforms. They get political news online and stay well-informed about the happenings in the world. Social media is a modern source of entertainment and information. You can watch the news online and learn about the world.
  2. Society
    95% of people are on social media. Because it is a solid medium to interact with each other. People can make new friends on social media apps and share everything with each other. They can also create memes or other entertaining material to gain popularity. With social media, society seems well-connected to the masses.
  3. E-Commerce
    After the occurrence of COVID-19, social media has seen a great boom. People visit websites or install social media apps where they can do their desired shopping at reasonable rates. Companies use social media to connect with potential prospects and build revenue. Businesses are now generating more leads through social media and using it to promote their products and services. Leads are crucial for any business to run successfully.
  4. Training And Development
    Training and development are now easy with social media. How? Your company can make videos demonstrating the training process in your industry. The more engaging video posts you make, the more they will be viewed, leading to more audience engagement. You can train your employees conveniently without having to worry.
  5. On Education
    The education industry has started using social media to educate its audience and help them enroll in various facilities. Teachers can use social media to improve the skills of their learners and boost creativity. During COVID-19, social media served as an icebreaker.
  6. Mental Health
    Social media is a stress reliever. Yes, it is. You can watch entertainment news and videos to relieve your tension, stress, depression, and loneliness. There are motivational videos on social media that can empower and build confidence in you. Everybody has an account on Instagram, don’t you?
  7. On Relationships
    Social media has dating apps that encourage people to make relationships last forever. You can make friends on social media and communicate with them. Create a personal bond with people you like and cherish your relationship for life.

Disadvantages of Social Media

No doubt social media has become a necessity for all of us, but we must not forget or ignore the bad consequences of social media as well. Here are some disadvantages to using social media:

  • Addiction
    People may become social media addicts. They may have a fear of missing out when they are unable to use social media for a few days. It is one of the biggest disadvantages of using social media today.
  • Cyberbullying
    You may become a victim of cyberbullying as well. There are various social media scams going on that may create problems for users.

Other disadvantages of using social media are a lack of privacy, bad social-emotional connections, and distress over someone’s feelings, a lack of understanding and thoughtfulness, quality family time, etc.

Comment below with your thoughts on the impact of social media. We would love to hear your feedback.

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How Digital Marketing Works?

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing involves using digital channels to promote products and services. You can sell your products online on websites, social media, search engines, etc. to generate quality prospects for your business. Online advertising started in the 1990s.

Digital marketing approaches companies quicker and delivers effective responses compared to traditional advertising. Many companies use both marketing strategies to understand their consumers and provide them with the best.

Key Points

  • When you invest in digital marketing, you promote your products through digital channels such as social media, websites, mobile devices, etc.
  • Digital marketing is different from internet marketing in that you can do it on websites.
  • You catch a customer’s attention through email, search engines, social media, and more.
  • You run digital ads to show your brand is different from others.
  • Digital marketing is challenging.

How Digital Marketing Works?
Digital marketing uses digital methods to promote a brand online. To be successful in digital marketing, you should know the correct techniques to do the best for the end user. Professional digital marketers know their job very well. Therefore, getting help from them can be a boon for your company. Digital marketers have immense knowledge of digital marketing setup, which can boost your business’s growth. If you want to connect with digital marketing experts, call us. We have specialists who do result-oriented digital marketing at reasonable rates. So, what are you waiting for? Call us and get the best professional advice for your business.

Digital marketing helps reach goals faster by using several strategies, such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization
    The first thing any customer does is search for the product online. They usually check the first page of Google or any search engine to find their answers. Hence, it is mandatory for you to rank your business at the top of search engine results so that customers can see your brand first. An SEO-friendly website or any content piece will show up at the top of SERPs and grab potential leads, leading to more business exposure. Therefore, invest in SEO to appear on the first page of search engines. The best strategy for increasing traffic.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
    It is a very simple digital marketing technique that allows you to pay for the number of clicks you receive on your advertised ad. You can quickly gain more traffic with pay-per-click advertising. It saves a lot of money and gives immediate results. You can contact Silver Bazel to get ad experts looking after your business campaigns online.
  • Website Marketing
    A website is like a mirror that showcases your business entirely. It is one of the crucial assets you can use to impress your clients and make the final purchase. Creating a user-friendly website will keep your customers on it for longer. They can easily find information on their desired products and services. Identify the key points and work on your website accordingly.
  • Content Marketing
    Content marketing brings potential leads to the digital marketing world. Your website or any social media site is baseless with content. Content marketing is promoting businesses through engaging content that convinces them to purchase. Some forms of content marketing include videos, testimonials, eBooks, podcasts, infographics, blog posts, social media posts, etc.
  • Social Media Marketing
    Social media marketing is ruling the internet today. Every marketer is busy with social media marketing, where you use social media platforms to promote your brand. You can post any form of content on social media and get interaction. Social media is like a golden ticket that can make your products go viral in seconds. You can do live streams and a lot more to earn a good amount of traffic online. Read our blog posts for more information on social media marketing.
  • There are other super-influencer digital marketing strategies like email and affiliate marketing that can transform your business the way you want.
    Contact us to learn more about digital marketing. Get started with digital marketing today.

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The 5 Biggest SEO Trends You Need to Know In 2023

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a mind-blowing technique to reach potential clients online. SEO experiences constant challenges in bringing more organic traffic to your business. Hence, new trends are introduced each year to match clients’ expectations. 70 to 80 percent of internet users, especially businesspeople, focus more on SEO to gain organic results and be listed on top in search engines. How will it help them? It will boost their business and bring it to the limelight, which will directly catch the eye of every user.

If you want to run successful SEO for your business, you need to pay attention to many metrics like backlinks, traffic, social media management, etc. They are all vital to perform successful SEO for business. Contact Silver Bazel, the best SEO Company in Delhi having years of expertise in SEO.

Let’s know the top 5 SEO trends for 2023:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
    You might be aware of AI tools like Chat GPT which are unveiling a lot of benefits for the users. AI can do wonders for your business. Ask how? It can improve Google’s ranking factors, generate quality content, and so on. Various AI tools for SEO can help you rank top. With software like an on-page SEO checker, you can acknowledge your business strength and work likewise. So, AI can generate captivating results which can further generate traffic for your business.
  2. Voice Search
    Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, etc. are examples of innovations in technology. This voice search technology is getting more popular day by day with 95% of users worldwide. Everybody, approx. 50% of people have a smart speaker today at home. Voice assistants on smartphones are such a great relief to all those who either don’t have time to write a message or face challenges while typing a message. It seems easy to just answer your question on the phone and get the result in a fraction of a second.
  3. 3. Short-Form Content
    Marketers say that short-form content is in demand because online users do not like to read long or uninteresting content. Plus, short-form content receives more social shares. Writing crisp, to-the-point, and easy-to-understand content is undoubtedly the preferred choice of many online readers. Hence, you should focus on creating short-form content and posting it on external websites to attract more traffic to your business. Writing engaging and quality content is the key. Use premium content writing services by Silver Bazel, the best SEO Company in Delhi.
  4. Featured Snippets
    Featured snippets can help you gain importance in Google and other search engines. What is a snippet? When you type anything in Google, you may have noticed a box at the top. It is a snippet. Snippets can make your business stand out and grab more competitors. You can show crucial information like a how-to guide, brief bullet points, ratings, product reviews, etc. through feature snippets.
  5. Online Videos
    Online videos are trending everywhere. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., all these social media platforms are flooded with videos. Why videos are so much trend? Videos, especially animated videos, receive great responses from audiences. They entertain, inform, and educate, making them most loved over the internet. Videos for SEO work best when you want to show specific searched content to your audience. You can target potential customers and make animated videos to delight them.

If you want to make compelling videos for your business, you can contact us because we are the best SEO Company in Delhi.

With SEO and its trends, you can potentially showcase your business to the world and stay on top of the rankings.

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How to Create a Video Content Marketing Funnel to Improve Conversion?

Video content marketing is one of the most profitable business sources that can help you reach more potential customers. Video is a top shared content piece on social media and, therefore, engages your customers ten times faster than text.

Video marketing is the latest digital marketing tool worth considering for promoting your business globally. Your audience probably has no time to read a long text. Instead, you can create a short video that can inform & productively engage the audience with your company. Is the idea of video marketing productive? Not until you know the endless benefits that can save you time and effort in the long run.

Have a look at some benefits of video content marketing for your business:

  • Video content engages and generates traffic to your website
  • Adds credibility to your business
  • More sales, huge profits
  • Videos highlight a brand
  • Promotes brand awareness
  • Effective message delivery
  • Educate and grow your audience
  • Explain your brand with confidence

Your business can benefit from video content marketing to increase website traffic and sales. Start creating interactive video content today!

What Is A Video Sales Funnel?

A video sales funnel is a 24/7 salesperson. It is an automated selling system that generates leads and sales online, making it easier to handle every aspect of your marketing funnel. With the help of this selling system, you can track your sales video performance and make the necessary changes therein. Video is a powerful medium for marketing your products and services and attracting buyers worldwide.

A video content marketing funnel involves putting video content according to the buyer’s journey of buying a product with a specific goal in mind. Video content is powerful to draw the attention of your audience and increase conversions.

How to Create a Video Content Marketing Funnel to Improve Conversion?

Here are some tips on how to create a video content marketing funnel to improve conversion:

1. Use Educational Video Content To Educate And Inform

Educate your buyers about the products they are purchasing. Identify their product requirements and deliver the right video content that informs the customers about your business operations. The first and foremost step in creating a video marketing funnel is educating your buyers so that they can identify the original value of the product.

2. Emotional Video Content Connects With The Audience

When your buyers understand your business prospects, the next thing to do is connect them with the help of videos that create an emotional approach and explains the importance of the product. You can show some product videos having an emotional appeal so that more and more buyers can connect with your business. You can make animation videos too to grab attention.

3. Explainer Videos Can Attract Attention

Explainer videos interest and attract many buyers as they give complete details of products and services. You can show big concepts through explainer videos and get to know your prospective buyers.

4. Create Brand Awareness

Share your sales video as much as possible on various social media platforms so that more and more buyers can connect with their requirements. How can you build the trust of your buyers? You can ask your buyers to write testimonials or feedback on the sales video that will develop a powerful online presence for your business.

5. Call-To-Action

Your video marketing funnel should include a call-to-action video that demands giving feedback on the video. CTA videos keep your buyers engaged and interested every time they watch any of your videos.

A successful Visual Content Marketing funnel attracts, engages, and educates the buyers so that they know your business prospects well and build brand trust.

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What Does Google Analytics Do?

SEO or search engine optimization is the main element of marketing responsible for ranking your business on top. It is an essential online marketing technique that expands your business reach. With innovative on-site and off-site SEO strategies, you can give powerful support to your business in a short period. Google Analytics offers a glance at your business performance and manages your business ranking. With Google Analytics, you can measure your marketing strategies & do necessary upgrades.

Several searches occur on Google every day and most people wish to stick to its first page. Do you want to know where your company stands in the market? With unlimited listings on Google, your company might be invisible, unlike others. Don’t you want to increase its visibility online?

Don’t you want to show and promote your brand on a large scale?

Below is the Google analytics checklist for 2023 that every marketer should make a note of:

Google Analytics Basics Checklist

You should consider the following when doing Google Analytics:

  • Google Search Console And Webmaster Tools Offer Valuable Insights
  • Google search console and several webmaster tools can grow your website’s organic traffic. It can also improve the overall performance of your business. With the help of valuable insights, you can acknowledge your business objectives and run marketing campaigns accordingly.

  • Google Analytics View Your Business Performance Data
  • Google Analytics is a free marketing tool that tracks your website performance and manages audience engagement.

  • Use WordPress To Install And Configure An SEO Plugin
  • Install and configure an SEO plugin to enable several features and functionality required to optimize your business website.

  • Search For Relevant Keywords
  • Make a list of relevant keywords because these keywords will rank your website in google search lists. Your website will gain traffic due to the increase in keyword searches. Keyword research is an essential part of marketing and Search engine optimization.

  • Who Are Your Competitors?
  • Identifying your competitors is essential to gain online website traffic and business promotion. You can search quickly and find your competitors with the help of keyword research.

  • Know About Your Audience And Identify Their Product Requirements
  • Knowing your audience can help you create better marketing strategies and campaigns that can refine your business operations. Ask them questions about their interests, needs, requirements, feedback, and more to see their interest in a specific brand. It is a better SEO technique that will give you more keywords to research.

  • Your Website Operational Speed Matters A Lot
  • Slow websites leave a negative impression on the target audience and affect your website’s SEO. Google has recently updated the page experience for 2021 to experience faster page load speed.

    Silver Bazel Does Meaningful Google Analytics

    How do you analyze your business performance? Measuring your business analytics is crucial, especially when you are a startup. Contact Silver Bazel for effective Google analytics. We give valuable insights into your business and keep you well-informed of your business ranking in the market. Our professionals also suggest helpful ways to grow business quickly.

    So, what are you waiting for? Call Silver Bazel today.

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    Why do Businesses Need to Focus on SEO in 2023?

    SEO is the foundation of the digital marketing business. Search engines help your business rank high on Google and drive traffic to your website in a short period. SEO uses various techniques that outrank your competition and improve your search rankings on Google. From placing correct keywords to interlinking the website pages together, SEO involves smart tips and tricks that will help your business website rank higher in search engine results and promote your business worldwide. Small to big scale businesses use SEO techniques that will transform your business to a whole new level.

    Businesses Need to Focus on SEO In 2023: Here’s why

    SEO or search engine optimization is a technique which is responsible for ranking your website on top of Google listing. SEO is an important factor for any website because it can make it popular among many other businesses. With SEO, you can enhance business operations and widen its reach amongst the target audience.

    Our SEO practices are relevant, authentic, and certified.

    Moreover, it will help build strong links which will help your organization to expand its operations. With the frequent innovations in the digital world, SEO has become one of the most searched services in recent times. It affects the Google ranking and increases the website’s visibility for the target audiences to reach quickly.

    Our company offers SEO services to improve your website’s online visibility and overall ranking.

    21 SEO Tips That Will Help You Earn More Profits for Your Business

    Follow these SEO tips and ensure a smooth business growth:

    1. Understand the importance of quality content that will help you rank high for your target keyword and publish the best content possible on your website
    2. Update your website content regularly
    3. Connect your website pages with internal links that will divert your audience to the other page containing a relevant topic as a reference
    4. Produce external links to provide more information to your audience about specific content as a reference
    5. Use target keywords in headings and titles. Keep the content heading short and engaging to grab the attention of your website traffic
    6. Publish long-form content on your website depending upon the purpose or motive of the page. Your content can include data representation, infographics, and more
    7. Use Google Ads that provide keyword ideas to the marketers so that they can advertise about their product accordingly
    8. Share your content on various social media platforms that will generate more leads
    9. Get performance insights from your competitors
    10. Create guest posts on various other sites to create backlinks that will promote your business by gaining access to a bigger audience
    11. Make your website mobile-friendly
    12. Increase your website loading speed to deliver a positive user experience
    13. Convert your written content into videos and infographics to keep people attracted to your website
    14. Focus on local SEO because your target audience will first research the things that are available locally
    15. Run SEO campaigns and keeps tracking your website SEO performance through impressions, clicks, and position of keywords on your page
    16. A good SEO strategy demands keyword research that you can easily do with the help of any keyword planner or other researching tools
    17. Use keywords in your blog’s meta descriptions as well
    18. You can hire professionals who can help you with your website SEO like a content writer, SEO expert, and more
    19. Publish positive customer feedback to gain the trust and loyalty of your regular customers
    20. Use more video content on your website to drive more traffic and leads
    21. Continuously update your website details like location, phone number, content, and more such data

    These SEO practices will help you understand the weak points of your business. Use them now!

    Content Marketing

    5 Ways to Make More Creative Social Media Videos

    Do you make social media videos?

    If yes, this blog is a must-read for you.

    You should make creative social media videos for your business growth. Why? As they attract more online traffic. 80% of the internet traffic and conversions come from social media videos. Especially in video marketing, these videos are much helpful in connecting the audience with the brand better & introduce it to your customers. Use creative storytelling & grow your brand digitally.

    But there are a few things to consider before creating any video for social media. Read below.

    Here are five ways to make creative social media videos:

    1. Write a Short, Simple & Unique Video Script

    Audience engagement is crucial for a productive social media strategy. Hence, you should create brief content/script that perfectly explains your business message. A professional social media video will contain valuable, to-the-point information & SEO-friendly content about your brand that can attract your target audience & rank in search engine results.

    Here are some questions to consider while drafting the script of a social media video:

    • What is your product?
    • What are the benefits of using your product?
    • What will be the duration of your video?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • What are your goals behind making this video?

    Create an exclusive, short, and engaging script for your social media video that can meet your business requirements.

    2. Highlight Customer Problems & Connect Them With Your Brand USPs

    Firstly, know your target audience, location, age, interest, etc.? You should be aware of it. Then, write the script according to their demands or requirements. Identify what type of content your audience wants to see and make videos for social media accordingly. Knowing your target audience helps meets their product needs ultimately. The more videos your audience watches, the more profits you will earn.

    Use their problems as a fundamental point to highlight your brand features. Relate their problems with your product USPs & target more people. Show them how your product is different from the others in the market. Best strategy so far!

    3. Add 2D/3D Graphics Or Animation

    When creating videos for social media, ensure they catch many eyes. How to do that? Use 2D/3D animations, graphics, images, etc., in a video. It attracts and compels visitors to act. They will like, share, and comment on your video. It is a creative way to hold the attention of the visitors for a long. Connect with social media influencers who can help promote your products and services amongst many people. Create brand awareness this way.

    4. Add Music Or Sound Effects

    An entertaining social media video wins the race. It is true. The more entertainment you add to a video, the more you gain views. Melody plays a vital role in videos. Look for appropriate music or sound effects to make a delightful video for the viewers. An attractive social media video generates the interest of the viewers. You can search for different types of soundtracks online. Moreover, you can make your video funny using funny soundtracks, effects, etc.

    5. Use CTA (Call-to action) In A Video

    Any social media video is incomplete without a CTA. Thus, add a call-to-action section at the end or middle of the social media video to get more responses from your viewers on whether they liked your video. Reviews help get to know your audience’s interests better and how they feel about your product and services. Ask your audience to leave feedback on your video and suggest any improvements, if needed.

    There are many creative ways like storyboarding, SFX, and more, using which you can make a killer social media video for your company.

    If you want to make videos for social media and need help, feel free to contact us. We specialize in creating social media videos that are engaging, entertaining, and above all, satisfactory. Read more blogs on video creation under our blogs section.

    We will wait for your response.

    Digital Marketing Explainer Videos

    Can Explainer Videos Boost SEO?

    Obviously! No doubt about it.

    Do you want more customers to connect with your business? If yes, use explainer videos.

    Videos, especially explainer videos can help you with SEO. Nowadays, many brands use explainer videos to strengthen their relationship with existing customers & boost SEO. Why videos? Because explainer videos boost SEO. They are engaging, appealing & informative.

    According to some studies, 80% of people prefer to watch explainer videos to get information about a brand. Some surveys revealed that 90% of marketers believe that explainer videos have increased their business popularity in the market along with the search engine ranking. So, if your explainer video ranks in the SERPs, your customers watch and pay attention to them.

    Explainer videos can explain a product/service better. They increase brand awareness. Your customers purchase a product/service after watching an explainer video.

    4 ways they can help you rank on top:

  • Videos Can Rank in Search Engines Quickly
  • Whichever web browser you use, it will take seconds to rank a video content on its first page. Search engines prefer to rank videos or video sites that generate more traffic & interest amongst the audience. Hence, use explainer videos to attract web traffic.

  • Higher Customer Retention
  • 90% of people prefer to watch short videos, usually around 60-90 seconds. Explainer videos are to-the-point videos that hold the audience’s attention for a long. Thus, they are favored more by search engines. The more you attract traffic, the more it is favorable to your business. Explainer videos boost SEO quickly.

  • Increased Website Traffic
  • With the help of an explainer video, you can increase the amount of traffic on your website. Regardless of your business size, you can use explainer videos to gain brand popularity and earn huge profits. You can connect with Silver Bazel, a professional video production company that offers a variety of digital marketing services like 2D/3D animated video, web development, SEO, content writing, etc. and more to create an impact on your target audience.

  • Increased Click-Through-Rates
  • Explainer videos get maximum clicks as more people want to watch shorter videos. If any video has a stunning thumbnail, an attractive meta title, and a meta description, users will click on it. If the click-through rate is high, search engines will promote your site. Use explainer videos for business today.

    Publish your explainer videos in front of the right audience. You can reach a maximum number of customers with organic social media, business websites, emails, and more with an explainer video. Explainer videos boost SEO & remain in demand lifelong.

    Contact explainer video company To Create the Most Engaging & Creative Explainer Videos For Business

    Such videos are the first choice of many marketers who believe that they make a business successful. You can gain many new customers by doing proper SEO. Through social media, you can expand your business network and spread your business story worldwide. Try to understand your audience’s buying preferences and what they want from you.

    Publish a perfect explainer video that looks amazing, engaging, and entertaining. They are a great way to interact with your existing customers and offer them what they want. They are informative and give complete knowledge of a product. If you need to make explainer videos for your business, you can contact us anytime and get help from experts. We specialize in creating explainer videos for businesses. Call us and send your project requirements to

    Digital Marketing

    How to Conduct Competitive Research For Your Business?

    How to conduct competitive SERP analysis for business? What is competitive analysis?

    Competitive research is evaluating your competitor’s performance, strengths, and weaknesses. You can check their SEO strategies like keyword research and other essential aspects that help them grow their business. Doing competitive research for business will help you understand the market conditions, improve marketing strategies, identify challenges, and plan for a better future.

  • Identify Main Target Keywords
  • Do you know your competitive keywords? We wouldn’t tell you to fill your content with many keywords. Find a relevant, realistic competitor who uses potential keywords to drive more traffic. Research more about the trending keywords because they can kickstart your business in a new way. Keywords benefit your business in many ways. Hence, do proper research and include relevant keywords in your strategies.

  • Know Your Competitors
  • Under this analysis, you can discuss your competitors and how they move forward with their business. You can use high-ranked keywords to rank your website or any piece of content on SERPs. Tools like keyword explorer can list crucial keywords that your competitors use. Moreover, track your potential competitors and the way they run their business.

  • Follow Competitors On Social Media
  • After you analyze your competitors, check their online presence. Keep an eye on their social media postings, how they do it and what is different in their strategies. You can also research their website, blogs, articles, or promotional content that satisfies your expectations. If you do competitive research, make sure you have answers to the following questions:

    • How are your competitors interreacting with their audience?
    • Is their website mobile-friendly?
    • Is their website easy to browse?
    • Are their customers able to understand their products and services?
    • How many times do they post on social media?
    • Are they active on social media?
    • What is their content quality?
    • Is this content engaging?

    You can get an idea of the strategies you need to beat your competitors or next stand to them. You can allocate your resources accordingly.

  • Collect Information
  • How to collect information about your competitors? You need to act like one. You can sign up for their email list to gather information on how they interact with others. The best way to know them is to follow their social media accounts & track how they communicate with their audience. Follow their footsteps wherever they go. Place yourself as a customer before them.

  • Check Online Reviews
  • What do people say about your competitors? Try to figure out as many online reviews as possible. Online reviews give an idea of how your competitors perform in the market. Read their Google reviews as well if they provide it. From their case studies to social media reviews, read everything about them. Also, check for their negative reviews as it will help you improve your product or service.

    Conduct competitive research from time to time. It provides growth opportunities. Every business organization should perform competitive research for competitor analysis.

    Digital Marketing

    Best Facebook Video Ads Strategy to Outrank Your Competitors

    Do you want to know about Facebook video ads? But unaware of the correct form of Facebook advertising?

    In this article, we will tell you some of the Best Facebook Video Ads strategies to outrank your competitors & prepare for your next Facebook ads. These strategies will help grow your business & make Facebook video ads different from the others. Use them in your Facebook video advertising to skyrocket your brand growth.

    Facebook Video Ads Strategies are:

    facebook video ads

  • Optimize Facebook Video Ads Both On Mobile & Desktop
  • Users may browse Facebook over any device, desktop, mobile, or tablet. Therefore, you must create Facebook video ads and optimize them accordingly. This hybrid strategy will maximize your brand reach. If your audience is aware of your products, it will help them understand them better.

  • Run Competitive Analysis
  • This strategy will help you stand ahead of your competitors. See what & how the customers of your competitors reply to their FB video ads. Customize your video ads as per them & gain more audience. Your video ads on Facebook should highlight your USPs & uniqueness with the brand.

  • Target Brand Aware Audience
  • A customer sees an ad on Facebook but does not open it; it happens most of the time. People may see your ad but are not aware of your brand. Hence, to overcome this challenge, you must target that audience who already has heard about your brand but hasn’t tried it themselves. Such type of audience is known as a warm audience. You can earn more conversions by targeting those people who have liked your posts on Facebook or follow you.

  • Prepare Evergreen Facebook Video Ads
  • Whatever your business type is, aim to create evergreen Facebook video ads that you can use anytime. Don’t start from scratch. It is time-consuming and hectic. Make ads relating to brand promotion, lead generation, and conversions. Such ads are evergreen ads as they will deliver the same message repeatedly. Follow this facebook video ads strategy.

  • Use Geo-Targeting
  • In the early advertising days, marketers used to wait for customers to communicate before sharing a message. They had no options for advertising their products through channels. But now, things have changed a lot. Marketers have become proactive with geo-targeting. What is it? It is an advertising technique to display relevant ads according to the audience’s location. For example, if you want to target fitness freaks and tell them about your new gym, you can enter a specific location, like nearby where there are gyms or fitness centers. It will bring more conversions.

  • Use Emojis & Gifs To Engage With The Audience
  • Almost 70% of people react to social media posts through emojis or GIFs. Facebook offers multiple emojis & GIFs showing a 30%-40% higher click-through rates. Use emojis in Facebook video ads to draw the viewer’s attention to your ad. People look for emojis that feel authentic, explain their emotions better, and seem fun. Whatever type of video ads you make, include emojis and see the result yourself.

  • Incorporate Facebook Video Ads Where Possible
  • Facebook is the second largest social media platform after YouTube, with 8 billion video views. People love to see video content from brands that they follow. Through videos in your ads, you can explain your unique brand story. Incorporate these videos where possible to gain maximum conversions.

    Which strategy are you aware of amongst these? We are sure you must be using them to outrank your competitors. If not, try them out today. Contact our team for Facebook video advertising as we specialize in this. We aim to deliver instant results with maximum ROI from Facebook video ads.

    For more information, connect with us at @91 8881 380 380.