Animated Videos

Empower Your Business With 2D Animation Services

Do you know the power of 2D animation? Do you use 2D animated videos in your marketing strategies?

2D animation videos use voices, movement, faces, and sound that contribute to gaining conversions. Marketers believe that 2D animation videos help them decide on any offering and push up the conversion rates. Animated videos present complex information in easy terms so that it becomes convenient for the buyer to understand. Videos are faster and save your time by delivering the message within a short period.

A Good-quality animated video can generate profits as a customer is more likely to spend time watching the videos rather than reading a text. The audience likes watching animated videos that also help in increasing organic SEO rankings. 2D animated videos or explainer videos should be short and engaging so that your viewers can focus on the information provided.

How To Use 2D Animation Videos to Increase Business Profits?

The motive of a 2D animation video is to make things impressive and more realistic. It is the art to turn the lifeless drawings lively using various 2D animation tips and tricks. Here are some ways to use 2D animation video for your business:

  • Add volume to your 2D animated characters
  • Tell the audience about an action that is going to happen
  • Every pose of your animated character should express the intention of its action
  • Pay attention to the movement of your characters
  • Draw frames to make the video more realistic
  • You should create appealing characters to generate the interest of your audience
  • You can work with the timing of the scenes
  • Add slightly circular motions to the actions of the characters
  • Share your 2D animation video on various social media platforms to gain an audience reach
  • Add your 2D animated video on the landing page of your website so that it is visible to the audience
  • With the use of an explainer video, educate your target audience about your brand. You can engage your customers and influence their buying decisions with the help of a well-planned 2D animation video
  • Use SEO keywords in your 2D animation videos to improve their overall search ranking in Google
  • There are many more tips and tricks to enhance the quality of your 2D animation video. You can take help from the 2D video animators who are professionals and have enough skills to create an impressive 2D animation for your business. Animation videos have immense benefits for the online marketing of your products and services.

    Connect With Silver Bazel for Best 2D Animation Services

    Do you want to create a 2D animation video for your business? You can contact Silver Bazel, the top-rated 2D animation company in Delhi-NCR. Silver Bazel has professional 2D animators who create quality 2D/3D animated videos to build your brand recognition in the market. Our 2D animation services are relatively cheap and offer instant results. You can visit our website or call us directly anytime.

    Animated Videos

    How Can 3D Animation Improve Your Product Sales?

    Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive – Walt Disney.

    3D animation is the best technique to explain complex topics to your clients. It is most commonly used by suppliers and manufacturers who want to showcase their industrial equipment in a precise, unique, and engaging way. Have you heard of 3D animation and its benefits? Do you use 3D animation for your business? Start using 3D animation in your marketing strategy and demonstrate your products in a better way to the audience.

    3D animation has got your business covered. It does not matter which industry you own; 3D animation makes a great impression of your product and adds life to it. It features the best marketing strategy to improve your business sales. A short creative video highlights the features and advantages of your product differently. You can meet professional video creators who can produce compelling 3D animated videos for your products. You won’t know the benefits of using 3D animation unless you use it yourself for your business. With 3D animation, revenue generation is highest. It makes more sales by attracting more customers through appealing 3D animated videos. Get your 3D animated video made today.

    3D animation is the future of digital marketing

    Here’s why:

    • Video content grabs 82% of the audience on Twitter
    • 88% of marketers use video content in their marketing strategies
    • 45% of people stay active for more than an hour on Facebook or YouTube
    • 51% of marketers believe that 3D animation videos give more ROI
    • 3D animated videos grow revenue 50% faster than any other video type

    Now, you should have an idea of how powerful 3D animation stands today. Use it in your marketing strategy today.

    How Can 3D Animation Improve Your Product Sales?

    3D animation videos offer many benefits to businesses like improving product sales and more. Here are some other benefits of 3D animation videos:

    • 3D animation can make your products look spectacular
    • It highlights a product and gives an overview of it in a stunning portrait
    • Drives more profit by designing a virtual prototype of your product and showcasing it to the market
    • With 3D animation, you can explain and communicate the benefits of your products easily and quickly
    • Connects your audience with the products emotionally
    • Engages your audience and arouses more interest in the products
    • Producing a 3D animated video is easy and cost-effective
    • Showcase your business story from a scratch with 3D animation
    • 3D animation brings quality leads to your doorstep and therefore, improves the product sales

    3D videos are perfect and boost your business quickly. They attract a lot of customers and persuade them to invest in your products and services. Do you want to make a 3D animation video for your product? You can hire a professional who can create an engaging 3D animation video for you. Silver Bazel, a top digital video production company in Delhi-NCR, does 3D animation for all industries. We design quality 3D animation and get verified leads in an instant. Send us a request with your proposal and get started right away.

    Animated Videos

    Boost Your Product Sales Via 2D/3D Animation Video

    Do you know the importance of a 2D/3D Animation video for your business? If not, read this blog and acknowledge how 2D/3D Animation videos can do boost your product sales.

    What Is A 2D/3D Animation Video?

    2D/3DAnimated videos are a graphical representation of your product or services that entertains, educates, and informs your buyers. 2D/3D animated videos showcase your products uniquely and boost your product sales. Such animated videos are attractive and engage your audience for long hours. They contain animations that feel real and deliver an accurate business message.

    How Can 2D/3D Animation Video Boost Your Product Sales?

    • Get Noticed Quickly

    As these videos are engaging, they grab the attention quickly. The use of animations brings life to the non-living products. You can represent your company or business story through these animations. Such videos get instant attention from the audience and generate interest in them. They bring traffic to your website that boosts product sales.

    • Showcase Your Product Features

    You can highlight every feature or function of your products with animations. They drive more traffic and give a 360-degree view of the products. Your audience can see a product from different angles and get an idea of it. Animated videos are best to offer a clear message and show your product to the audience.

    • Simplifies Complex Concepts

    You can explain complex concepts with the use of simple animated graphics. It will engage more audiences from across the world and boost your product sales. Whether it is 2DAnimation or 3D, both of them are beneficial for your business. They can explain complex features in simpler terms.

    • Easy To Create

    Animated videos are easy to create and cost-effective. The video creators need simple tools and software to create such videos. The production cost is also less. They take less time and effort.

    • Shareable

    Approximately 70% of people love watching Animated videos as they are entertaining. Besides, animated videos are shareable i.e., you can share them on websites, social media channels, and more. They get many likes and shares that make them popular amongst the audience. As more people share them on other channels, it boosts brand value that generates more product sales.

    You can boost product sales via 2D/3DAnimated videos anytime. The best way to attract new customers is to create meaningful content which is engaging and memorable at the same time. 2D/3DAnimation videos are fast, easy to create, and cost-effective. You can represent your company in different ways through these videos. You can also add relevant content with the animations to make it a professional-looking video. Without using scenes or actors, you can tell your business through 2D/3DAnimated videos.

    Such videos bring concepts to life and give a real-life user experience. You can promote, simplify or represent your product and services using creative animations and communicate the message. Do you want to boost your product sales? If yes, you should get in touch with Silver Bazel and tell your video requirements. Silver Bazel has professionals who create stunning 2D/3DAnimation videos to boost your business growth. Connect now.

    Animated Videos

    Trusted Video Animation Services Provider In Delhi-NCR

    Are you looking for a professional video animation service provider in Delhi-NCR?

    If yes, you are at the right place. Read the blog below and find about the most trusted video animation company in Delhi-NCR – Silver Bazel. Silver Bazel is the most trusted and certified video animation services provider in Delhi-NCR.

    Animation is the art of turning non-living things into living characters that feel real. Many companies now use animation for their product promotion. Animation grabs the attention quickly and attracts a larger audience. this is why businesses prefer using it to expand their business. Why animation? animation offers added advantages to a company like:

    • Boost’s sales
    • Increases business reach
    • Offers maximum ROI
    • Shareable
    • Creativity attracts the audience
    • Educates and informs
    • Cost-effective production
    • Builds brand recognition

    There are more benefits that animation services offer to businesses of all types. From the manufacturing to the e-commerce industry, every business is shifting to making animation videos that help them rank their business in the market. Animation is a powerful tool of advertising that you can use in your marketing campaigns and attract potential customers. Are you looking for a video animation service provider? Silver Bazel is a trusted video production company in Delhi-NCR that produces awesome animated videos for clients. Whatever business you run, the team of silver Bazel can handle any video creation that can get you a million likes and followers. You have to trust and give us your project requirements. Our highly skilled team has expertise in video creation and can deliver projects on time. Silver Bazel deals in 2D and 3D video creation too.

    The Silver Bazel team specializes in creating engaging animation video for your company that clearly explains the business ideas, concepts, services and products. We produce impressive animated videos that promote brand awareness for your struggling brand. Our videos are eye-catchy and educate your customers about your business. a high-quality animated video can get you many new customers. We leave no stone untouched to get maximum ROI for your business. Being a reliable and most trusted video production company in Delhi-NCR, we can proudly say that 80% of companies trust our services. Our expert team has creative and technical animators who create quality videos for your company and give needful solutions to clients to boost their traffic and sales through videos. With different video marketing strategies, our team has the expertise over flawless creations.

    What Makes Us Different?

    • Engaging animated videos for your business
    • The professional team at work
    • Strict with the deadlines
    • On-time project delivery
    • Result-oriented work approach
    • Trusted and reliable video production company
    • Product animation, 2D/3D, product rendering and modelling
    • Expert guidance
    • Corporate video production
    • HVAC 3D animation
    • Brand recognition

    Animated videos are best for your business as they can get you quality leads within a short period. You can contact silver Bazel and tell your project requirements to the team. They are responsive and will take care of your requirements well. For more information, you can visit the Silver Bazel or connect with us directly over a call. Get in touch with Silver Bazel today.

    Animated Videos

    How To Choose Style Of Video Animation?

    Animated videos are in demand nowadays. 90% of marketers want to expand their business quickly by using animated videos in their marketing strategy. They feel that animated videos are perfect for landing pages, introductory and explainer videos. Animations can simplify complex topics and make them presentable to the audience.
    There are different types of video animation, with each having its values. Choosing the right video animation style can deliver your brand message effectively and engage more people. Let’s see how to choose style of video animation:

    1 – Screencasts

    This animation style is used in the videos showing instructions on how to use a product or service. Screencasts video animation style is cheap and always engaging. It offers a detailed explanation of new products that can be modified.

    2 – Whiteboard

    Whiteboard animation involves explaining the services through drawings. A person usually draws illustrations in a black and white backwound to explain complex topics in simpler terms. It increases audience engagement and helps them understand a product better.

    3 – Typography

    Typography is a powerful form of animation that evoke emotions and persuade your audience to take appropriate action. Typographic animation can focus on essential points. With the help of the right music, graphics, fonts and colors, you can use the typography video animation technique to influence your audience buying decisions. 75% of business use typographic animation to attract more people to their brand.

    4 – Cartoons And Motion Graphics

    People of all ages prefer to watch cartoons. 2D and 3D videos use animated characters that feel real. It is an ideal way of explaining your business. Cartoons can engage online traffic and simplify complex topics within minutes.

    Which Video Animation Style Is Perfect For You?

    There are many factors to consider while choosing animation style for your explainer videos:

    1 – Check Your Competitors

    Keep an eye on the video style that your competitors are using. You have to choose a video style that stands out from the competition in the market to deliver a message uniquely. An animation style will decide your company norms and standards, so choose wisely.

    2 – What Is The Topic Of Your Video?

    If you want to explain a business concept, a whiteboard animation style will fit your video needs. You can explain about a complicated product using a whiteboard animation or a cartoon that is easy for your audience to remember. Keep your videos short and choose the exact animation style that matches your business requirements effectively. Today, the whiteboard animation style is used by 50% of companies worldwide.

    3 – What Is Your Business Motive?

    As a marketer, you should know your business objectives very well. How can you explain your business message? How will you make your brand popular in the market? These are some key points that need your attention. You have to advertise your brand in the market so that more people can become a part of your business.

    Determining an appropriate video animation style will help you in it. Also, you can demand feedback from your customers or conduct surveys to know what they want from you. Identifying your audience problems and coming up with needful solutions will help your business grow shortly.

    Animated Videos

    Why most of the Brands are turning to Animation at this time?

    As the market is expanding with various promotion and advertising techniques, modern customers are more likely to buy from a brand that uses animated videos. Animations leave an everlasting impression on your buyers. Nowadays, 75% of marketers are using animated videos to drive more audience towards their brand. Animations are engaging and connect with your buyers at a personal level.

    Video marketing is a powerful marketing tool that gets you quality leads. It develops an emotional connection with your target audience and influences their buying decisions. Businesses are shifting their focus to animations as they are popular amongst the buyers. They bring more customers and create a positive image of your brand. It has many advantages for a brand. Have a look,

    1 – Animations Increase Brand Awareness

    Approx. 90% of organizations are using video marketing to increase brand awareness. They think animated videos are most appealing and attention-grabbing. Every social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more uses short animated videos. Motion captures audience attention quickly and differentiates your brand from the others. You can use slogans, logos and different colors to enhance your brand value in an animated video.

    2 – Your Audience Can Feel Your Brand Personally

    Animations are engaging as they use appealing music and sound effects that feel more personal. Your audience can entirely relate to your brand. Short commercial videos gain more audience and work better. They feel real and promote your products in the market while creating a positive image of your brand. Your audience can see your brand and hear about its mission, values and origin.

    3 – Animation Simplifies Your Brand’s Ideas

    Video marketing is an excellent tool for converting complex ideas into simpler terms. Animated videos do this work quickly. They add a pinch of fun and humor to the video that works best for the client. With the help of funny video elements and graphics, animated videos make your learning entertaining. Your clients can easily understand your brand objectives and messages better. 93% of marketers say that animated videos have helped them in their business growth. They say that animations can turn your business successfully within a short period.

    4 – Animated videos are short and simple

    This time, most of the brands are using animated videos to expand their business reach worldwide. Animated videos are short, fun and engaging. They are 1-minute length videos that promote your brand goals and objectives on various social media channels. They allow a brand to tell its story and connect with the buyers. Animated videos are most commonly used in B2B business as they are less time-consuming. Animated videos are simple in terms of product explanation. They show product features and benefits that make it easy for your clients to understand.

    2D animated videos are used by 85% of businesses today. They are very engaging and fun to watch. Your customers can see their favorite video content and understand it quickly. These are some reasons why Most of The Brands Are Turning to Animations at This Time. Hopefully, these benefits of animated videos will help grow your business in 2022 and the years to come after.

    Animated Videos

    Promote Business With Explainer Video During COVID-19 Pandemic

    COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many companies who are working remotely now. Some have shot down, while others need opportunities to promote business. Despite these worst situations, you can expand and grow your business even during the pandemic. How?

    The answer is explainer videos.

    With the help of explainer videos, you can grow your business even in the pandemic and establish your brand name in the market. Explainer videos help you to engage more buyers and connect them with your business. You can share short explainer videos on social media channels and popularize your brand. Explainer videos are best for brand promotion as they explain the products better. People love watching short explainer videos that give them full details relating to their favorite product or service. Moreover, these videos are shared online, which means you don’t need to go anywhere for your business promotions. Sit, relax and upload short explainer videos to engage more buyers. Approx. 83% of marketers are using explainer videos during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is one of the growing marketing techniques that can bring quality leads and profits to your business.

    How To Promote Business With Explainer Videos?

    Below are some tips to promote business using explainer videos:

    1 – Keep The Explainer Videos Short And Simple

    People watch short videos that do not consume more time. If you are making an explainer video for business, try to keep the video length short. You don’t need to explain everything related to your brand. Keep the video script simple and to the point.

    2 – Share The Explainer Videos To Social Media Channels

    Once you are done with video creation, share your video to different social media platforms like YouTube. Social media channels attract more online audience. They are best to generate quality leads for your business.

    3 – Know Your Target Audience

    Before making an explainer video for your company, it is essential to know your target audience. Understand their buying preferences and acknowledge their problems. You should know the target customers that will help you create a needful video for them.

    4 – Explainer Videos For Advertising And Promotion

    Use explainer videos in your promotional strategies. Many businesses believe that explainer videos can change buying decisions of many customers. They are influential and in demand. 85% of companies prefer using explainer videos in their marketing campaigns.

    5 – Good Explainer Videos Resolve Problems

    Good explainer videos understand the problems of the customers and bring needful solutions henceforth. You should know your audience issues from a product. Identify what your customers want from your brand and how can your products resolve their problem.

    Explainer videos are best for those who are not ready to face the camera or cannot go to a specific location for filming. With the help of whiteboard animation or infographics, you can advertise your products in Infront of the audience. Explainer videos give a glimpse of your business. They help explain products and services. Give explainer videos a try to promote your business and reach possible buyers within a short period. Promote your business while staying safe during the pandemic.

    Animated Videos

    Why Do You Need Animated Videos For Business?

    Are you struggling with your brand online presence? Does your business make enough sales?

    Need an effective viral campaign for your brand? Answer to this entire question is “Animated Video”. Animated videos for business is a great way to tell your brand story, as it engages the audience and capture their attention.

    Creating your brand’s presence is an uphill task in this online world!

    Sometimes, leveraging all the highly effective social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram do not work for your brand and you end up getting failed in getting the brand reputation you are looking for.

    However, the advent of some marketing tactics has been very effectual in making your brand popular in this cut-throat competition. Of all these marketing strategies, animated videos turn out to be the most reliable marketing tactics till date as these videos are easily shareable, reach to a wider audience and are highly advantageous for promoting your brand.

    Many of you are still struggling with the old school ways to market your brand and are completely oblivious of the benefits of animated videos.

    But, Why do you need animated videos for business?

    Well, here are a few signs that indicate you that it’s high time you should get an animated video made for your brand:-

    To Get Required Targeted Audience

    Do you know that the success of every online business relies on capturing the attention of your targeted audience? If your business is not known to your targeted audience, then all your marketing efforts will go futile. So, when you fall short of reaching your target audience, it’s time to change your marketing plan. And animation videos are the perfect tool for this purpose! They bring global exposure as well as the right audience to your brand thereby increasing your business sales dramatically. So, just go with the trend and choose an animation video for your marketing strategy. Once you post animation videos on your website and other social media channels, you will see your site getting high rank within a short time.

    To survive among your Competitors

    Today’s competitive market demands something different from you to stay ahead! If you are the one whose business is languishing, then animation videos can come to your rescue. Cute animation videos are loved by everyone. They are the best marketing tactics in the online sphere to date due to their reach and popularity. Today, customers prefer getting information in a funny way which is possible through animation videos. Animated videos are interesting videos that capture the nerve of your potential customers. Your business will have an edge over your competitors if you are using animated videos.

    To Improve your Site’s SEO

    It’s not easy for a website to get to Google’s first page! But does that mean you shouldn’t try to get a good rank in Google? Well, if your SEO is not up to the mark, you will miss out your targeted audience and the sales that might come through them. And without good SEO, your brand is not popular either. So, it is best to add animated videos to your brand. Google gives more preference to videos and you would be helping your site to rank by adding videos to it. Another site where you must aim to rank high is YouTube which is the largest site for searching for any kind of videos.

    To present your Brand’s Message Clearly

    Are you unable to showcase your brand’s message clearly to the world? Do all the marketing tactics fail to boost your brand? If not, then you should use animation videos straightaway that can portray your brand emphatically. An animated video can bring all the important elements of a particular product or a service in a very interesting way before your audience. These captivating videos made with funny characters evoke interest in your audience and draw them to your products or services.

    Animated Videos

    4 Types of Animated Explainer Videos that Sets You Going

    Explainer videos exemplify the best of motion graphics along with the sales message which becomes more effective than textual content. Explainer videos are short, to the point with the message given in short snippets or points along with animated effect to make it more effective and actually convey the message in the most interactive manner.

    A 60-second video is capable of showing all thea company services in a single click. Explainer videos can be interpreted in a faster way and much more effective than texts. Explainer videos can be of varied types like the ones that focus on a particular character and bring it to live through animation, or videos that have a storyboard with pictures on a whiteboard background

    Three Types of Explainer Videos are as follows:-

    Character Animation Explainer Videos– The first and foremost is the creation of videos that will make the characters used in it alive so as to bring forth your sales pitch in the best possible and effective manner. Such videos create a vast illusion of thought, emotion and personality.

    Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video– Your sales pitch is conveyed here through whiteboard animation with a creative story and pictures to support it. It is used in advertising for TV and internet to communicate messages in an innovative and unique way.

    Motion Graphics Explainer Videos– Motion graphics videos are dominated by motion graphics with a lot of illusion of motion. These types of videos also use the rotation that takes place and is supported by music that goes best with the graphics. It is used for multimedia presentation and brand promotion.

    Live Action Explainer Video- You can also live video of a happening event in combination with some motion graphics or simply show live action in the video. The sales message can be delivered through appealing voiceover that runs in the background.

    Silver Bazel is an explainer video company offering Explainer video creation services worldwide. Silver Bazel is a video service provider in Delhi NCR. There are talented individuals dedicated to presenting the best animation with typography and 3D effects.