5 Actionable Explainer Video Marketing Tips

Explainer videos have finally made it to the mainstream, especially for the business owners who want to increase brand awareness in the market. 90% of online users want to watch visual content that resolves their problems and is fun to watch. Explainer videos play a vital role here. They provide short and engaging visual content for more than 70% of businesses. With many benefits, explainer videos are best to strengthen your online presence and introduce your services quickly in the market.

Explainer videos are used in video marketing strategies that help promote a brand. Now the question is how to use an explainer video in video marketing? Here are five actionable explainer video marketing tips that will help your business grow in the best possible way:

1 – Keep Your Video Short And Simple

Explainer videos are used to simplify complex topics so that your viewers could understand your business message. Videos should be straightforward, informative and crisp in content. The less you say, the more your customers will remember for years. Make a 90-second video that explains your product in full.

2 – Make An Impactful Video Intro

According to some studies, 85% of people continue watching a video if they find the first 10 seconds of it useful. You should be able to grab their engagement in the first few seconds of your video. Use eye-catchy opening lines and sharp video elements that catch their attention quickly.

3 – Explainer Videos Should Be Mobile-Friendly

Almost 90% of internet users watch videos on their phone. You should make mobile-friendly explainer videos that your customers can play and watch anytime, anywhere. Everyone uses their mobile to watch their favorite content online.

4 – Explain Your Product and the benefits of using it

Address the problems of your target customers and try to resolve them through your explainer video. Why your audience should purchase your product? Explains the benefits and uses of your product and show them exactly what they want.

5 – Share The Videos On Social Media Platforms

Social media has billions of active users worldwide. It is undoubtedly the best way to grab more attention and promote your brand. sharing explainer videos on social media is free of cost and allows you to reach more potential customers. Social media exposure will take your brand to the next level.

What Is The Importance Of Explainer Videos?

Like said before, an explainer video will boost your brand sales and increase brand awareness in the market. Post your explainer video on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and reach your target audience quickly. These videos garb the attention and appeal to potential customers to purchase your products.

If you need any help with video creation, contact the explainer video company and produce engaging visual content contributing to increased sales. Marketers use explainer videos to promote their business on a large scale. If you own a business, you should produce explainer videos for your target audience.

Explainer video marketing tips are in demand and will be in the coming years for sure.