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Five Step to making Killer Explainer Video

Explainer videos are animated videos that explain about any product/service in detail. These types of videos are a great marketing tool with the help of which companies promote their products and services in the market. Explainer videos use branded content because they can help expand your social media outreach. When it comes to making a video, it can be daunting, from scripting to editing. However, you can engage audiences and increase conversion rates for your company with the help of well-drafted explainer videos. An explainer video one to three minutes long. You can grab immediate attention from your viewers (call-to-action) and can share your video on many platforms such as blogs, newsletters, emails, websites, etc.

How to make an explainer video? Don’t worry, as here are five steps that will help you to produce a successful explainer video for your company. Have a look:

1 – Scripting
A script is the backbone of your explainer video that must start with writing down your ideas, targeting the audience, and call-to-action. Be relevant and to-the-point with your script and what the audience wants for you. Explainer videos are promotional videos & the main objective is to explain to your audience about the product you are selling. Don’t waste their time by putting irrelevant content on your video. Your scripting should be impactful, educational, and entertaining to grab the user’s attention instantly.

2 – Create A Storyboard
Visualize your video before it is animated. After scripting, you have to set a storyboard and see whether your script is engaging enough to attract your potential customers. It is essential to have a storyboard of your explainer video as it will give an idea of how things will work. Note: You have to engage your audience and persuade them to buy your products.

3 – Voiceover
Use a friendly voice in your explainer videos to set the tone and feel of the video. Before starting the animation, you have to record the voice over that should be short and precise. The audience should be able to connect themselves with your video that will help them in making their buying decisions much faster.

4 – Animation
The animation is the second last stage of creating an explainer video that brings characters to life. At this point, you have to work on the video animation, where a professional animator will use effects, music, illustrations, motion graphics to match the exact needs of the video. Adding sound effects is the final process to make a video engaging and influence audience attention.

5 – Call-To-Action
You have to promote your explainer video on other platforms like websites, blogs to gain full audience retention. CTA demands quick response or feedback from your viewers about whether they liked your video or not. It is like a review of your video that will help you determine the performance of your video in the market.

An explainer video will help generate more sales by creating a balance between your company and the interests of your audience. Try these cool tips for making Killer Explainer Video now!

Explainer Videos

How To Choose Explainer Video Company?

A right explainer video company can push your firm to success. an explainer video gives a detailed explanation of your product and services so that your audience can understand your business functionality well. So, when you are looking for more clients, hire an explainer video company that can get more leads for your business.

Videos get 50% of audience engagement and are known everywhere. People prefer watching videos that are creative, engaging, and informative. Marketers these days are looking for explainer video making companies that help generate more leads for your business.
Here are five tips for hiring an explainer video company to enhance brand awareness:

Here are five tips for hiring an explainer video company to enhance brand awareness:

1 – Saves Time And Money

With a good video production company, you can create professional animated videos for your firm that engage more target audiences and improve your overall business ranking on google. Professionals can cost-effectively handle video making and, you can save a lot of time for other tasks.

2 – Casts A Perfect Impression On Your Business

If you want to increase your business sales, creating an explainer video will be the perfect solution. Choosing the best explainer video production company leaves a positive impression of your business on your target audience because professionals will create a compelling video for your brand. Explainer videos are easy to understand and impactful on potential customers.

3 – Increases Website Traffic

The kind of audience matters a lot. To have great sales, you should have adequate website visitors. Explainer videos push your traffic and are used as an interactive element to get your audience’s attention. Animated explainer videos are a method of keeping your audience hooked up with a video. It will help in getting more sales for your business.

4 – Animated Explainer Videos Are Easy To Share

With a quality animated explainer video, you can increase your product popularity. Short videos are easy to share with the best professionals who make a video for more views and share later. With sharing, you are opening gates to bulk traffic on your website.

5 – A Video Production Company Will Do The Branding For You

A certified explainer video production company does the branding for you using the professional marketing skills and techniques incorrect manner. Hiring an expert video making company can help you with editing, creative elements, sound background, and more. They will improve your business reputation and brand image bringing huge profits.

Invest in hiring an explainer video production company at a low expense that will serve any requirement whatsoever. Professional companies never compromise with the quality of explainer videos and deliver 100% brand awareness in the market. You will be relay impressed by the working of such companies. Make this decision.

Explainer Videos

7 Proven Benefits of Explainer Video for Businesses

Are you confused whether merely posting an explainer video on your social media channels let you witness noticeable conversation rates in your business sales or not?

Well, to your utmost bewilderment the answer is YES! Video marketing strategies have the potential to freeze your customers to your offered products and services.

If you knew about this marketing strategy earlier and still haven’t used it, then you are doing more harm than good to your business. You are literally up to a blind alley where your business growth has come to a standstill.

However, using a short animated explainer video for a business is going to help you churn the real profit out of your business.

How? Let’s figure out…

Benefits of Explainer Video for Businesses

1) Attention Grabbing Nature

Animated videos give a new lease of life to your newly kicked-off promotional campaign. Once you are done with adding these captivating animated videos to your homepage as well as landing pages you have already won half of the battle. Unlike other people using old-school ways, you will definitely in an advantage due to the attention-grabbing nature of these promotional videos. Endorsing your brand by way of these videos is increasingly becoming popular just because they arouse customers’ interests towards your products & services that will lure them eventually making them avail them. Videos are a unique selling point to express your vides that will leave an everlasting impression on the target customers.

2) Better User Engagement

Nobody wants to go through lengthy information before purchasing a product. Since brevity coupled with valuable information is on the topmost priority, so we have very less time to retain our users. The moment your audience feels boredom, they will certainly hop on to other websites. Videos, in this case, truly showcase the nitty-gritty of a product letting your users hooked to your videos. Topping it all off, if your videos are adorned with suitable moving images, animation, music, text and voiceover, users will surely end up becoming your loyal patrons.

3) Easily Searched and Shared

One of the positives of promotional videos is that they can be easily searched online. Besides, they are more shared too. So your video is shared n number of times on the internet which creates a network of audience surrounding you that is going to prove much more beneficial for your brand.

4) A Refined Presentation of a Concept

A concept takes shape when it is clearly presented. Explanatory videos are crucial for your languishing brand as they can drive momentum to it. Business processes are finely explained through these videos and they enable the customers coming to a decision to purchase your products/services.

5) Videos are Cost-Effective

Videos are made only once and need not be edited incessantly. So, creating videos is such a cost-effective approach towards your brand awareness. Unlike other content marketing approach, video content is going to stay on your website forever. So it will save you from an unnecessary practice of updating your user manuals, brochures & website pages sporadically. In addition to these advantages, you can make changes to these videos whenever you feel a need of it.

6) Best Dialogue with Your Customers

Physically, you can’t speak to every single customer of your product. However, your amazingly crafted videos can speak about your product/service to millions of your customers which will surely bring a positive change in your business revenue. If your videos are crisp, short and good enough to educate your customers all about your offerings, then you have certainly found the way to woo your patrons. Surveys say that it only needs 2-minute catchy video to woo your audience and the ball is in your court after that.

7) Video Reviews

Videos say emphatically about your offerings and they too have a reach to millions of individuals within a short time. And this is the reason why your videos get instant feedback-good or bad. Today, internet audience is blunt and believes in admiring a good presentation and condemning a bad one- all in a nick of time. If you talk honestly about your products/services, your videos will be watched more that will directly boost the revenue of your business.

Given the explainer video benefits and their indelible impression on the minds of the audience, just everybody is hell-bent on using these videos for his brand.
Not only young entrepreneurs as well as the startup owners but also established businessmen are lean on adopting video marketing strategies for their business.
If you too are dejected over your constantly falling revenue, then it is high time that you should hire an explainer video company that can help you surge your business revenue in one go.

Explainer Videos

Three Reasons Explainer Videos Rock the Business World

As a business owner, you need to keep a check on the type of promotional methods you are using for your business. What makes your business run for its money is more essential than any other thing. Business promotion is nothing but conveying a message of why people should come to you. Explainer videos come to the rescue, especially when you need to promote your business in the most innovative and attractive manner. Animated explainer videos with voice over technology elucidate the core features of the product and present it in the most unique manner.

Nielsen research training and consulting group has the estimates which is a time duration of 10 to 20 seconds is enough to grab the interest of your potential online audience visiting your website and even during this duration just 10 seconds can either catch or drift attention. This scenario makes it mandatory to have something catchy and eye-grabbing for the audience to see. 80% people remember what they see rather than what they interpret through reading content. Explainer Videos solve the very purpose of the result generated business promotion with short compelling voice-over and innovative animation and graphics to actually make a person watching it, become curious for more.

Nothing which is boring, stereotypical and lengthy is accepted by the audience you are targeting for your business and especially if it is for your online visitors. Monotonous and textual jargons hardly find any place in the promotion industry. Corporate Explainer Videos could be the ideal choice as you can also add fun elements to it. Animators use crossfading effect and pop-up images that are fun to watch. The company logo can also be designed in the most appealing way to stand out from the rest of the video.

We can thereby, conclude off with the very fact that explainer videos are soon breaking the usual trend of promoting business simply by adding some text in the website. Explainer videos fulfill the very need of interacting with the customer in the most interactive manner and promoting business for assured returns.

Keen on getting an explainer video for your business? Silver Bazel will be the ideal choice as we bring in video creation services at affordable prices. With our team of experts, we design captivating explainer videos targeting your potential market. We add voice over for the video and also amusing animated graphics to go with it.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos – An Impactful Way of Seeking Audience Attention

In need of something that clicks for your business? Why not go for Explainer videos that are short, explaining the crux of the sales pitch in the most interactive and impactful manner. A 60 second or less time duration video is capable of showing all the company services in a single click. Explainer Videos can be interpreted in a faster way and much more effective than texts. Those can be of varied types like the ones that focus on a particular character and bring it to life through animation, or videos that have a storyboard with pictures on a whiteboard background.

An explainer video should have answers to prove the efficacy of a video and make it furthermore impactful. Be sure of the questions that you anticipate from the viewer’s point of view is answered in a satisfactory way. This, therefore, requires you to go ahead and create an impactful video with the best features of your product highlighted in the most appealing manner and how it fulfills itself to answer the potential questions. This can be done through both motion graphics animation and infographic.

Sharing on social media like Facebook post that you make does not end the story there itself. The image or video posting get visibility and also get likes and shares and moreover the attention of audiences at large. But there is more to it, which leads you to the insights page where you can get the status of where your video stands and how it is doing after going viral. You can check for views coming for the video, country from where we can see maximum visitors to the video and other actionable statistics and keep changing depending on the number of views and likes. Uploading your explainer video in Facebook business page or creating a YouTube channel is therefore, the key determinant towards making a video popular so as to generate higher returns and also make it effective.

Silver Bazel and the team of animators always achieve benchmarks by creating explainer videos that really work in the most impactful manner. Time and again the team aims to provide the most interactive methods to bring out a sales pitch in the most effective way, hence making the overall sales effort fruitful for the clients.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Video Marketing – An Effective Medium or Successful Conversions

Boasting is not the key to successful marketing. Speaking more of the company achievements and saying least about the product will not help in creating an edge even if you are using a video presentation. The product page is essential and is the core point where the video call to action will be taken into consideration. Remember, the audience is watching the video because he is interested on the product that you market and therefore looking through what your company offers will be the first priority. Make a mark with slides that highlight the product core features in the explainer video.

An explainer video is not just a video, it’s an audiovisual tool you can use to create to gain a much needed recognizable identity for your company, representing and reinforcing your brand across the web. It is just the same way as your company logo and website will do. It is the most appealing channel that will analyze the key metrics and finding answers to how videos serve as a better alternative is, therefore, the need of the hour. A recent survey reveals keeping the audience stick to the explainer video is one key aspect throughout the active session of the website.

You need to give a synopsis of your video even before it starts playing for the audience. The number of clicks on a video totally depends on audience performance and what they feel or think that will eventually make them click a video and increase its watch time. Either use promotional thumbnails through a little snapshot of the video in its thumbnail or add a page that will work well when added as a thumbnail. Both ways you are going to gain acclaim and add to the engagement factor through an appealing presentation of the company and its product portfolio.

Silver Bazel is a clear-cut approach to the development of explainer videos with a team working towards the quality presentation of company related product and services. The team consists of sketch artists, voice over writer, visualizers, 2D motion graphics artists working together to make an explainer video stand out to its fullest.

Explainer Videos

Steps to Successful Video Making

The first step toward video making comes to the point of video production where you need to concentrate on the key elements based on which depends on the success of the video. A meeting with the client to get the briefings, then discussing about how video creation team will be able to fulfill to the needs of the clients of what elements they would like to incorporate into the explainer video, the video length, the type of animation to be used, the colors, backgrounds, characters all should be taken into consideration at the preliminary stages itself.

Characters for a story based videos and send you for approval. Once the character is finalized we start working on the storyboard, which is a visual presentation giving you a glimpse of your final corporate video, through illustrations of consecutive shots with the detailed description of action and movement. It includes computer-generated graphics or colored theme shot which gives you the visual representation of how your corporate video is going to look like in the end. We generally take 5-7 working days to deliver the first version and we allow two revisions at this stage.

When we create a video, we are adding something visually recalling that will pay up for most of the money spent. A video can present the product in the most interactive manner and also add an animation that will make the audience visually attentive thereby increasing their power to recall.

It might sound fanatic but the idea is that your video should do the talking for you. You should be ruminating on the fact that your you need the will to do it but more than that one should also analyze the effectiveness of all that hard work and effort you have given over a video.

Explainer video are ideally made to generate maximum returns with the higher value given to the product portfolio which is presented in the most viable manner backed by an excellent storyline and something catchy which makes the audience curious for more.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos- Creative Solutions to Maximize Sales

We are into a world which is bound by time limits. There is hardly any scope for things other than those that matter. Why not incorporate an explainer video to make things easy? Add some innovation into the way your sales pitch is relayed to the audience and maximize your sales. It is all about giving that extra edge to your marketing efforts.

Video with Product Attributes

Creating a video is not a big thing today but making it appealing and talk for its brand is what matters. The product attributes should go hand in hand telling much about the intent of the video and its very purpose for which it has been painstakingly made. Your product explainer videos should carefully incorporate, not too showy designs but have an equally precise amount of images that do justice to the promotional agenda.

Why Explainer Videos?

Corporate explainer videos will help increase the conversion rate and lower the bounce rate and increasing the responsiveness of a project. Such videos are compatible with a fully functional e-commerce website with a shopping cart design and are ready with complete visual presentation through graphics and animation on the banner. Explainer videos can be played and is compatible with all types of the latest mobile devices. So, if you are into a business and want to increase its viewership, one sound advice would be to go online with corporate explainer videos.

Keep Your Audience Glued

The idea is to incorporate something so that people find time to view your business promotion material. Adding a story and relating to the audience is a must and an explainer video works on the set guidelines where the audience gets to relate with a problem which might be the problem of their lives and then is offered with solutions in the video itself. This will therefore make the audience interested enough to watch the entire explainer video.

Explainer videos give your promotional efforts the interactive look it deserves to generate maximum benefits. It breaks the usual monotony and because of this reason, we have an explainer video company known as Silver Bazel that caters to video creation solution and animation services.

Explainer Videos

Pre and Post Corporate Video Production Tips

Pre and Post Corporate Video Production Tips

Corporate videos are the buzzword today due to their wide reach to the targeted audience spread across the world.

As a video production company, you work for innumerable clients to create recruitment & training videos, broadcast commercials, explainer films, branded content, and testimonials.

Creating corporate videos is not difficult but you need to know a few important tips to create such videos that will help you come up with an amazing and informational video.

Shooting these videos involves pre and post-production phases-both of them are important for the final creation of the video.

First, we look for a few following pre-production tips for creating corporate videos: –

1. Writing the Script

After you have started your project, the first thing in the pre-production phase is to write a script!

Writing a powerful script is the most challenging work for any video as your script should go with the message you want to convey to your targeted audience.

In the pre-production stage, everybody is concerned about writing an engaging script so that it can attract their potential customers to its products and services. Scriptwriting should be done keeping in mind the requirements of your clients to save from the extra effort of editing the script again and again.

2. Scheduling

The other thing required in the pre-production stage is proper planning and scheduling of shooting as well as editing. You must hatch a strong plan to produce, shoot and edit your video so that you might not land into any problem afterward. You should make a prediction beforehand as to how much time a video will take.

3. Shooting

Corporate video production has changed dramatically in the last fifteen years due to the introduction of digital cameras. These modern cameras have reduced the price of video production and made video production services easily accessible for several filmmakers.

Shooting these days is easy as all you need is a camera, its tripod, rig or sound recording equipment as well as lighting.

Nowadays, you have several options:  you can spend a great amount of money or you can just spend on a wireless plan and can easily shoot with your smartphone.

4. Audio Recording

For creating the best corporate video, you need an excellent audio recording.

Low audio is not going to give you the results you are looking for in your video

The more qualitative the audio is the more it will enhance the look of your video. If you are working with a camera with the best quality video recording then you need not do anything. But if you are not then you must use external audio recorders along with a good mic so that you will get your desired output.

5. Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in producing a corporate video!

Not many people take it so seriously but lighting is a major factor in creating an amazing video!

So, the best thing is to shoot in a well-lit environment so that your video output should be amazing.

So, we are done with pre-production tips to create a video!

Now it’s time for looking at some post-production tips that will make your video production process smoother than ever before.

1. Make Reviewing Process Smoother

The post-production process of a video should be simple so that you might not get more stressed. Since the post-production process of a video is a complex job so it is important to make sincere efforts to make it much smoother. The greatest problem in a corporate video post-production process is to revise the video several times that takes most of your time and leave you distressed due to editing your video again and again.

2. Editing

When you are on with your review process, then editing is a decision-making procedure. Just edit your video in the best way. If you have taken multiple shots and you choose the best shot out of them and edit your video accordingly then you are on the way to produce an engaging video.

3. Music

Music is one of the crucial things in producing an excellent corporate video for your clients. If you choose the best background music for your video, you will succeed in getting that the professional tempo and feel you are looking for.

4. Final Approval

Once you are done with creating your video, the next thing is to share it with your client for his confirmation. You can also find several review programs that are considered the best for real-time feedback and revisions.

5. Marketing

When you deliver your video, it’s up to you to market your video. If you have gone into an agreement with your client, then you can link or host the video on personal pages.

Explainer Videos

The Future of Explainer Videos

Learning marketing strategy is not a herculean task but it’s also not as easy as a child’s play!

In every marketing strategy, you are required to keep experimenting with many advertising means to check the behaviour of your targeted audience.

The newest form of marketing is explainer video which is a way ahead than the traditional marketing strategies. Some marketers are confused about using this marketing technique; however, getting explainer videos created is highly beneficial for your business.

1. More Information in Short Time

We better know the efficacy of a picture rather than mere words! So we can better imagine the impact of the video!

A mere 2-minute video can do magic for you and attract your target audience. The volume of information provided in a video is broad and is interesting enough to catch the pulse of the audience.

The script or the information you need to display is written by a professional who better knows your vision and can sum up your product/service information in limited word.

2. Excellent for SEO

Explainer videos are the future of marketing!


Google and other available search engines like websites with the videos as these videos are considered good for SEO purposes. Videos posted on your website and social platforms are really beneficial as they help in increasing your website ranking in the search engine pages. Good SEO is the main aim of every business owner and videos attract search engines as they are loved by all.

3. The audience will Love your Explainer Video

Your audience will surely love your animated explainer video as they are created in a brilliant way!

An explainer video, made up of an interesting script and funny animation, is the best way of marketing your brand. Once your viewers will see your explainer video, it will stay in their mind for a longer time and persuade them to buy your product or service. As your product or service is explained in an amazing manner in the video, it becomes memorable and makes a strong bond with your audience. The story of the video is told by amazing visuals and sound which makes it much more enigmatic than other marketing strategies.

4. Higher Engagement

It is true that your targeted audience will like to be engaged with your video rather than liking social posts as well as text articles.

As an explainer video is made for the targeted audience, its future is certainly brilliant. Time is not far when video marketing will take over other marketing strategies in terms of the engagement they provide to an audience. So there are higher chances of your audience’s involvement in a video rather than a long blog post written for attracting the customers. The audience will get to know every single detail of a particular product or service as explainer videos are created with due care and keeping in mind all the important information that is to be given to the customers.

5. Increased Conversion Rate

For many marketers, the video conversion rate is high than other marketing techniques. Big giants such as eBay and Amazon say that adding a video to a product has effectively increased their sales dramatically.

An explainer video tells your product story in an emphatic way which helps in your product story to go viral and faster. If your video is viral, you will hope to reach a large number of your potential customers in a short span of time.

6. Explainer Video Explains your Product Effectively

A well-crafted explainer video gets the love of everybody who watches it!

These videos are able to convey a complex message in a lighter and comprehensible manner. They can present broad information in a short time as these videos are a combination of visuals, audios, and animation. So they are highly impressive than the mere text. Viewers who watch these videos get the idea that they are watching an interesting movie. An explainer video can create a bond with your audience that becomes highly beneficial for you.

To conclude, there are higher chances that explainer videos will continue to be in trend given their powerful visuals and a funny tone which clearly gives the important details about a product or a service.