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Explainer videos are animated videos that explain about any product/service in detail. These types of videos are a great marketing tool with the help of which companies promote their products and services in the market. Explainer videos use branded content because they can help expand your social media outreach. When it comes to making a video, it can be daunting, from scripting to editing. However, you can engage audiences and increase conversion rates for your company with the help of well-drafted explainer videos. An explainer video one to three minutes long. You can grab immediate attention from your viewers (call-to-action) and can share your video on many platforms such as blogs, newsletters, emails, websites, etc.

How to make an explainer video? Don’t worry, as here are five steps that will help you to produce a successful explainer video for your company. Have a look:

1 – Scripting
A script is the backbone of your explainer video that must start with writing down your ideas, targeting the audience, and call-to-action. Be relevant and to-the-point with your script and what the audience wants for you. Explainer videos are promotional videos & the main objective is to explain to your audience about the product you are selling. Don’t waste their time by putting irrelevant content on your video. Your scripting should be impactful, educational, and entertaining to grab the user’s attention instantly.

2 – Create A Storyboard
Visualize your video before it is animated. After scripting, you have to set a storyboard and see whether your script is engaging enough to attract your potential customers. It is essential to have a storyboard of your explainer video as it will give an idea of how things will work. Note: You have to engage your audience and persuade them to buy your products.

3 – Voiceover
Use a friendly voice in your explainer videos to set the tone and feel of the video. Before starting the animation, you have to record the voice over that should be short and precise. The audience should be able to connect themselves with your video that will help them in making their buying decisions much faster.

4 – Animation
The animation is the second last stage of creating an explainer video that brings characters to life. At this point, you have to work on the video animation, where a professional animator will use effects, music, illustrations, motion graphics to match the exact needs of the video. Adding sound effects is the final process to make a video engaging and influence audience attention.

5 – Call-To-Action
You have to promote your explainer video on other platforms like websites, blogs to gain full audience retention. CTA demands quick response or feedback from your viewers about whether they liked your video or not. It is like a review of your video that will help you determine the performance of your video in the market.

An explainer video will help generate more sales by creating a balance between your company and the interests of your audience. Try these cool tips for making Killer Explainer Video now!

Expainer Videoexpainer

YouTube advertising is one of the feasible ways to advertise video content on YouTube to gain maximum audience reach. It is a modern advertising method where you promote your business on YouTube using video Ads that show up in YouTube search results for the audience. Recently, YouTube has gained popularity as the fastest-growing advertising method that can offer success within a short period. Besides, YouTube advertising is a cheap and safe mode of running video Ads campaign.

Creating A Successful YouTube Video Ads Campaign:

1 – Link Your YouTube Channel to Your Google Ads Account

The first step to setting up your YouTube Video Ads campaign is Linking your Google Ads account to your YouTube channel. Upload a quality video to your YouTube channel before using it as a video ads. Connecting your video ads to your Google Ad account will keep you update with the overall performance of your video Ad on YouTube.

2 – Create Your YouTube Video Ads Campaign with An Objective

Create your YouTube video Ads campaign considering your business objectives, product reach, lead generation for promoting your business on a large level. As an advertiser, you need to be clear with your business goals and objectives that will help you reach your target audience in a much better way. Deliver meaningful content that is worth-sharing with others.

3 – YouTube Ad Format Is Vital to Keep Your Ads Aligned and To the Point

Choose a YouTube Video Ad format depending upon your video length and campaign objectives. There are various types of YouTube video Ad formats available like, TrueView Ads, non-skippable in-stream Ads, bumper Ads, and more that allow you to show your video ad in the exact form you want your audience to see it. Different Ad formats have their features, elements that you can use and place your video ad accordingly.

4 – Set A Name, Budget, And Schedule of Your YouTube Video Ads

Enter a name for your video Ad campaign, set a budget, and schedule your video Ad accordingly. A catchy title for your YouTube video Ad will grab the audience’s attention.

5 – Set the Target Audience For Your YouTube Video Ads

Whom you want to target through your video Ad, what kind of video content your customers view, where is your target audience located, you should know all of it. You can also refine your video accordingly.

6 – Choose the Keywords to Make Your YouTube Video Ads SEO-Friendly

Use one strong keyword that helps your YouTube video Ads grow and reach a large number of audiences. Keywords make your Ads appear in search results and thereby increase your business popularity in the market.

Market your product and services with the help of a YouTube video Ads campaign today!

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Marketers have new techniques for selling their products and services to promote their business digitally. Every company focuses on getting attention from their target customers that will help in business expansion. With the new trend of creating a productive animated video for marketing their products and services, marketers are advertising about their business and have fit the space perfectly.

2D animation videos are engaging, creative, and funny to create an everlasting impression on potential customers. Here are some tips on creating a productive animated video to promote your business all over the world:



1 – An Explainer Video

Explainer videos are informative, funny, and can gain audience attention in less than two minutes. You explain in detail about your products and services, keeping your brand at center & interestingly educate your audience through an explainer animated video. Put humour and emotion to engage the audience.



2 – Visual Infographics

Nobody wants to read the text as people are now more interested in watching videos that both entertaining and informative. Visual infographics is a profitable l method of advertising your products. By showing facts, figures, and data in your animated video, your customers can understand the company’s goal faster and leaves a good impression on them. Use an infographic video in your social video campaigns to reach your target audience.



3 – Story-Telling Animated Videos

People are more interested in watching entertaining and funny stories. You can take advantage of these story-telling animated videos to connect your brand with the audience. Story-telling videos are inspiring and, almost everyone loves watching such animated videos. You can relate your product to the audience or speak to the emotional side of your customers via using story-telling animated videos for your business advertising.



4 – Tutorial Videos

You can use Animated videos for training purposes. Tutorial videos about a product can show the unseen part of the product while encouraging the customers to buy it. An animated tutorial video is a great way to train your employee by highlighting the benefits and importance of any course of action. You can add screenshots to make your animated tutorial videos productive.



5 – Product Demo Video

A product demo video explains the features, benefits, and use of a particular product or service. It is for those customers who are interested in buying your product and therefore requires a demo video to get an idea of it entirely. You may add funny elements in your product demo video to make it more connective with the viewer.

Use these tips for creating a productive animated video and advertise your products and services all over the world.

2D Motion Graphics Video2dmotion

Every day thousands of apps are published in Google play, which creates a struggle for app owner and marketers to manage their app position in the list. Search engines play a vital role in promoting your mobile app so that users can find it and learn something new. Your mobile app should stand out if you want to earn your business recognition in the market. Video marketing strategies are perfect for promoting your mobile app while increasing its download speed. Several video marketing strategies can help grow your mobile app ranking in search engines while engaging the users for the long-term. Have a look:

Video Marketing Strategies for Mobile App

1 – Target Audience Research

An app marketing plan involves researching your target audience to have a better understanding of what your customers think of your products and services. Knowing your target audience will help in understanding the user’s expectations on which your mobile app strategy will work. Not only the buyers, but you should keep an eye on your competitors as well that will help you communicate with your customers. Distinguish your products from competitors, compare the prices, and improve your app marketing strategy accordingly. There are many aspects to look at while researching your competitors and audience.

2 – Focus On The Content

Are you planning to increase downloads for your mobile app? If yes, content can help a lot. Videos attract the audience but, engaging content can hook up the audience with your video for a long. Content marketing is a popular marketing strategy that can get your target audience and build trust with them. Upload relevant content on videos that encourages the audience to download your mobile app. Ask your audience to give feedback on what they think about your business. A creative video with brief content can increase customer loyalty and drive more traffic towards your mobile app.

3 – Social Media Marketing

With the help of social media marketing, you can increase the number of downloads for your mobile apps. Share the videos on different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and promote brand awareness. Advertise your mobile app everywhere and persuade your target audience to download the mobile app. With the help of video marketing, you can gain a substantial amount of mobile app users and promote your mobile app worldwide.

4 – Create Interactive Videos

Mobile can engage more customers as everybody remains active on various social media platforms nowadays. With interactive videos, you can advertise your mobile app while keeping your audience busy with the other engaging content that may be a game or some interesting quotes. The ultimate goal of your video is to keep your audience hooked up, right? You can make short, interactive videos and play the advertisement for your mobile app side by side.

5 – Mobile App Demo Video

Mobile App Demo Video is a perfect example of video marketing that creates an emotional bond with storytelling. They give a detailed explanation of your product so that the audience can understand it well. With an explainer video, you can promote your mobile app that will then become easy for your target audience to understand better. Write a compelling script and discuss the importance and benefits of downloading your mobile app.

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