About Silver Bazel

Companies trust us to drive their business

Silver Bazel is one of the frontrunners in the brand video marketing industry and a perfect launchpad for those who crave to fortify their brand presence in today’s cut-throat competitive age. With 5+ years of expertise in digital marketing, creating explainer videos, whiteboard animation videos & 3D product rendering, the company brings forth what the clients yearn for.

Being run under the unit named Om Shree Star Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, Silver Bazel has witnessed as a leading digital marketing & explainer video company with never-ending growth due to our work ethic and passion to excel. Apart from crafting brand animation videos, we also cater excellent web design and video marketing services to clients. We explain your products/services by creating an engaging animated story that can capture the minds of your customers. All our offered services aim at the expansion of our client’s business and revenue.

Our foremost objective is to determine and research our target market and then work for that market to get the desired exposure. We are here to deliver quality and engaging videos out of the rough concept given by our clients.

Our goal is to offer professional, efficient video production services to our clients. We let the world grasp their complex processes through our engaging storytelling videos. Not only do we work smartly to enhance our operation and expand our market shares, but also to augment our customer satisfaction to the optimum level. We want our customers to completely trust us and, our sense of uprightness through which we are taking our company forward.

“We are here to have our say and give something valuable back to society!!”
Silver Bazel adopts a strategic marketing approach while offering our services. We want to run our business within the purview of law and work ethics that truly cares about what our customers demand from us. Our company wants to be an honest storyteller for your brand through our catchy promotional videos in the market that can be highly lucrative for your business. We aim to be recognized a lot more in the marketing world and to cater to every specification of our patrons.

Our Mighty Stats Narrates Our Story

We have excelled in whatever work we have entrusted with. Due to our immense domain expertise and innovative and creative talent, we have set new benchmarks for others to compete.


Our Processes

An engaging video passes through a couple of collaborative processes till it is finely crafted. To begin with, a winning script is written as per the client’s requirements followed by Storyboarding. A storyboarding process is all about sketching an overall graphical representation that makes a vague ideological. The designing and coloring process fills color into this imagination. Once over, a voice-over artist handles and adorns the video with his powerful presentation taking into account the final script. Lastly, an animator breathes life into the characters and beautifies the video by creating transition effects in the frames.

Career With Silver Bazel

Working at Silver Bazel is not a run-of-the-mill job. Here you would discover your competencies to experience the growth you are looking for in your career. At Silver Bazel, we focus on collaborative growth where your competitor is only you. With ample opportunities to learn the unknown under the guidance of able mentors, you will see your career moving only in a forward direction.

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