Why most of the Brands are turning to Animation at this time?

As the market is expanding with various promotion and advertising techniques, modern customers are more likely to buy from a brand that uses animated videos. Animations leave an everlasting impression on your buyers. Nowadays, 75% of marketers are using animated videos to drive more audience towards their brand. Animations are engaging and connect with your buyers at a personal level.

Video marketing is a powerful marketing tool that gets you quality leads. It develops an emotional connection with your target audience and influences their buying decisions. Businesses are shifting their focus to animations as they are popular amongst the buyers. They bring more customers and create a positive image of your brand. It has many advantages for a brand. Have a look,

1 – Animations Increase Brand Awareness

Approx. 90% of organizations are using video marketing to increase brand awareness. They think animated videos are most appealing and attention-grabbing. Every social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more uses short animated videos. Motion captures audience attention quickly and differentiates your brand from the others. You can use slogans, logos and different colors to enhance your brand value in an animated video.

2 – Your Audience Can Feel Your Brand Personally

Animations are engaging as they use appealing music and sound effects that feel more personal. Your audience can entirely relate to your brand. Short commercial videos gain more audience and work better. They feel real and promote your products in the market while creating a positive image of your brand. Your audience can see your brand and hear about its mission, values and origin.

3 – Animation Simplifies Your Brand’s Ideas

Video marketing is an excellent tool for converting complex ideas into simpler terms. Animated videos do this work quickly. They add a pinch of fun and humor to the video that works best for the client. With the help of funny video elements and graphics, animated videos make your learning entertaining. Your clients can easily understand your brand objectives and messages better. 93% of marketers say that animated videos have helped them in their business growth. They say that animations can turn your business successfully within a short period.

4 – Animated videos are short and simple

This time, most of the brands are using animated videos to expand their business reach worldwide. Animated videos are short, fun and engaging. They are 1-minute length videos that promote your brand goals and objectives on various social media channels. They allow a brand to tell its story and connect with the buyers. Animated videos are most commonly used in B2B business as they are less time-consuming. Animated videos are simple in terms of product explanation. They show product features and benefits that make it easy for your clients to understand.

2D animated videos are used by 85% of businesses today. They are very engaging and fun to watch. Your customers can see their favorite video content and understand it quickly. These are some reasons why Most of The Brands Are Turning to Animations at This Time. Hopefully, these benefits of animated videos will help grow your business in 2022 and the years to come after.