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Why 3D Animation a Powerful Tool for Explaining Your Product?

Animations feel real. They bring life to your products. 3D animation is said to be the most powerful tool for explaining your product. 70% of online people are visual learners and understand the videos better. Marketers believe that animated videos can increase conversions by 80%. Is it great? If an animated video is not a part of your marketing strategy, it’s time to start using it now.

Why Animated Videos?

They engage more people. A 3D animation video brings leads and gains more audience retention. Many buyers prefer to watch online videos as they are easy to be understood and provide enough information, as needed. There are many reasons why 3D animation is a powerful and engaging tool for promoting your business:

1 – Connects With Your Target Audience

3D videos evoke emotions that connect well with the viewers. They initiate a conversation and your audience and create more engagement.

2 – 3D Animation Simplifies Complex Concepts

With the help of animated videos, you can bring life to your products and simplify complex topics. You can show how a product works through real characters and objects.

3 – Animated Videos Are Rememberable

3D animated videos use creative animations that are easy to remember. People watch videos so that they can remember them for years. So, create engaging videos.

4 – 3D Animated Videos Are Fun To Watch

With 3D animation videos, everything feels for real. People love watching those videos that entertain them. If your video is creative, everybody would love it. Animated videos educate the audience about your business.

5 – 3D Animation Videos Fit In All

You can use 3D videos in your marketing strategy, campaigns or within the organization. 3D animation videos can be used as product explainer videos, release announcements, infographics etc. they can fulfil every marketing requirement.

6 – 3D Videos Are Cheap

The production of 3D animated video is cheap. It is less expensive than other forms of video production.

7 – 3D Animation Videos Are Usually Short

3D animation videos have become a trend, especially on Facebook. Nearly 65% of marketers prefer to promote their animated videos on Facebook. 3d animation videos are short, engaging and entertaining from the very first second. They keep your audience connected throughout the video duration.

8 – You Can Promote Them On Different Social Media Channels

You can promote your 3D animation videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram for getting more audience engagement. It will increase the viewership by 80%. Animated videos allow you to see a product from different angles that further boosts audience engagement.

When creating 3D animation videos for social media, you should know that your videos will reach many people worldwide. So, you have to focus on video creation skills. Hire a professional 3D animation video maker who can make short and engaging videos for your organization and help expand your business on time. If you want more people to watch your videos, try to make a compelling video that connects with your audience emotions and provide instant solutions to their problems. People like to watch videos that can explain a product or service. 3D animation videos do this work well.

Product Animation

Importance of Product Training Video

Product training programs keep you updated with new product launches in the market. Training videos may differ from business to business. Many business owners are using product training video nowadays to offer product knowledge over time. It is how videos promote a business brand and are a must for any business to increase revenue. In this article, we will explain why product training video are vital for your business.

Why are Product Training Video Important For Your Business?

1 – Product Knowledge at Low Cost

Through visual content, you can explain in detail your product with minimal expenditure. A small introduction video about your product will help your target audience generate interest to watch and learn more about the product. Consider hiring a product video maker for your business to boost your revenues. Product training videos educate your audience and information about your business operations across the globe.

2 – Learn While Traveling

Your buyers can learn about a Product while travelling also. With mobile learning, they can learn about their products from any location. The short product learning videos have provided knowledge to your target audience and helped many businesses reach success within a short period. Business owners can use social media channels to share & promote their products and boost brand awareness. People are active on social media all the time.

3 – Spread Information about Your Product Just-In-Time

Businesses should use product training video to deliver every detail about their products when required. Product learning through videos on smartphones and tablets is useful to gain good product knowledge at our convenience. With a mobile-friendly product training video, you can spread information about your work operations and aware people about your products.

4 – Retain the Information Quickly

People remember Videos for years. Video-based lessons are easy and fun to learn about the products. People are more interested in watching videos rather than reading text. Besides, videos are easy to remember, and your target audience can understand the product descriptions better. Product training videos serve as a benefit to every business.

6 – Explainer Videos Are Perfect For Your Business

Explainer videos showcase the details of the products with the help of a presenter who describes their benefits and features. It is an influential video format where your customers can see and learn more about the product in detail. Explainer videos are perfect for those who require a detailed explanation of the product and its features. Presenting a video alongside the presenter leaves a positive work impact on your potential buyers and business. It also creates a memorable and advanced learning experience for those seeking a detailed explanation about the product and services.

Online Product Training Videos Provide Better Retention Of Information.

Good product training involves spreading the product information with short videos that your target customers may watch anywhere and anytime. Video is the perfect solution to teach about the products and save your time & efforts. For a successful business, use product training videos to teach your target audience about your brand.

Product Animation

5 Reasons Why You Need Demo Video for Your Product

You know video marketing to be the best way to introduce your products to the world! But, even if you are aware of it, you are not using video marketing for your business.


Well, a product demo video is something that can trigger the growth of your business. A demo video, to be precise, lets your viewers know about your products and their functionality. The minute details provided in your demo video gives your audience clear cut knowledge about your products and their way of functioning. And the best thing about these videos is that there is a high percentage of consumers that are likely to buy a product after seeing the videos of their product.

3D Product Demo Video:-

So, what benefits product demo videos provide to your business?
Well, they are very beneficial and if you are not using then you are certainly in the loss.

5 reasons why demo videos are used for a product…

1) To display your product’s functionality in a clear way

Sometimes the business owners have tall claims about a product and its functionality and the reality is that these products do not offer the same functionality that has been promised before.
So, you should create a product demo video to clearly explain the functionality of your product as well as its advantages. These videos are created to offer a live demonstration of your offered product and to solve the problems of your customers. It also helps your customers to know the stepwise procedure that has been explained in your demo video. By applying the explained process, they can easily know the product’s functionality and see as to what that product can do and what benefits are coming out of using these products.

2) To save your valuable time & expense

A product demo video is undoubtedly the best way to market your products! And the best thing is that you will save a lot of expense that you would otherwise spend on sales representatives in respect of accommodation, travel, salary, commission and other kinds of additional expenses. A demo video is very beneficial for you and your business as you can share the video link to just anybody across the world.

3) To explain your product’s benefits as well as key features

Demo videos of your products can do the work of sales representatives just by explaining your products effectively. You need to display the USPs of your product in the whole video that will make your audience more engaged with it. You can also explain the specific set of features of your products and can effectively simplify the process of solving the problems of your customers.

4) To introduce new products to the customers via emails

Product demo videos can be easily introduced to your new customers through emails. Demo videos when viewed by your customers, let them sense the complete features of your offered product and help the customers judge as to whether a particular product is beneficial to them or not. When they come to know the functionality of these products and also its benefits to them, they will really choose these products to buy.

5) To create an interesting story of your product

Excellent product demonstrations add glamour to your product! When you create a compelling story about your product with the help of lovable characters and great animation, the world will love to see them and share them. The beautiful visuals made with utmost dexterity will help your products to be in action even after not being fully developed. This way, your customers will be able to know the final functionality of your product before they are finally constructed.

6) Customers get temporary ownership of your product

The product demo video instills a sense of ownership in the minds of the customers. These videos let the customers see the products from every angle that helps them fully aware of that. So, they are not strangers to these products and are aware of the product’s USP’s and features.
With today’s industries trying to gain supremacy in their field, the importance of product demo videos will be much more increased owing to their potential of capturing the market. These videos can literally transform your business to the next level.

So, stop being into catch-22 and get an impactful demo video NOW!