Animated Videos

Why most of the Brands are turning to Animation at this time?

As the market is expanding with various promotion and advertising techniques, modern customers are more likely to buy from a brand that uses animated videos. Animations leave an everlasting impression on your buyers. Nowadays, 75% of marketers are using animated videos to drive more audience towards their brand. Animations are engaging and connect with your buyers at a personal level.

Video marketing is a powerful marketing tool that gets you quality leads. It develops an emotional connection with your target audience and influences their buying decisions. Businesses are shifting their focus to animations as they are popular amongst the buyers. They bring more customers and create a positive image of your brand. It has many advantages for a brand. Have a look,

1 – Animations Increase Brand Awareness

Approx. 90% of organizations are using video marketing to increase brand awareness. They think animated videos are most appealing and attention-grabbing. Every social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more uses short animated videos. Motion captures audience attention quickly and differentiates your brand from the others. You can use slogans, logos and different colors to enhance your brand value in an animated video.

2 – Your Audience Can Feel Your Brand Personally

Animations are engaging as they use appealing music and sound effects that feel more personal. Your audience can entirely relate to your brand. Short commercial videos gain more audience and work better. They feel real and promote your products in the market while creating a positive image of your brand. Your audience can see your brand and hear about its mission, values and origin.

3 – Animation Simplifies Your Brand’s Ideas

Video marketing is an excellent tool for converting complex ideas into simpler terms. Animated videos do this work quickly. They add a pinch of fun and humor to the video that works best for the client. With the help of funny video elements and graphics, animated videos make your learning entertaining. Your clients can easily understand your brand objectives and messages better. 93% of marketers say that animated videos have helped them in their business growth. They say that animations can turn your business successfully within a short period.

4 – Animated videos are short and simple

This time, most of the brands are using animated videos to expand their business reach worldwide. Animated videos are short, fun and engaging. They are 1-minute length videos that promote your brand goals and objectives on various social media channels. They allow a brand to tell its story and connect with the buyers. Animated videos are most commonly used in B2B business as they are less time-consuming. Animated videos are simple in terms of product explanation. They show product features and benefits that make it easy for your clients to understand.

2D animated videos are used by 85% of businesses today. They are very engaging and fun to watch. Your customers can see their favorite video content and understand it quickly. These are some reasons why Most of The Brands Are Turning to Animations at This Time. Hopefully, these benefits of animated videos will help grow your business in 2022 and the years to come after.

Product Animation

Why 3D Animation a Powerful Tool for Explaining Your Product?

Animations feel real. They bring life to your products. 3D animation is said to be the most powerful tool for explaining your product. 70% of online people are visual learners and understand the videos better. Marketers believe that animated videos can increase conversions by 80%. Is it great? If an animated video is not a part of your marketing strategy, it’s time to start using it now.

Why Animated Videos?

They engage more people. A 3D animation video brings leads and gains more audience retention. Many buyers prefer to watch online videos as they are easy to be understood and provide enough information, as needed. There are many reasons why 3D animation is a powerful and engaging tool for promoting your business:

1 – Connects With Your Target Audience

3D videos evoke emotions that connect well with the viewers. They initiate a conversation and your audience and create more engagement.

2 – 3D Animation Simplifies Complex Concepts

With the help of animated videos, you can bring life to your products and simplify complex topics. You can show how a product works through real characters and objects.

3 – Animated Videos Are Rememberable

3D animated videos use creative animations that are easy to remember. People watch videos so that they can remember them for years. So, create engaging videos.

4 – 3D Animated Videos Are Fun To Watch

With 3D animation videos, everything feels for real. People love watching those videos that entertain them. If your video is creative, everybody would love it. Animated videos educate the audience about your business.

5 – 3D Animation Videos Fit In All

You can use 3D videos in your marketing strategy, campaigns or within the organization. 3D animation videos can be used as product explainer videos, release announcements, infographics etc. they can fulfil every marketing requirement.

6 – 3D Videos Are Cheap

The production of 3D animated video is cheap. It is less expensive than other forms of video production.

7 – 3D Animation Videos Are Usually Short

3D animation videos have become a trend, especially on Facebook. Nearly 65% of marketers prefer to promote their animated videos on Facebook. 3d animation videos are short, engaging and entertaining from the very first second. They keep your audience connected throughout the video duration.

8 – You Can Promote Them On Different Social Media Channels

You can promote your 3D animation videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram for getting more audience engagement. It will increase the viewership by 80%. Animated videos allow you to see a product from different angles that further boosts audience engagement.

When creating 3D animation videos for social media, you should know that your videos will reach many people worldwide. So, you have to focus on video creation skills. Hire a professional 3D animation video maker who can make short and engaging videos for your organization and help expand your business on time. If you want more people to watch your videos, try to make a compelling video that connects with your audience emotions and provide instant solutions to their problems. People like to watch videos that can explain a product or service. 3D animation videos do this work well.

Animated Videos

Promote Business With Explainer Video During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many companies who are working remotely now. Some have shot down, while others need opportunities to promote business. Despite these worst situations, you can expand and grow your business even during the pandemic. How?

The answer is explainer videos.

With the help of explainer videos, you can grow your business even in the pandemic and establish your brand name in the market. Explainer videos help you to engage more buyers and connect them with your business. You can share short explainer videos on social media channels and popularize your brand. Explainer videos are best for brand promotion as they explain the products better. People love watching short explainer videos that give them full details relating to their favorite product or service. Moreover, these videos are shared online, which means you don’t need to go anywhere for your business promotions. Sit, relax and upload short explainer videos to engage more buyers. Approx. 83% of marketers are using explainer videos during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is one of the growing marketing techniques that can bring quality leads and profits to your business.

How To Promote Business With Explainer Videos?

Below are some tips to promote business using explainer videos:

1 – Keep The Explainer Videos Short And Simple

People watch short videos that do not consume more time. If you are making an explainer video for business, try to keep the video length short. You don’t need to explain everything related to your brand. Keep the video script simple and to the point.

2 – Share The Explainer Videos To Social Media Channels

Once you are done with video creation, share your video to different social media platforms like YouTube. Social media channels attract more online audience. They are best to generate quality leads for your business.

3 – Know Your Target Audience

Before making an explainer video for your company, it is essential to know your target audience. Understand their buying preferences and acknowledge their problems. You should know the target customers that will help you create a needful video for them.

4 – Explainer Videos For Advertising And Promotion

Use explainer videos in your promotional strategies. Many businesses believe that explainer videos can change buying decisions of many customers. They are influential and in demand. 85% of companies prefer using explainer videos in their marketing campaigns.

5 – Good Explainer Videos Resolve Problems

Good explainer videos understand the problems of the customers and bring needful solutions henceforth. You should know your audience issues from a product. Identify what your customers want from your brand and how can your products resolve their problem.

Explainer videos are best for those who are not ready to face the camera or cannot go to a specific location for filming. With the help of whiteboard animation or infographics, you can advertise your products in Infront of the audience. Explainer videos give a glimpse of your business. They help explain products and services. Give explainer videos a try to promote your business and reach possible buyers within a short period. Promote your business while staying safe during the pandemic.

2D Motion Graphics Video

How Can 2D Animation Video Lessen The Impact Of The COVID On Your Business?

Whether you are a company or an employee working in an organization, coronavirus has impacted everyone’s life differently. Everyone has safety concerns, especially the companies where so many employees are working together. Is there any way to lessen the impact of COVID on the business? The answer is yes. 2D animation has helped 75% of business during coronavirus.

2D animation video are helping people to get through these worst times. Video animation is cost-effective, engaging and informs about your business. They keep your audience engaged throughout and explains your products and services using realistic presentations. Animated videos use characters that feel real and attract more buyers than the other forms of videos. They are great for advertisements as they have the highest audience engagement rate.

With 2D animation videos, you can quickly understand your audience requirements from your product. You can share these videos on your social media accounts and boost audience engagement while practicing social distancing. Here is how can 2D Animation Video lessen the impact of the COVID on Your Business:

1 – 2D Animation Videos Go Viral Quickly

Animation videos get viral quickly. Everyone likes to watch videos that are entertaining and full of creativity. These types of videos gain maximum online viewership and are shared further.

2 – Boost Customer Engagement

2D animation videos represent a product using different angles, visualization techniques and video elements. They are creative and fun to watch. People will prefer to watch a video that is simple, to-the-point and entertaining. These are some reasons why such videos are so popular.

3 – Motivates Your Employees

As your employees are working remotely, you should motivate them from time to time. 2D animated videos are fun to watch. Their production is also easy. With experienced professionals, you can create interesting 2D animated videos for your company. It will gain more interest amongst your employees.

4 – Educates The Audience

During the pandemic, the education industry is working very hard to educate people all around. From college to organizations, people make use of animated videos to spread knowledge about the deadly coronavirus and other related studies. 2D animated videos are best for educational purposes.

5 – Spreading Entertainment All-Around

Animated videos are spreading positivity and happiness all around. These videos use animated graphics, video elements and animated characters that add fun to your video. People love watching 2D animated videos as they entertain them throughout.

Do you have a company? Are you a working organization searching for 2D animation services? If yes, you can connect with the professionals and make a video for your brand. Various 2D animation video companies in the market can help you in video creation. A quality 2D animated video can get you more online audience and profits. You can contact any expert who can do the work for you in minutes.

People want to gain knowledge about a product or service through watching videos. 2D animation is the best method to target your audience and make videos accordingly. If you have your business and seeking an opportunity to grow your brand, 2D animation is the best choice for you. All the best.

Explainer Videos

Five Step to making Killer Explainer Video

Explainer videos are animated videos that explain about any product/service in detail. These types of videos are a great marketing tool with the help of which companies promote their products and services in the market. Explainer videos use branded content because they can help expand your social media outreach. When it comes to making a video, it can be daunting, from scripting to editing. However, you can engage audiences and increase conversion rates for your company with the help of well-drafted explainer videos. An explainer video one to three minutes long. You can grab immediate attention from your viewers (call-to-action) and can share your video on many platforms such as blogs, newsletters, emails, websites, etc.

How to make an explainer video? Don’t worry, as here are five steps that will help you to produce a successful explainer video for your company. Have a look:

1 – Scripting
A script is the backbone of your explainer video that must start with writing down your ideas, targeting the audience, and call-to-action. Be relevant and to-the-point with your script and what the audience wants for you. Explainer videos are promotional videos & the main objective is to explain to your audience about the product you are selling. Don’t waste their time by putting irrelevant content on your video. Your scripting should be impactful, educational, and entertaining to grab the user’s attention instantly.

2 – Create A Storyboard
Visualize your video before it is animated. After scripting, you have to set a storyboard and see whether your script is engaging enough to attract your potential customers. It is essential to have a storyboard of your explainer video as it will give an idea of how things will work. Note: You have to engage your audience and persuade them to buy your products.

3 – Voiceover
Use a friendly voice in your explainer videos to set the tone and feel of the video. Before starting the animation, you have to record the voice over that should be short and precise. The audience should be able to connect themselves with your video that will help them in making their buying decisions much faster.

4 – Animation
The animation is the second last stage of creating an explainer video that brings characters to life. At this point, you have to work on the video animation, where a professional animator will use effects, music, illustrations, motion graphics to match the exact needs of the video. Adding sound effects is the final process to make a video engaging and influence audience attention.

5 – Call-To-Action
You have to promote your explainer video on other platforms like websites, blogs to gain full audience retention. CTA demands quick response or feedback from your viewers about whether they liked your video or not. It is like a review of your video that will help you determine the performance of your video in the market.

An explainer video will help generate more sales by creating a balance between your company and the interests of your audience. Try these cool tips for making Killer Explainer Video now!

Explainer Videos

How To Choose Explainer Video Company?

A right explainer video company can push your firm to success. an explainer video gives a detailed explanation of your product and services so that your audience can understand your business functionality well. So, when you are looking for more clients, hire an explainer video company that can get more leads for your business.

Videos get 50% of audience engagement and are known everywhere. People prefer watching videos that are creative, engaging, and informative. Marketers these days are looking for explainer video making companies that help generate more leads for your business.
Here are five tips for hiring an explainer video company to enhance brand awareness:

Here are five tips for hiring an explainer video company to enhance brand awareness:

1 – Saves Time And Money

With a good video production company, you can create professional animated videos for your firm that engage more target audiences and improve your overall business ranking on google. Professionals can cost-effectively handle video making and, you can save a lot of time for other tasks.

2 – Casts A Perfect Impression On Your Business

If you want to increase your business sales, creating an explainer video will be the perfect solution. Choosing the best explainer video production company leaves a positive impression of your business on your target audience because professionals will create a compelling video for your brand. Explainer videos are easy to understand and impactful on potential customers.

3 – Increases Website Traffic

The kind of audience matters a lot. To have great sales, you should have adequate website visitors. Explainer videos push your traffic and are used as an interactive element to get your audience’s attention. Animated explainer videos are a method of keeping your audience hooked up with a video. It will help in getting more sales for your business.

4 – Animated Explainer Videos Are Easy To Share

With a quality animated explainer video, you can increase your product popularity. Short videos are easy to share with the best professionals who make a video for more views and share later. With sharing, you are opening gates to bulk traffic on your website.

5 – A Video Production Company Will Do The Branding For You

A certified explainer video production company does the branding for you using the professional marketing skills and techniques incorrect manner. Hiring an expert video making company can help you with editing, creative elements, sound background, and more. They will improve your business reputation and brand image bringing huge profits.

Invest in hiring an explainer video production company at a low expense that will serve any requirement whatsoever. Professional companies never compromise with the quality of explainer videos and deliver 100% brand awareness in the market. You will be relay impressed by the working of such companies. Make this decision.

Video Marketing

5 Powerful Reasons You Need To Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is a popular form of online marketing that promotes your products and services globally. 2D animation company make more and more video content that helps generate an audience and boosts the business. Video content on social media gets more views and attracts new potential customers and website traffic. It becomes easy for your new customers to understand about your business with the help of videos. Why is video marketing important? How it will increase business sales? You need to use video marketing in 2021 and, here are some reasons why:

Video Marketing in 2021

1 – Creates Strong Emotional Connection

Video uses storytelling that creates a strong bond between the viewers and the product. People nowadays watch videos more as compared to reading a text. A video drive grabs the attention and is useful in building a strong relationship with the buyers. Your audience can relate to your product.

2 – Drives Organic Traffic Online

With the help of video content, companies can get more organic traffic online. Video producers create short, simple, and engaging video content that automatically attracts the audience to your website. When your buyer likes a product, they will search the link to make the final purchasing decision to visit your website. This way, videos are generating online traffic for your website.

3 – Builds Your Business Credibility

As more and more people are watching your company video, it builds your business credibility in the market. Your customers will share the video with other social media platforms and, your business will get a ‘trust badge’ to stand out ahead of the competitors.

4 – Detailed Product Description

With videos, you can explain your product or service in detail. 3D animation videos, explainer videos, informative videos, and more can take your business to the next level. Video production companies use these video formats to explain everything about their products to potential buyers.

5 – Attracts New Customers

Videos help your buyers make purchasing decisions. When your buyers can understand your products, they will buy them for sure. Videos keep users on your website page engaged and persuade them to know more about your products and services. Those who want to get product descriptions can understand about a product through videos.

Video marketing gets new customers for your business who are interested in buying your products and services. It is a powerful online business tool that every marketer should use in 2021 that increases the chances of higher business growth and more profits.

Video Marketing

Why Video is Important for Your Email Marketing?

Why people use videos over other marketing strategies?

Well, the simple reason is that they bring you more traffic and are extremely helpful in reaching to your targeted audience.

Using video can boost your web presence within a short time and you get the desired results out of your marketing campaign.

Using videos in an email marketing campaign is also beneficial for driving positive results to your business.

Video marketing really works well towards achieving your business objectives.

Here are a few reasons why should you include video in email marketing:-

1) Emails with Videos have Greater Impact on your Audience

You would be surprised to find that as much as one-third activity of internet users is spent watching videos online. These simple statistics show how much users love videos more than anything else. Due to their fun quotient, videos are easier to consume than any other promotional strategies. Emails with videos have higher chances of being opened and watched by your audience. The open rates of emails with videos are 19% as compared to the ones with no videos. Keeping this statistic in mind, it is always beneficial to add a video in your email marketing strategy.
However, if you are planning to use them in your email marketing campaign, make sure to create and add videos that are interesting, funnier & easily comprehensible.

2) Best for showing your Product’s Teaser

Using videos in email marketing in 2019 is going to be really advantageous for you as they really push your business engine ahead. Videos used in emails help customers getting a know-how of your product in brief which can really impact your business sales. Many customers agree that videos received in their emails have not only helped them understand the product but also helped them in making decisions to purchase these products. Besides, the customers are also of the view that they got a valuable insight about the products through the video embedded in their emails.

3) Great for Spreading Announcements

You can use videos effectively for making an announcement such as a new service, product or an offer. Owing to the increasing consumption of videos than the textual content, adding a video in your email is always helpful and profitable for you. So, if you are looking for explaining something to your targeted audience, video email marketing is better for you. It will help you display your message clearly before your audience which will certainly enhance customers’ engagement towards your brand.

4) Personalization

When you use videos in your email marketing program, you are doing justice to your whole marketing campaign. The reason is that just everybody opens his email on his phone and your video email can land right in front of them. There is a bit of personalization factor when you embed videos in your email. And they really help in increasing the engagement of your customers with your products. And when you go personal with your customers, there are higher chances of having powerful communication with your clients.

5) Cost-Effective

While traditional marketing tactics like TV or print ads and direct mail can become quite costly with all the fees involved, there are very little costs involved with email marketing. Depending on your in-house resources, you may need to hire help to create email content, and most businesses also pay to use email marketing automation services, which make effective email marketing less time-intensive. However, these costs are fairly minimal when compared to buying add space or paying to print and mail marketing materials to leads and customers.
In addition to its relatively low cost, email marketing also provides a high return on investment (ROI). According to Campaign Monitor, every $1 spent on email marketing typically generates about $38 in ROI. This statistic indicates just how cost-effective email marketing can be for businesses, especially smaller businesses that are working with smaller budgets.

Overall, email marketing is the perfect digital marketing tactic for businesses working with small budgets because it’s relatively inexpensive to start and maintain email marketing campaigns. Similarly, email marketing tactics like segmentation and triggered campaigns help you get the most for your money, allowing you to grow your business without pouring all of your revenue back into digital marketing. The cost-benefit is a major reason why your business should leverage the importance of email marketing.

App Demo Video

Video Marketing Strategies for Mobile App

Every day thousands of apps are published in Google play, which creates a struggle for app owner and marketers to manage their app position in the list. Search engines play a vital role in promoting your mobile app so that users can find it and learn something new. Your mobile app should stand out if you want to earn your business recognition in the market. Video marketing strategies are perfect for promoting your mobile app while increasing its download speed. Several video marketing strategies can help grow your mobile app ranking in search engines while engaging the users for the long-term. Have a look:

Video Marketing Strategies for Mobile App

1 – Target Audience Research

An app marketing plan involves researching your target audience to have a better understanding of what your customers think of your products and services. Knowing your target audience will help in understanding the user’s expectations on which your mobile app strategy will work. Not only the buyers, but you should keep an eye on your competitors as well that will help you communicate with your customers. Distinguish your products from competitors, compare the prices, and improve your app marketing strategy accordingly. There are many aspects to look at while researching your competitors and audience.

2 – Focus On The Content

Are you planning to increase downloads for your mobile app? If yes, content can help a lot. Videos attract the audience but, engaging content can hook up the audience with your video for a long. Content marketing is a popular marketing strategy that can get your target audience and build trust with them. Upload relevant content on videos that encourages the audience to download your mobile app. Ask your audience to give feedback on what they think about your business. A creative video with brief content can increase customer loyalty and drive more traffic towards your mobile app.

3 – Social Media Marketing

With the help of social media marketing, you can increase the number of downloads for your mobile apps. Share the videos on different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and promote brand awareness. Advertise your mobile app everywhere and persuade your target audience to download the mobile app. With the help of video marketing, you can gain a substantial amount of mobile app users and promote your mobile app worldwide.

4 – Create Interactive Videos

Mobile can engage more customers as everybody remains active on various social media platforms nowadays. With interactive videos, you can advertise your mobile app while keeping your audience busy with the other engaging content that may be a game or some interesting quotes. The ultimate goal of your video is to keep your audience hooked up, right? You can make short, interactive videos and play the advertisement for your mobile app side by side.

5 – Mobile App Demo Video

Mobile App Demo Video is a perfect example of video marketing that creates an emotional bond with storytelling. They give a detailed explanation of your product so that the audience can understand it well. With an explainer video, you can promote your mobile app that will then become easy for your target audience to understand better. Write a compelling script and discuss the importance and benefits of downloading your mobile app.

Product Animation

Importance of Product Training Video

Product training programs keep you updated with new product launches in the market. Training videos may differ from business to business. Many business owners are using product training video nowadays to offer product knowledge over time. It is how videos promote a business brand and are a must for any business to increase revenue. In this article, we will explain why product training video are vital for your business.

Why are Product Training Video Important For Your Business?

1 – Product Knowledge at Low Cost

Through visual content, you can explain in detail your product with minimal expenditure. A small introduction video about your product will help your target audience generate interest to watch and learn more about the product. Consider hiring a product video maker for your business to boost your revenues. Product training videos educate your audience and information about your business operations across the globe.

2 – Learn While Traveling

Your buyers can learn about a Product while travelling also. With mobile learning, they can learn about their products from any location. The short product learning videos have provided knowledge to your target audience and helped many businesses reach success within a short period. Business owners can use social media channels to share & promote their products and boost brand awareness. People are active on social media all the time.

3 – Spread Information about Your Product Just-In-Time

Businesses should use product training video to deliver every detail about their products when required. Product learning through videos on smartphones and tablets is useful to gain good product knowledge at our convenience. With a mobile-friendly product training video, you can spread information about your work operations and aware people about your products.

4 – Retain the Information Quickly

People remember Videos for years. Video-based lessons are easy and fun to learn about the products. People are more interested in watching videos rather than reading text. Besides, videos are easy to remember, and your target audience can understand the product descriptions better. Product training videos serve as a benefit to every business.

6 – Explainer Videos Are Perfect For Your Business

Explainer videos showcase the details of the products with the help of a presenter who describes their benefits and features. It is an influential video format where your customers can see and learn more about the product in detail. Explainer videos are perfect for those who require a detailed explanation of the product and its features. Presenting a video alongside the presenter leaves a positive work impact on your potential buyers and business. It also creates a memorable and advanced learning experience for those seeking a detailed explanation about the product and services.

Online Product Training Videos Provide Better Retention Of Information.

Good product training involves spreading the product information with short videos that your target customers may watch anywhere and anytime. Video is the perfect solution to teach about the products and save your time & efforts. For a successful business, use product training videos to teach your target audience about your brand.