Best Facebook Video Ads Strategy to Outrank Your Competitors

Do you want to know about Facebook video ads? But unaware of the correct form of Facebook advertising?

In this article, we will tell you some of the Best Facebook Video Ads strategies to outrank your competitors & prepare for your next Facebook ads. These strategies will help grow your business & make Facebook video ads different from the others. Use them in your Facebook video advertising to skyrocket your brand growth.

Facebook Video Ads Strategies are:

facebook video ads

  • Optimize Facebook Video Ads Both On Mobile & Desktop
  • Users may browse Facebook over any device, desktop, mobile, or tablet. Therefore, you must create Facebook video ads and optimize them accordingly. This hybrid strategy will maximize your brand reach. If your audience is aware of your products, it will help them understand them better.

  • Run Competitive Analysis
  • This strategy will help you stand ahead of your competitors. See what & how the customers of your competitors reply to their FB video ads. Customize your video ads as per them & gain more audience. Your video ads on Facebook should highlight your USPs & uniqueness with the brand.

  • Target Brand Aware Audience
  • A customer sees an ad on Facebook but does not open it; it happens most of the time. People may see your ad but are not aware of your brand. Hence, to overcome this challenge, you must target that audience who already has heard about your brand but hasn’t tried it themselves. Such type of audience is known as a warm audience. You can earn more conversions by targeting those people who have liked your posts on Facebook or follow you.

  • Prepare Evergreen Facebook Video Ads
  • Whatever your business type is, aim to create evergreen Facebook video ads that you can use anytime. Don’t start from scratch. It is time-consuming and hectic. Make ads relating to brand promotion, lead generation, and conversions. Such ads are evergreen ads as they will deliver the same message repeatedly. Follow this facebook video ads strategy.

  • Use Geo-Targeting
  • In the early advertising days, marketers used to wait for customers to communicate before sharing a message. They had no options for advertising their products through channels. But now, things have changed a lot. Marketers have become proactive with geo-targeting. What is it? It is an advertising technique to display relevant ads according to the audience’s location. For example, if you want to target fitness freaks and tell them about your new gym, you can enter a specific location, like nearby where there are gyms or fitness centers. It will bring more conversions.

  • Use Emojis & Gifs To Engage With The Audience
  • Almost 70% of people react to social media posts through emojis or GIFs. Facebook offers multiple emojis & GIFs showing a 30%-40% higher click-through rates. Use emojis in Facebook video ads to draw the viewer’s attention to your ad. People look for emojis that feel authentic, explain their emotions better, and seem fun. Whatever type of video ads you make, include emojis and see the result yourself.

  • Incorporate Facebook Video Ads Where Possible
  • Facebook is the second largest social media platform after YouTube, with 8 billion video views. People love to see video content from brands that they follow. Through videos in your ads, you can explain your unique brand story. Incorporate these videos where possible to gain maximum conversions.

    Which strategy are you aware of amongst these? We are sure you must be using them to outrank your competitors. If not, try them out today. Contact our team for Facebook video advertising as we specialize in this. We aim to deliver instant results with maximum ROI from Facebook video ads.

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