How to Conduct Competitive Research For Your Business?

How to conduct competitive SERP analysis for business? What is competitive analysis?

Competitive research is evaluating your competitor’s performance, strengths, and weaknesses. You can check their SEO strategies like keyword research and other essential aspects that help them grow their business. Doing competitive research for business will help you understand the market conditions, improve marketing strategies, identify challenges, and plan for a better future.

  • Identify Main Target Keywords
  • Do you know your competitive keywords? We wouldn’t tell you to fill your content with many keywords. Find a relevant, realistic competitor who uses potential keywords to drive more traffic. Research more about the trending keywords because they can kickstart your business in a new way. Keywords benefit your business in many ways. Hence, do proper research and include relevant keywords in your strategies.

  • Know Your Competitors
  • Under this analysis, you can discuss your competitors and how they move forward with their business. You can use high-ranked keywords to rank your website or any piece of content on SERPs. Tools like keyword explorer can list crucial keywords that your competitors use. Moreover, track your potential competitors and the way they run their business.

  • Follow Competitors On Social Media
  • After you analyze your competitors, check their online presence. Keep an eye on their social media postings, how they do it and what is different in their strategies. You can also research their website, blogs, articles, or promotional content that satisfies your expectations. If you do competitive research, make sure you have answers to the following questions:

    • How are your competitors interreacting with their audience?
    • Is their website mobile-friendly?
    • Is their website easy to browse?
    • Are their customers able to understand their products and services?
    • How many times do they post on social media?
    • Are they active on social media?
    • What is their content quality?
    • Is this content engaging?

    You can get an idea of the strategies you need to beat your competitors or next stand to them. You can allocate your resources accordingly.

  • Collect Information
  • How to collect information about your competitors? You need to act like one. You can sign up for their email list to gather information on how they interact with others. The best way to know them is to follow their social media accounts & track how they communicate with their audience. Follow their footsteps wherever they go. Place yourself as a customer before them.

  • Check Online Reviews
  • What do people say about your competitors? Try to figure out as many online reviews as possible. Online reviews give an idea of how your competitors perform in the market. Read their Google reviews as well if they provide it. From their case studies to social media reviews, read everything about them. Also, check for their negative reviews as it will help you improve your product or service.

    Conduct competitive research from time to time. It provides growth opportunities. Every business organization should perform competitive research for competitor analysis.