Youtube Video Ads

Tips For Creating Effective YouTube Video Ads

Five billion people worldwide watch videos on YouTube daily. YouTube is the leading entertainment platform where it is easy to upload your videos and promote yourself. Whether you are a business or an individual seeking fame or growth in your career, YouTube is the best piece of the marketing puzzle because of its reach. People from all around the globe watch YouTube, that is the reason advertisers spend a lot of their money on YouTube Ads to gain visibility from the target audience.

If you are considering starting YouTube marketing, you might want to have an idea of certain things that you should include in a YouTube Ad to get a direct audience response. To help you with YouTube Video Ads, here are six mind-blowing points to keep in mind before running a YouTube Ad campaign. Check them out:

1 – Upload Short Videos
YouTube is informative & entertaining. Many visit YouTube to watch specific content that they will probably get to see on an Ad or so. Ads attract the right audience. However, you should have the trick to have their eyes glued upon your Ad where they can get the information they want. Therefore, make your Ad short and engaging between 15 and 60 seconds if you want a direct response.

2 – Be Concise With Your Business Motive
An Ad’s engagement depends on its presentation and message. How you use the time is even more important than the length of an Ad. Your Ad should captivate the audience that you can do by adding humor or other possible ideas in your YouTube advertisement. After capturing their attention, you have to understand their demands and be clear with your business message. Design your YouTube Video Ads accordingly.

3 – Target The Interested Audience
You should not waste money on irrelevant audiences who are unlikely to watch your offerings. YouTube has flexibility options where you can limit your target audience and take control over who views your Ads. You can target an audience with a specific niche and run Ads accordingly. For example, if you are selling lady garments, you would like to set ladies as your target audience who are interested in purchasing lady garments only. That would make sense.

4 – Remarketing Your Videos
Remarketing is like reminding the viewers about your brand in case they seem interested or have visited your channel once. Ads will repeatedly occur on the feed so that people can see them all the time. It can increase brand awareness likewise.

5 – Focus On Producing High-Quality Video Content
Likewise, channel videos, video Ads on YouTube should contain high-quality content to build a powerful connection with the target audience. Think of some idea that is unique and feels natural. It should relate to the audience and their search requirements.

6 – Adding Elements In Youtube Video Ads 
Adding elements like call-to-action, auto-end screens, filming a special message, in the end, adding cards to highlight the products are some methods to drive action and audience engagement in the Ad. These features can expand your Ad reach and fulfill your Ad goals faster. Review your recent YouTube video Ad and add cards so that audience can discover more of your business.

Investing in YouTube video Ads is profitable but how you create a video Ad depends on the correct tips and tricks you utilize in its making. So, you need to do your homework well and proceed with rules of thumb that you can use to make your YouTube video Ads better. Make the best possible use of your creativity, and create an influential YouTube video Ad using the mentioned tips. Think before you act!

Digital Marketing

12 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies To Adopt For

Digital marketing is a whole new world of possibilities that help your business stand one in a crowd of a hundred. Every brand focuses on building meaningful relations with its target audience in a creative form. How will you promote your business? The answer is pretty simple. When you have to promote your business, nothing will work other than adopting these 12 effective digital marketing strategies that will safeguard your business in the long run. Have a look:

1 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO improves your site ranking on Google and makes it visible for relevant users. Greater visibility of your website on search engines will improve the functioning of your business and generate higher revenue.

2 – Content Marketing
Content marketing involves producing unique and creative content for your business website that attracts an audience widely. Content marketing engages and informs customers about your business entirely.

3 – Video Marketing
We are in an era where people prefer to watch the video above reading text. It is why many businesses have started making interactive videos with compelling content to target more viewers. You should try it!

4 – Influencer Marketing
Hiring influencers to promote your brand is an added advantage for your digital marketing agency as an influential person on social media will bring a lot of followers and help in promoting your business products. You can connect with top influencers via social media to collaborate with them.

5 – Email Marketing
How effective is email marketing?
Email marketing reaches your target audience at the right time. It helps in generating new leads for your business while increasing the rates of conversion. Email marketing is generally a free-of-cost service where you can add reward systems on emails and send them to the clients.

6 – Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay per click (PPC) is a paid advertisement service. It is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy that involves creating ads for your business that includes keywords to make it appear at the top of google search results.

7 – Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is the backbone of any digital marketing agency showing business success via real search results online. It involves using social media tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to promote business operations worldwide.

8 – Local Marketing
Local or inbound marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies that ensure your campaigns are working and engaging customers from time to time.

9 – Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is all about building strong relationships with other marketers and rewarding them for every lead/visitor they bring to your website. You connect with other marketers who are busy promoting you.

10 – Website Designing
Until you have a unique and attractive website, your business won’t grow. Customers come to you for answers and, if your business website looks unprofessional, they are not going to trust you. There are many software’s available online that offer elegant website designing services to wrap up your work perfectly.

11 – Remarketing
Remarketing your content is beneficial to remind you about your business again if your customers were not responsive to the advertisements earlier. You create new advertisements and track your visitors via cookies on the website. Remarketing boosts conversions and brings new customers to your website.

12 – Involvement Of An Employee
Employee involvement is vital because they are the ones who can spread positive feedback about your brand to gain the trust of others. It will encourage others to go through your company’s products and services and will, thereby, promote brand awareness.

Adopt these marketing strategies for your business and stay ahead of your competitors!

Video Marketing

Should I go for a 3D Video Service or a 2D Video Service?

Nowadays, 2D and 3D animation videos have turned out to be the best forms of marketing as these videos can engage your targeted audience and pushing your marketing campaign ahead. Whether it is a 2D or 3D animation, every form of video marketing helps in enhancing your business sales and provide you better conversion rates. With the increasing importance of video marketing, everyone is hell-bent on leveraging it. But, most of the people are confused over choosing the right animation form for their business.

Before we decide on the best forms of video animation between 2D and 3D, let’s just see what 2D and 3D animation means.

2D Animation

This form of animation is largely used in the creation of cartoons, advertisements, games, educational materials, animated movies, and so on.

Owing to the increasing importance of video content, this animation form is much popular among the businesses today as 2D animation videos are said to rise the conversion rates by 20% which is a good thing for the growth of your business. Many companies hire a team of animation experts for creating these videos, while others seek their services online.

Following are the pros and cons of 2D animation video:

Pros: –

  • Lower costs
  • 2D animation Software is lighter than 3D animation Software
  • Story oriented

Cons: –

  • Less in Demand
  • Less Dynamic
  • Time Consuming


3D animation

3D animation form is a process which comprises of three-dimensional (3D) moving images. A proper manipulation of 3D objects or models are done to provide an illusion of movement or animation. 3D animation process is categorized into 3 important sections-modelling layout, animation & rendering. Modelling is a process of generating 3D images in a scene while the phase of layout and animation include positioning and animation of objects in a scene. The final process is the rendering process which is the final output of the animations done. Today, you can find a large number of software in the market that can help you in creating 3D animations.

Following are the pros and cons of 3D animation: –

Pros: –

  • Real Camera movements
  • More Realistic
  • Models can be reused
  • More Possibilities
  • Much popular than 2D

Cons: –

  • More complicated
  • Long lead times
  • Limited Imagination

Which Animation form would be the best for you?

Well, it all depends on your requirement. Before coming on a decision, just think what message you need to convey through your video marketing campaign. Go through the above-stated pros and cons of 3D and 2D video service as that will help you choose the right video service for you. If you are looking for highly effective and realistic video, then 3D would be the best for you. But If you like to show something in a story form with funny animations or want an instruction video, then 2D animation will be much-suited for your purpose. In addition to identify your requirement, you can also discuss with your expert team before choosing any animation form between 2D and 3D.


2D and 3D animation have indeed changed the face of marketing campaigns across the world. Their popularity will continue to be on rise in the future owing to their benefits. Both the animation forms have lots of potential but what would be good for you will depend on your nature of work, requirement and your business objectives. Choosing a 2D or 3D video service will be much easier for you if you take into account the above points as you will be able to differentiate between the two forms properly after going through these points and pick the one that suits you the most.

Explainer Videos

7 Proven Benefits of Explainer Video for Businesses

Are you confused whether merely posting an explainer video on your social media channels let you witness noticeable conversation rates in your business sales or not?

Well, to your utmost bewilderment the answer is YES! Video marketing strategies have the potential to freeze your customers to your offered products and services.

If you knew about this marketing strategy earlier and still haven’t used it, then you are doing more harm than good to your business. You are literally up to a blind alley where your business growth has come to a standstill.

However, using a short animated explainer video for a business is going to help you churn the real profit out of your business.

How? Let’s figure out…

Benefits of Explainer Video for Businesses

1) Attention Grabbing Nature

Animated videos give a new lease of life to your newly kicked-off promotional campaign. Once you are done with adding these captivating animated videos to your homepage as well as landing pages you have already won half of the battle. Unlike other people using old-school ways, you will definitely in an advantage due to the attention-grabbing nature of these promotional videos. Endorsing your brand by way of these videos is increasingly becoming popular just because they arouse customers’ interests towards your products & services that will lure them eventually making them avail them. Videos are a unique selling point to express your vides that will leave an everlasting impression on the target customers.

2) Better User Engagement

Nobody wants to go through lengthy information before purchasing a product. Since brevity coupled with valuable information is on the topmost priority, so we have very less time to retain our users. The moment your audience feels boredom, they will certainly hop on to other websites. Videos, in this case, truly showcase the nitty-gritty of a product letting your users hooked to your videos. Topping it all off, if your videos are adorned with suitable moving images, animation, music, text and voiceover, users will surely end up becoming your loyal patrons.

3) Easily Searched and Shared

One of the positives of promotional videos is that they can be easily searched online. Besides, they are more shared too. So your video is shared n number of times on the internet which creates a network of audience surrounding you that is going to prove much more beneficial for your brand.

4) A Refined Presentation of a Concept

A concept takes shape when it is clearly presented. Explanatory videos are crucial for your languishing brand as they can drive momentum to it. Business processes are finely explained through these videos and they enable the customers coming to a decision to purchase your products/services.

5) Videos are Cost-Effective

Videos are made only once and need not be edited incessantly. So, creating videos is such a cost-effective approach towards your brand awareness. Unlike other content marketing approach, video content is going to stay on your website forever. So it will save you from an unnecessary practice of updating your user manuals, brochures & website pages sporadically. In addition to these advantages, you can make changes to these videos whenever you feel a need of it.

6) Best Dialogue with Your Customers

Physically, you can’t speak to every single customer of your product. However, your amazingly crafted videos can speak about your product/service to millions of your customers which will surely bring a positive change in your business revenue. If your videos are crisp, short and good enough to educate your customers all about your offerings, then you have certainly found the way to woo your patrons. Surveys say that it only needs 2-minute catchy video to woo your audience and the ball is in your court after that.

7) Video Reviews

Videos say emphatically about your offerings and they too have a reach to millions of individuals within a short time. And this is the reason why your videos get instant feedback-good or bad. Today, internet audience is blunt and believes in admiring a good presentation and condemning a bad one- all in a nick of time. If you talk honestly about your products/services, your videos will be watched more that will directly boost the revenue of your business.

Given the explainer video benefits and their indelible impression on the minds of the audience, just everybody is hell-bent on using these videos for his brand.
Not only young entrepreneurs as well as the startup owners but also established businessmen are lean on adopting video marketing strategies for their business.
If you too are dejected over your constantly falling revenue, then it is high time that you should hire an explainer video company that can help you surge your business revenue in one go.

3D Product Visualization

Product Visualization: 5 Benefits for Your Business

3D Product Visualization provides a crystal clear realistic picture of a product as to in what way it will look after its completion. It is an important aspect for your business as you can easily go for your product’s marketing even before you have real products with you. The main problem lies in changing a product after its production as there is much expense required for that. Product visualization here comes to your rescue as they let you showcase your product in a realistic way to your customers even before making them.

3D Product Visualization Benefits:-

1) Best for Showcasing your Product Exhibitions or Trade Fairs

 3D Product visualization gives a realistic view of your product that lets your potential customers have a look as to how your product will look in reality. This will attract the attention of your customers to your product. You can showcase your 3D product video in several exhibitions and trade shows to grab your customers’ attention.

2) For a Better Advertising Campaign

Everyone wants a better promotion of his product! And it all depends on the advertising campaign you have chosen for your product. To get to your target audience, one needs to have an excellent marketing campaign that usually involves expensive photoshoots as well as videos.

But now with the product visualization technique, you can do that easily and without spending too much amount on that. So, if your product is qualitative and you need to do effective advertising for that, the best would be to use product visualization straightaway. By doing that you would spend less and your marketing campaign is ready within a short time.

Besides, you can post your videos on several social media channels such as on Twitter, Facebook and so on which will give your advertising campaign a boost.

3) Effective Production Workflow 

Getting an effectual production workflow is possible with product visualization!

Those who are stressed about launching their new products just because they are confused about their sales can use 3D product visualization to avoid this problem. You can ward-off any unpleasant experience by using product visualization techniques and display your products in several colors & designs. Your clients can see these designs and like them. When your clients are satisfied with your designs, you can manufacture the products that have been liked and ordered by them. In this way, you can easily ensure a much easy as well as an effective workflow of production without wasting your extra time and money.

4) Offering Product Interaction to Your Clients

3D product visualization boosts your marketing strategy!

And above all, it also lets your clients have an option to interact with your company’s products.

With product visualization, you can offer a detailed representation of your products to your clients with the help of a 3D rendering services. By doing that, not only you can display your object from several diverse angles, but also a 360-degree angle. The 360-degree representation will display your product in a detailed and clear manner which will provide your clients with a complete understanding of your products.

5) Boosting your ROI

Solid plans lead to great results in every business in the world!

If you are hell-bent on getting ROI as per your desires, then you need to research a lot. With 3D product visualization, you can turn your idea into sales. Just start with your 3D designs and when clients show their liking towards them, start their production to leverage the best out of the product visualization technique. This way you can get maximum ROI on your products without wasting too much money on them.

Explainer Videos

Three Reasons Explainer Videos Rock the Business World

As a business owner, you need to keep a check on the type of promotional methods you are using for your business. What makes your business run for its money is more essential than any other thing. Business promotion is nothing but conveying a message of why people should come to you. Explainer videos come to the rescue, especially when you need to promote your business in the most innovative and attractive manner. Animated explainer videos with voice over technology elucidate the core features of the product and present it in the most unique manner.

Nielsen research training and consulting group has the estimates which is a time duration of 10 to 20 seconds is enough to grab the interest of your potential online audience visiting your website and even during this duration just 10 seconds can either catch or drift attention. This scenario makes it mandatory to have something catchy and eye-grabbing for the audience to see. 80% people remember what they see rather than what they interpret through reading content. Explainer Videos solve the very purpose of the result generated business promotion with short compelling voice-over and innovative animation and graphics to actually make a person watching it, become curious for more.

Nothing which is boring, stereotypical and lengthy is accepted by the audience you are targeting for your business and especially if it is for your online visitors. Monotonous and textual jargons hardly find any place in the promotion industry. Corporate Explainer Videos could be the ideal choice as you can also add fun elements to it. Animators use crossfading effect and pop-up images that are fun to watch. The company logo can also be designed in the most appealing way to stand out from the rest of the video.

We can thereby, conclude off with the very fact that explainer videos are soon breaking the usual trend of promoting business simply by adding some text in the website. Explainer videos fulfill the very need of interacting with the customer in the most interactive manner and promoting business for assured returns.

Keen on getting an explainer video for your business? Silver Bazel will be the ideal choice as we bring in video creation services at affordable prices. With our team of experts, we design captivating explainer videos targeting your potential market. We add voice over for the video and also amusing animated graphics to go with it.

Animated Videos

Why Do You Need Animated Videos For Business?

Are you struggling with your brand online presence? Does your business make enough sales?

Need an effective viral campaign for your brand? Answer to this entire question is “Animated Video”. Animated videos for business is a great way to tell your brand story, as it engages the audience and capture their attention.

Creating your brand’s presence is an uphill task in this online world!

Sometimes, leveraging all the highly effective social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram do not work for your brand and you end up getting failed in getting the brand reputation you are looking for.

However, the advent of some marketing tactics has been very effectual in making your brand popular in this cut-throat competition. Of all these marketing strategies, animated videos turn out to be the most reliable marketing tactics till date as these videos are easily shareable, reach to a wider audience and are highly advantageous for promoting your brand.

Many of you are still struggling with the old school ways to market your brand and are completely oblivious of the benefits of animated videos.

But, Why do you need animated videos for business?

Well, here are a few signs that indicate you that it’s high time you should get an animated video made for your brand:-

To Get Required Targeted Audience

Do you know that the success of every online business relies on capturing the attention of your targeted audience? If your business is not known to your targeted audience, then all your marketing efforts will go futile. So, when you fall short of reaching your target audience, it’s time to change your marketing plan. And animation videos are the perfect tool for this purpose! They bring global exposure as well as the right audience to your brand thereby increasing your business sales dramatically. So, just go with the trend and choose an animation video for your marketing strategy. Once you post animation videos on your website and other social media channels, you will see your site getting high rank within a short time.

To survive among your Competitors

Today’s competitive market demands something different from you to stay ahead! If you are the one whose business is languishing, then animation videos can come to your rescue. Cute animation videos are loved by everyone. They are the best marketing tactics in the online sphere to date due to their reach and popularity. Today, customers prefer getting information in a funny way which is possible through animation videos. Animated videos are interesting videos that capture the nerve of your potential customers. Your business will have an edge over your competitors if you are using animated videos.

To Improve your Site’s SEO

It’s not easy for a website to get to Google’s first page! But does that mean you shouldn’t try to get a good rank in Google? Well, if your SEO is not up to the mark, you will miss out your targeted audience and the sales that might come through them. And without good SEO, your brand is not popular either. So, it is best to add animated videos to your brand. Google gives more preference to videos and you would be helping your site to rank by adding videos to it. Another site where you must aim to rank high is YouTube which is the largest site for searching for any kind of videos.

To present your Brand’s Message Clearly

Are you unable to showcase your brand’s message clearly to the world? Do all the marketing tactics fail to boost your brand? If not, then you should use animation videos straightaway that can portray your brand emphatically. An animated video can bring all the important elements of a particular product or a service in a very interesting way before your audience. These captivating videos made with funny characters evoke interest in your audience and draw them to your products or services.

3D Product Visualization

3D Product Rendering Benefits for Product Marketing

Today, product marketing has taken a paradigm shift and that too with rising possibilities of boosting product sales. Thanks to 3D product rendering that has dramatically changed the way products were marketed and offered a modern digital way to market them effectively.

What is 3D Product Rendering?

3D product rendering is all about showing value & the vision of a product in a detailed way.  The sheer visualization done through 3D product arendering is far impressive & detailed that of traditional photography. With this technique, a product & its functionalities are created with the help of simulated environments & from various angles that let the customers make solid decisions.

So, what benefits are coming out of 3D Product Rendering?

Well, let’s delve into them one by one.

3D Product Rendering Benefits

1. Cost-Effective

Rendering a product in 3D is much impactful than real photography!

One of the advantages of using a 3D rendering over photography is that it is really easy to render a 3D model than to create an actual physical product.

3D Product Rendering is much cost-effective as you can visualize the physical aspect as well as the potential functioning of your product without even manufacturing it in physical form. Plus, you can get feedback from your clients and change the design easily if any change comes up. Last-minute changes become impossible with the real products as for that you will require a new prototype that might take another one week to go.

2. Woo Your Audience with Eye-popping Animations

wouldn’t like his product to be launched with a blast!

Well, with 3D product rendering, it is possible!

The highly creative animations used in this technique can take your products to another level. Without even providing your products to your customers, you can enthrall them through spectacular animations & graphics. By stimulating their experience you can capture their nerves and woo them to develop an interest in your product. A perfectly done 3D product rendering leaves a lasting impact on your audience and lets them know about the inner mechanisms of your products.

3. Strengthening your Brand

As visuals impact the audience more than other marketing tactics, there is a high probability that your brand will be highlighted more than the ones who are still using traditional marketing tactics. The stunning animations crafted with 3D product rendering will stick in your audience mind. The best part is that you will try fanciful ideas to present your product which will fill thrill in your audience’s mind and persuade them to purchase your products.

4. Increase in ROI

A 3D product rendering is highly impactful for your products due to its varied applications. It offers maximum ROI due to its being a cost-effective, flexible and long-lasting technique.

it gives you full control over your product marketing tactics. The outstanding
animations created with the help of 3D rendering helps in building as well as
retaining your targeted audience.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos – An Impactful Way of Seeking Audience Attention

In need of something that clicks for your business? Why not go for Explainer videos that are short, explaining the crux of the sales pitch in the most interactive and impactful manner. A 60 second or less time duration video is capable of showing all the company services in a single click. Explainer Videos can be interpreted in a faster way and much more effective than texts. Those can be of varied types like the ones that focus on a particular character and bring it to life through animation, or videos that have a storyboard with pictures on a whiteboard background.

An explainer video should have answers to prove the efficacy of a video and make it furthermore impactful. Be sure of the questions that you anticipate from the viewer’s point of view is answered in a satisfactory way. This, therefore, requires you to go ahead and create an impactful video with the best features of your product highlighted in the most appealing manner and how it fulfills itself to answer the potential questions. This can be done through both motion graphics animation and infographic.

Sharing on social media like Facebook post that you make does not end the story there itself. The image or video posting get visibility and also get likes and shares and moreover the attention of audiences at large. But there is more to it, which leads you to the insights page where you can get the status of where your video stands and how it is doing after going viral. You can check for views coming for the video, country from where we can see maximum visitors to the video and other actionable statistics and keep changing depending on the number of views and likes. Uploading your explainer video in Facebook business page or creating a YouTube channel is therefore, the key determinant towards making a video popular so as to generate higher returns and also make it effective.

Silver Bazel and the team of animators always achieve benchmarks by creating explainer videos that really work in the most impactful manner. Time and again the team aims to provide the most interactive methods to bring out a sales pitch in the most effective way, hence making the overall sales effort fruitful for the clients.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Video Marketing – An Effective Medium or Successful Conversions

Boasting is not the key to successful marketing. Speaking more of the company achievements and saying least about the product will not help in creating an edge even if you are using a video presentation. The product page is essential and is the core point where the video call to action will be taken into consideration. Remember, the audience is watching the video because he is interested on the product that you market and therefore looking through what your company offers will be the first priority. Make a mark with slides that highlight the product core features in the explainer video.

An explainer video is not just a video, it’s an audiovisual tool you can use to create to gain a much needed recognizable identity for your company, representing and reinforcing your brand across the web. It is just the same way as your company logo and website will do. It is the most appealing channel that will analyze the key metrics and finding answers to how videos serve as a better alternative is, therefore, the need of the hour. A recent survey reveals keeping the audience stick to the explainer video is one key aspect throughout the active session of the website.

You need to give a synopsis of your video even before it starts playing for the audience. The number of clicks on a video totally depends on audience performance and what they feel or think that will eventually make them click a video and increase its watch time. Either use promotional thumbnails through a little snapshot of the video in its thumbnail or add a page that will work well when added as a thumbnail. Both ways you are going to gain acclaim and add to the engagement factor through an appealing presentation of the company and its product portfolio.

Silver Bazel is a clear-cut approach to the development of explainer videos with a team working towards the quality presentation of company related product and services. The team consists of sketch artists, voice over writer, visualizers, 2D motion graphics artists working together to make an explainer video stand out to its fullest.