Use a Fire Safety Training Video to Prevent Industrial Accidents

Did you know that more than 200 workers died in industrial accidents last year in India?

In 2015, 2,255 persons died due to accidental fires caused by electrical short circuits – a 25% rise from the previous year and a 48% jump from 2011, data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) show.

56% of the disasters in industries are due to electrical faults.
The numbers are ever-increasing.

With the fast-paced industrial development, workplace accidents have become common in India past few years. The rising incidents have caused mental, physical & financial loss to many employees & employers. How to prevent such life-threatening industrial incidents?

Instead of focusing more on work continuation & neglecting an alerting situation at the workplace, employers must search for effective ways to prevent industrial accidents.

Do you agree to it?

This blog explains how to use a fire safety training video to prevent industrial accidents & mitigate risks in industries.

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Communicate the Importance of Safety through Videos

Do you provide accurate information to your workers about safety measures & risks at work?
Do your employees realize the seriousness of industrial accidents?

You can create awareness by creating training videos (animation, infographics, whiteboard, etc.) that show real-life industrial accidents & the destruction they caused at the workplace. You can also show the number of people who died or were injured seriously. It will encourage them to take safe practices in an industrial area. It is the first step to industrial accident prevention. Ensure that you deliver a clear message in an easy-to-understand language. You must also hold frequent meetings to identify their problems, if any.

Identify Accident-Potential Situations & Provoke The Workers To Keep The Working Area Neat & Clean.

Also, the workplace in the industries should be neat, clean & safe. No loose cables spread all over, cluttered pathways, garbage disposal, or any such untidiness should degrade the workplace. It poses a risk to workers. You can make videos that showcase how to avoid any such circumstances in the workplace that might harm anyone.

Train the Workers to Avoid Risky Behavior & Prevent Accidents

Workers may sometimes do extra hard work for reasons like impressing their coworkers, earning extra income, etc. Even sometimes, they may not recover from any illness or injury & joined the workplace in fear of their managers. Too bad! These acts should be discouraged to avoid industrial accidents.

You can make animation videos to demonstrate the best safety measures to prevent industrial accidents like fire accidents, short circuit, falls, defective machinery, toxic chemical exposure, etc. You can make videos that show:

  • How to lift heavy equipment’s?
  • Fall protection measures
  • How to use PPE kits?
  • How to avoid chemical exposure?
  • Video-based safety training will significantly reduce industrial accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Moreover, your industries will become a much safer workplace, ensuring the safety and health of the workers.

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