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The 3D Animation Process: Step-by-step guide

Silver Bazel, has you covered with premium 3D animation services in Delhi-NCR.

Are you interested in making 3D animation for your business? But lack skills and knowledge about how to do it in the right way? Don’t worry, we will explain the process of 3D animation in this blog. Keep reading.

3D production animation is not a complex process. However, you must know the correct techniques and methods to create an engaging 3D animation for your brand. There are various steps involved in 3D animation. We have compiled these processes to help you produce the best 3D animation in your genre.

What is 3D Animation?
3D animation involves using moving objects that are computer-generated and feel real. You can move the products at a 360-degree angle with 3D animation. Every industry uses 3D animation as one of its best strategies to win and impress new clients. You can make 3D videos or add 3D animation to static images to make them more visually appealing. 3D animation services can kickstart your business while earning more profits and building solid brand recognition. Are you ready for this change? Contact us today.

3D Animation Process
The 3D animation process makes the mind trust what it sees as moving. Mainly there are three stages of this animation process:

  1. Pre-Production
  2. Production
  3. Post-Production

Let’s know about each category and how it works.

The Pre-Production Phase
This stage involves planning, researching, and designing an entire project. You will see two teams working at this stage: the management team and the design team. The design team makes design concepts while the management team is responsible for making production plans like deciding the budget and other requirements. Pre-production stage if cleared properly, it would be easier for you to proceed to the next level.

Let us tell you what is included in this stage: creating the concept, writing the animation story, editing the storyboard, and creating animation that feels real. After you successfully complete each step in the pre-production stage, you can begin with the production phase.

The Production Phase
Now when the animation is created, it’s time for professionals to work on the 3D animation process in the production phase. This phase involves steps such as: 3D Modelling, 3D Layout, 3D Texturing, Rigging, 3D animation, Visual Effects (VFX), Lighting and Rendering. Professionals work on animated characters and make them complete with these techniques. It is the main stage in the 3D animation process which should be dealt with professional skills and talent. For 3D animation services, you can contact us anytime.

It is the final stage in the 3D animation process that takes care of the animation completed in the production stage. Post-production involves adding the final touch to the produced animation so that it looks fantastic. This stage includes work like Compositing, 2D VFX, Color Correction, Exporting, and Encoding. Being the final stage in the 3D animation process, you must be careful with the post-production requirements for your animation to be successful.

Ready to invest in 3D animation services? We are the number 1 video making agency specializing in 3D animation. Call us to learn more.

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Top 5 Explainer Video Companies in Delhi

Explainer videos simplify your business idea, product, or service details. Do you know that 85% of companies use explainer videos to generate more profits for business? Why are explainer videos so popular?
We tell you in this blog.
Explainer videos are easy to understand as they have well-written scripts that are simple, to-the-point, and easy to remember. If you are in a technical industry that sells tricky products or services, explainer videos should be on your priority list. As mentioned earlier, explainer videos are easy to understand because they can explain everything in simple words. They use industry-specific language to educate your target audience and get more conversions.

Video content is engaging, entertaining and captures attention quickly. Videos can influence and keep your audience engaged throughout. Hence, digital marketers suggest using videos that can turn your business growth upside down. You can highlight features of your products, encourage customers to act and inform and educate the audience. You can convey crucial details about your business with explainer videos in just a few minutes. If you are searching for an Explainer video company in Delhi, we have enlisted them here.
These top five companies have required expertise and knowledge to produce excellent explainer videos.

1.Silver Bazel
Silver Bazel is a top-rated explainer video company in India, having years of expertise in explainer video creation and related video services. Silver Bazel provides quality animation services to clients from varying industries. The experienced professionals at Silver Bazel guarantee success as the animated videos created by them are exceptional. They can simplify business concepts easily and educate customers profoundly. Every business has different goals. We understand your project requirements and create videos that are not only appealing but also persuasive. We deal in explainer videos, whiteboard animation videos, 2D/3D animation, etc.

2.The Visual House
The Visual House is another leading Explainer video company in Delhi focused on creating quality videos to engage more customers. However, the company struggled to become the best explainer video company in Delhi. The visual houses cater to even the minute details provided by the clients and make an explainer video accordingly. Their team has young, dedicated members focused on creating top explainer videos that not only engage but also entertain the viewers. Their top-notch services include website designing, logo designing, printing, social media and digital marketing, video creation, and communication management.

3.Media Designs
Media Design video companies in Delhi won many awards for their explainer videos that well-explained the importance of a product or service. They have hundreds of clients worldwide that want to enhance their brand presence. Media Designs make service-based explainer videos that communicate the uses and benefits perfectly. They offer varied services like corporate films, documentaries, product demo videos, training videos, live production, and event production.

4.Reel on Social
Reel on Social is a top explainer video production company in Delhi that creates high-quality animation videos to astonish viewers. The company is in the prime area of Delhi and creates visuals that engage audiences while leaving a positive impression on their minds. You can get services like Explainer films, ad films, animated videos, 3D presentations, CSR activities, etc., at Reel on Social.

5.Skittles Productions
Finally, Skittles Productions, which is also an Explainer video company in India, has been serving clients worldwide for ages. They make engaging videos with strong animations to reach their target audience with a powerful impact. They deal in services from creative films to testimonial videos and other video services to promote your business.

Explainer videos have become the need of the hour. Therefore, using them will make you reach your target audience while conveying every detail about your product or service. We hope this list of top 5 companies has helped you make solid decisions about selecting the right vendor for your project. So, choose your agency in Delhi right away.

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Why Are Mobile App Explainer Videos Important for Farmers in India?

Have you tried mobile app explainer videos for agriculture?

If not, you should try them right away. There are plenty of reasons to justify their worth for agriculture. We will discuss them one by one in this blog. But before that, let us tell you about mobile app explainer videos. Continue reading.

What Is A Mobile App Explainer Video?
You might have seen short videos on Google Play or the Play Store demonstrating a mobile app. Not only on app stores, but you may have seen them all over social media, websites, etc. Explainer videos are in style and can be found everywhere. You can show your agricultural app through explainer videos to engage a larger audience and educate them about the industry.

They are the best promotional strategies that encourage more app downloads. 90% of marketers are already using them to boost conversions. When will you?

Mobile app explainer videos play a crucial role in agriculture. How? They assist farmers and agricultural clients looking for advanced solutions in agriculture.
Here are some ways in which mobile app explainer videos are helping farmers in India

Simplifying Technology
Explainer videos can educate farmers by breaking down complex app concepts in agriculture. These videos use easy-to-understand language and simple explanations that can perfectly explain how to navigate the app, use its features, and benefit from its functionalities. Many farmers in India are unaware of how to use apps. Explainer video company in India videos simplify technology and provide efficient knowledge about how to operate an app.

Enhancing Access To Information
Mobile app explainer videos provide crucial information about an app that is helpful to farmers in maintaining their crops. These videos can explain the diverse features and functionalities of apps, showcasing the ease of access at your fingertips. Farmers can get up-to-date knowledge from explainer videos that will help them make uniform decisions about farming and related practices in agriculture.

Showcasing The App’s Features And Functionality
Explainer videos can perfectly showcase the benefits of downloading your app to farmers. You can add real-life scenarios to videos that interest the farmers and build their trust in your app. This way, you can improve agricultural practices and motivate more and more farmers to produce well. They can also recognize their potential in learning new techniques in agriculture.

Promoting User Engagement
Mobile app explainer videos can capture attention quickly. They are short, to-the-point and easy-to- understand. It is one of the advantages of explainer videos that mobile app development companies can use to encourage farmers to use their apps. Increasing user engagement benefits all: marketers get more sales, customers get more information, and farmers improve their way of farming, leading to higher yields. Isn’t it amazing?

Overcoming Connectivity Challenges
Many rural areas in India face connectivity issues. It is where explainer videos come into play. The mobile app explainer videos can be downloaded and distributed offline as well. Farmers can stay updated with the latest app development or updates through offline videos which need no internet connection.

Are You Interested In Making Mobile App Explainer Videos For Your Agriculture App?
You can contact Silver Bazel, a leading animation company in Delhi-NCR with years of expertise in creating mobile app explainer videos for multiple industries, including agriculture. Our explainer videos empower Indian farmers with valuable information and knowledge, leading to unstoppable profits.

Visit to learn more about us. Hover through our work section to see details of our projects for esteemed clients.

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How 2D Explainer Video Benefit App Development Companies?

Visuals impact our memory. People remember a mobile app for a long time if they can see it properly (features and functionality). It is why marketers are using videos for business promotion. Whether it’s about increasing product sales or building credibility in the market, marketers are using videos for every use.

Have you ever used 2d animation explainer video company in your marketing strategy? If not, start using them right away.

  • Why 2D Explainer Videos?
    2D Explainer videos help build brand identity. Plus, they have many benefits to offer like:
    • Boost product sales
    • Lead generation
    • Website ranking
    • Engages the audience
    • Improves ROI
    • Easy communication

    And the list goes on.

    There are unlimited benefits to using 2D app explainer videos. They can encourage more app downloads and explain its functionality to the customers.

    Investing in explainer videos for app promotion is a wise decision to reach potential prospects. By using these videos, you can influence more people to download your app and showcase what’s best for them.

    How Are 2D App Explainer Videos Created?
    These videos are created using these 4 essential steps:

    Concept Development: Video creators plan an outline to work on a video. They understand your app and plan how it should be showcased to the audience. Concept alignment is crucial to creating an impactful app explainer video.

    Script and Style Realization: In this stage, creators decide about the video script. Storytelling is a crucial technique to get more downloads of your app. How you will present the video script through animation matters a lot.

    Bringing the Concept Alive: Animators use advanced software to create engaging animations in this stage.

    Audio Stimulation: A 2D explainer video must have an apt soundtrack or voiceover to hook the audience for long.

    How Do 2D Explainer Videos Help App Development Firms?
    2D app explainer videos can bring several benefits to app development companies:

    1.Effective Communication

    You can communicate your app ideas and objectives convincingly through these videos. All the features and functions of your app can be showcased through 2D animations that can simplify complex app information. These videos help highlight the USP that brings more traffic and downloads.

    2.Increased User Engagement

    2D app explainer videos keep viewers engaged throughout the end. Visual animations are likely to increase their interest and leave an everlasting impression. This increased engagement can improve conversion rates and build a positive brand image.

    3.Improved Understanding

    Explainer videos explain everything easily. They can be easily understood while breaking communication hurdles between you and customers. You can use 2D animation videos in Google play or app store to engage more viewers. They are ideal for solving the problems of customers.

    4.Marketing And Promotion

    These videos can easily be shared on any platform including websites. You can promote your app on social media channels and create a buzz around your app’s launch date. Additionally, you can present these videos in investor pitches or meetings to effectively showcase the app’s value and potential. Best for marketing.

    2D App Explainer Videos Can Be an Asset for App Development Companies

    If you want such videos for your mobile app development company, you can call us. Silver Bazel specializes in producing high quality 2D app explainer videos that increase downloads for your app. Get in touch with us today.

    Visit for more information.

Explainer Videos

Who Is The Best Explainer Video Company For Agriculture?

Are you searching for the best explainer video company to help improve your agriculture business? If yes, then you are at the right place. We are a leading explainer video company in India. You can use our video-making skills to impress your clients.
But before that, we want to explain why Explainer video company in India are so important for agriculture:

  • Education And Training
    You can simplify your agricultural concepts to let your audience understand each piece of content with clarity. Explainer videos can educate farmers or agricultural workers about necessary topics like crop cultivation, livestock management, pest control, irrigation methods, and sustainable farming practices. Explainer videos are ideal to provide step-by-step instructions and demonstrations, enhancing the learning experience of workers and consumers as well.
  • Visual Representation
    You can provide a step-by-step demonstration of how any machinery or equipment works. Viewers can grasp the information quickly and understand different processes like planting, harvesting, or handling agricultural machinery. Visual representation can fix many complexities involved in agriculture.
  • Marketing And Promotion
    If you are struggling to sell your agricultural products, try explainer videos once. They can highlight every feature and function of your product or service to make it worth a buy. Videos can also show several farming practices through which people can make money. Compelling visuals and storytelling are two main elements of explainer videos that can generate interest in your agricultural offerings.
  • Increasing Awareness
    You can raise awareness about several agricultural challenges like environmental sustainability or food safety. Videos can educate, inform, and entertain better than any other medium.
  • Accessibility And Reach
    Videos can be played online. It is one of the advantages because everyone today has access to the internet and a smartphone. You can expand your business reach and make it accessible for individuals including the ones in remote areas, students, or even international stakeholders.
  • Time And Cost Efficiency
    Explainer videos contain to-the-point information that saves a lot of time. Experts make explainer videos using high-tech software that does not take much time. It saves time, money, and effort for both creators and viewers. If one does not understand your product, you can share videos with them multiple times.
  • Engaging And Memorable
    Explainer videos are super engaging and memorable. They use powerful storytelling and emotional appeal that creates a memorable experience for customers. If you want to spread agricultural knowledge, you must invest in Explainer video company in Delhi to do the needful.

Explainer videos for agriculture are highly impactful and award-winning. You can educate, promote, create awareness, and do a lot more with these videos.
Why Choose Us?
Our explainer videos are:

  • Super engaging
  • Compelling
  • Interactive
  • Shareable
  • Entertaining
  • And above all
  • Simple to understand

If you need creative explainer videos for agriculture, contact us. You can go through our website for more information about our video-making services. You can also check out the previous projects of esteemed clients from the agricultural industry that we have fulfilled on time.
We assure you that you won’t regret hiring us for explainer videos.

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Benefits of Using 3D Animated Explainer Videos for E-Commerce Business

Is it a challenge for you to sell products online? Are you struggling to make more sales? Don’t panic, we have the best solution for you. Read the blog to learn more.

When selling products online, you need to strategically follow crucial marketing tricks which may help overcome your worries. This is for all e-commerce business owners. It is tough to convey your brand message using images or simple text descriptions. What should you do now? How can you explain your e-commerce product and make more sales? The answer is:

Use 3D animated explainer videos for E-commerce.

3D animated explainer videos have become the first and foremost choice of many e-commerce businesses today. What do they say about 3d product Animation Company? These videos engage the audience, speed up the selling process, and develop trust in online shoppers.

Truth unfolds!

Why Do 3D Animated Explainer Videos Work?

The demand for 3D animated explainer videos is high. Here are some reasons why:

  • Visitors on an e-commerce website stay 2 minutes longer
  • Customers are likely to make a purchase after watching a 3D product video
  • More than 50% of online shoppers prefer to watch 3D product videos over reading text
  • 60% of online shoppers claimed that they felt confident with the purchase after watching a 3D product video

See, this is the impact of 3D animated explainer videos for e-commerce. Wondering why are they so crucial for e-commerce business?

There are two types of audiences when it comes to acknowledging an online product – one would go with verbal learning, while others prefer to watch 3D videos to get a 360-degree idea of their product. 3D Explainer video company in India can fulfill both demands. You can watch a video and connect with the message demonstrated in script form. Explainer videos can play well emotionally and engage more target audiences.

Therefore, if you want to use an audio or visual method to communicate your brand story online, call Silver Bazel and boost your e-commerce business.

Benefits of E-Commerce 3D Animation Videos

3D animated explainer videos offer long-term benefits like:

  • Increases Conversion Rates

    3D videos attract more audiences because they give a real feel to the product. Customers can see a product from different angles and identify whether it’s worth a buy. 3D videos are highly beneficial to e-commerce businesses wherein they want to showcase their products online for a seamless customer experience. If you run an online store, you should use 3D animation explainer videos to convey your message. Landing pages with 3D animated videos bring 85% more conversions.

  • So, what are you waiting for?

    Call Silver Bazel and get super engaging 3D videos on a budget.

  • Increases Your Visibility

    Does your online store lack visibility? Do not worry. We have got you covered. Short engaging videos can boost engagement and increase your brand’s visibility. Adding informative, short, and to-the-point content can increase conversions and help rank your business in search engines. It is the power of 3D product videos. You should remember that videos have the power to go viral in seconds. Look no further. Call us.

  • Boosts Engagement

    If you are struggling to get more conversions, you must try 3d product animation videos. They entertain, educate, and deliver your brand message effectively. The perfect strategy to add to your sales funnel!

  • Final Thought

    If you have an e-commerce business, especially an online store, you should add 3D videos on the landing page of your website. 3D videos are ideal if you sell products like electronics, furniture, etc. Make eye-catching 3D videos to increase your chances of success.

    Thank you for reading this blog.

    Visit to learn more.

Explainer Videos

Use Explainer Videos For Getting the Maximum ROI

Are you planning to start your business?

We know how challenging it is to keep a business working efficiently, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

But here comes the explainer videos to the rescue!

As a business, you must expand your business reach to get more clients. How will you do it? What is the quickest way to grow your business, especially during COVID-19? The answer is by using explainer videos. Explainer videos or animation videos showcase your brand value, the business motive, and the features of the products/services you provide. These videos connect you with your target audience & generate more ROI. 75% of businesses are already using explainer videos today. Then, why wait?

Use them to get maximum ROI.

Animation videos are enjoyable, attractive, and informative. They are the perfect marketing tool because they explain everything in a humoristic way. 90% of online traffic visits your website after watching an explainer video. It is their power. Not only this, but they also help gain more ROI. It serves as a toolkit for your salesperson where they must visit the client with a video. Showing an explainer video to your client proves to bear many positive results. Well, clients get impressed quickly.

It converts the lead into a potential client and maximizes your ROI.

How Can Explainer Videos Help Your Business Generate More ROI?

Explainer videos are unique. With the help of 2D/3D animation, you can explain your business story creatively and attract more traffic. Besides, they highlight every feature of your product or service and show it from different angles. Here are some ways how explainer videos can help you earn maximum return on investment:

  • They Demonstrate How Your Company Works Best For Customers
  • Since you are a brand, you must convey your business story to the audience in a crystal-clear manner. Isn’t it? Create an emotional connection with your target customers as it will help you grow more in the market. You must be able to demonstrate how your company works best for customers. Explainer videos can do it all. From attracting online traffic to highlighting your USPs, explainer videos can do anything. You need to trust their process.

  • Explains How Your Product Or Service Can Benefit The Buyers Better Than Others
  • Why should customers invest in your products? What is so unique about your business? You will grow more if you can meet your customer demands and show them why you are different from the others. Explainer videos are ideal for showcasing your product’s functionality, features, and benefits in a detailed manner. They explain a product in an easy-to-understand language. Plus, the use of animations makes them attractive and loved by all.

  • Explains Why Your Company Is Trustworthy
  • Explainer videos also build credibility. You need to establish your presence in the market. Such videos help expand your business reach while making you well-known all over the world. When you show explainer videos to your clients, they appreciate them in every way. Your customers love watching explainer videos as they educate them through creative animations that look stunning. Let the world know about your brand via its explainer videos.

  • Animated Videos Are Shareable
  • You can share explainer videos almost on every social media platform. Your customers can even view them on their mobile phones, laptop, tablets, etc. It is their plus point. You can make short explainer videos highlighting your company’s USP and other relevant details and share them on your social media channels.

    85% of online traffic remains active on their social media channels all the time. It is the best way to engage with your target customers and show what you got.

  • They Cut Down Many Unnecessary Costs And Generate More ROI
  • We understand that you must be thinking of cutting down the extra costs involved in your business marketing. However, if you use explainer videos, you can eliminate other unnecessary costs. Explainer videos are cost-effective entirely. Their production is cheap. Plus, you don’t need to invest in other marketing sources. They are best for your business marketing. Create explainer videos and make more customers & ROI while growing your business.

    Are You Searching For An Explainer Video Company To Help Generate Maximum ROI? Have No Idea Whom To Connect With?

    Silver Bazel is an explainer video company, passionate about creating stunning, compelling, engaging animated explainer videos that capture the heart, mind, and attention. Our professional video makers use the latest technologies and tools to ensure you get classic explainer videos that will grow your brand instantly and crush the competition. We have helped many industries grow. We create highly engaging explainer videos for startups as well that show instant results.
    Wishing you all the luck.

    Digital Marketing Explainer Videos

    Can Explainer Videos Boost SEO?

    Obviously! No doubt about it.

    Do you want more customers to connect with your business? If yes, use explainer videos.

    Videos, especially explainer videos can help you with SEO. Nowadays, many brands use explainer videos to strengthen their relationship with existing customers & boost SEO. Why videos? Because explainer videos boost SEO. They are engaging, appealing & informative.

    According to some studies, 80% of people prefer to watch explainer videos to get information about a brand. Some surveys revealed that 90% of marketers believe that explainer videos have increased their business popularity in the market along with the search engine ranking. So, if your explainer video ranks in the SERPs, your customers watch and pay attention to them.

    Explainer videos can explain a product/service better. They increase brand awareness. Your customers purchase a product/service after watching an explainer video.

    4 ways they can help you rank on top:

  • Videos Can Rank in Search Engines Quickly
  • Whichever web browser you use, it will take seconds to rank a video content on its first page. Search engines prefer to rank videos or video sites that generate more traffic & interest amongst the audience. Hence, use explainer videos to attract web traffic.

  • Higher Customer Retention
  • 90% of people prefer to watch short videos, usually around 60-90 seconds. Explainer videos are to-the-point videos that hold the audience’s attention for a long. Thus, they are favored more by search engines. The more you attract traffic, the more it is favorable to your business. Explainer videos boost SEO quickly.

  • Increased Website Traffic
  • With the help of an explainer video, you can increase the amount of traffic on your website. Regardless of your business size, you can use explainer videos to gain brand popularity and earn huge profits. You can connect with Silver Bazel, a professional video production company that offers a variety of digital marketing services like 2D/3D animated video, web development, SEO, content writing, etc. and more to create an impact on your target audience.

  • Increased Click-Through-Rates
  • Explainer videos get maximum clicks as more people want to watch shorter videos. If any video has a stunning thumbnail, an attractive meta title, and a meta description, users will click on it. If the click-through rate is high, search engines will promote your site. Use explainer videos for business today.

    Publish your explainer videos in front of the right audience. You can reach a maximum number of customers with organic social media, business websites, emails, and more with an explainer video. Explainer videos boost SEO & remain in demand lifelong.

    Contact explainer video company To Create the Most Engaging & Creative Explainer Videos For Business

    Such videos are the first choice of many marketers who believe that they make a business successful. You can gain many new customers by doing proper SEO. Through social media, you can expand your business network and spread your business story worldwide. Try to understand your audience’s buying preferences and what they want from you.

    Publish a perfect explainer video that looks amazing, engaging, and entertaining. They are a great way to interact with your existing customers and offer them what they want. They are informative and give complete knowledge of a product. If you need to make explainer videos for your business, you can contact us anytime and get help from experts. We specialize in creating explainer videos for businesses. Call us and send your project requirements to

    Explainer Videos

    7 Mistakes you must avoid when creating an Explainer Video

    Explainer videos are at boom nowadays. More than 85% of marketers trust videos for promoting their product/service. Million of active users online prefer to watch an explainer videos to understand a product. Marketing through explainer videos dominates other types of marketing media. It is a known fact that videos make communication with customers easier. They are perfect for conveying an accurate brand message to your customers. Also, they are shareable, which makes them demanded by all.

    If you have planned to start making an explainer video, we would like to tell you some common mistakes that you should avoid while making it.

    7 mistakes you must avoid when creating an explainer video are:

    1. Targeting the Wrong Audience

    The first and foremost thing, avoid targeting the wrong audience as it can lead to losing potential customers. While you create an explainer video, make sure to understand your audience. What is your product? What problems are your customers facing? What type of content does your explainer video have? As a marketer, you should be well-aware of the power of an explainer video. So, study your audience well and make an explain video accordingly.

    2. Not Focusing on Script

    It is the second mistake that 50% of the companies do to make the video within a short period. Not focusing on writing script results in bad video content. It affects your business growth. A well-written script engages the audience for a longer duration and boosts product sales. You must know about your product and how to sell it through a well-written script. Tell your business story to the world via an interesting story telling.

    3. Using More than Enough Animations

    Using too much animation in explainer videos is also a mistake that most companies do to make the video look more creative. You are selling your product/service. Adding animation above the specified limit inside the video is not good. Prefer to use the animation as per the storyline of the video.

    4. Making a Long Explainer Video

    Do you know that audience prefers to watch a short explainer video? What is the accurate duration of an explainer video? What do you think? The right duration of an explainer video is between 60 seconds to 90 seconds. 40% of the companies don’t know about it. An explainer video must be short, to the point, and engaging. If you must show the demo of your product in detail, you can go up to 5 minutes. Tutorials and training videos are also usually long.

    5. Forgetting Product Features

    You should never make this mistake. Highlighting product features is essential if you want your audience to see your video. Your videos should be interesting and contain USPs to rank on searches. Show the product benefits, features, and other relevant details that your customers should know. Your customers will initiate a purchase if they understand your product. Also, add a call to action inside your video. It will increase your conversions and boost revenue.

    6. Using a Poor-Quality Voice Over

    Using a poor-quality voice-over can lose customers. The audience can lose interest in watching an explainer video if the voice irritates them. Therefore, using a professional voice-over can help hold their eyes and ears for long. The voice used in the explainer video should match the brand. Also, it should go with the flow of the script. You can hire professional voiceover artists from Silver Bazel, a leading explainer video production company in Delhi-NCR.

    7. Not Delivering Value on Your Explainer Video

    When you must promote your brand, you must understand the importance of providing value. Make a strong sales pitch via delivering value. Make a strategy for selling your valuable products through explainer videos. If you want to do a long-term business, try delivering value through your explainer video content. Give a lot of unique value that you can provide through your explainer video.

    These are some explainer video mistakes that you must avoid while producing an explainer video. A brilliant explainer video can grow your business quickly. Hence, focus on creating engaging content that delivers value and is applauded by all.

    Explainer Videos

    4 Types of Explainer Video to Promote your Product

    Videos grab attention quickly. It is a known fact now. According to experts, video content brings more conversions than any other text form. Explainer videos, on the other hand, are magical. We will tell you the four most popular types of explainer videos that influence and engage customers worldwide.

    What are Explainer Videos?

    Explainer videos are short, animated videos that demonstrate a brand uniquely. Used for marketing purposes, these online videos represent a company entirely & help promote it. You can place explainer videos on a landing page, product page, social media platforms, etc. 85% of marketers use explainer videos in their marketing campaigns to get new clients, promote their products and grow their business. They are popular today.

    Explainer videos are easy to produce. One can create them from the comfort of home with the help of free online animation software. However, if you lack experience & want a fantastic explainer video without training, you can connect with Silver Bazel, a verified and credible explainer video company operating in Delhi-NCR. Our explainer video company has top-notch professionals who create a quality animation video with an appropriate voice-over to engage your target audience.

    What is the most helpful thing about explainer videos? Even less-budget businesses can afford to produce an explainer video.

    Types of Explainer Videos

    The four popular explainer videos to promote your product are:

    1. 2D/3D Character Animation

    Any business organization can create 2D character animation explainer videos. It is the best part of character animation videos. It neither takes too much money, time, or effort to produce it. These kinds of explainer videos are affordable and easy to make. In 2D/3D character animation explainer videos, we place 2D/3D styles and objects that make it look attractive and persuade people to watch them till the end. You can represent your product through different angles for a better understanding. They stand perfect in communicating your business USPs to the audience.

    2. Live-Action Explainer Video

    Live-action explainer videos are easy to create, cost-effective, and livelier. They involve recording real people performing some tasks and explaining about the brand. Such explainer videos help build a good connection with your audience. They can understand every process told in the video through a human. It adds to business credibility and makes the video exciting. These explainer videos are used by approximately 55% of businesses today.

    3. Whiteboard Animation Video

    A whiteboard animation video explains about a company using sequential images on the whiteboard. It uses hand-drawn designs to tell your business concept. When your audience watches a whiteboard explainer video, they feel satisfied. Such explainer videos are in demand today due to their easy operation and low costs. They are one of the cheapest types of explainer videos to create.

    4. 2D Infographics Animation

    2D infographics animation explainer videos use visual effects, also called motion graphics, to present a product with different 2D angles. Make a 2D infographics animation video to promote a product/service requiring a detailed explanation. 2D motion graphics video make your explainer video look dynamic and colorful. These videos demonstrate a product/service in a crisp and crystal-clear manner. Invest in creating 2D infographics animation videos and earn more profits in your business today.

    Call Silver Bazel to Promote your Products through Animated Explainer Videos

    Even small business organizations can use these types of explainer videos. There are many more, but these work perfectly for small companies. We have created fantastic explainer videos for renowned clients like UltraTech cement, ERD, Toshiba, Xieco, BNI, Public Health Foundation of India, CarXpert, Cambridge university press, etc. They were delighted to work with us and recommended us to many. We are one of the leading animation video companies, valued by clients and demanded by all.

    Do consider our blog before planning to invest in video marketing. We hope you have chosen the type of explainer videos that you will create for your next marketing campaign. Which explainer video will you use to promote your product?