7 Mistakes you must avoid when creating an Explainer Video

Explainer videos are at boom nowadays. More than 85% of marketers trust videos for promoting their product/service. Million of active users online prefer to watch an explainer videos to understand a product. Marketing through explainer videos dominates other types of marketing media. It is a known fact that videos make communication with customers easier. They are perfect for conveying an accurate brand message to your customers. Also, they are shareable, which makes them demanded by all.

If you have planned to start making an explainer video, we would like to tell you some common mistakes that you should avoid while making it.

7 mistakes you must avoid when creating an explainer video are:

1. Targeting the Wrong Audience

The first and foremost thing, avoid targeting the wrong audience as it can lead to losing potential customers. While you create an explainer video, make sure to understand your audience. What is your product? What problems are your customers facing? What type of content does your explainer video have? As a marketer, you should be well-aware of the power of an explainer video. So, study your audience well and make an explain video accordingly.

2. Not Focusing on Script

It is the second mistake that 50% of the companies do to make the video within a short period. Not focusing on writing script results in bad video content. It affects your business growth. A well-written script engages the audience for a longer duration and boosts product sales. You must know about your product and how to sell it through a well-written script. Tell your business story to the world via an interesting story telling.

3. Using More than Enough Animations

Using too much animation in explainer videos is also a mistake that most companies do to make the video look more creative. You are selling your product/service. Adding animation above the specified limit inside the video is not good. Prefer to use the animation as per the storyline of the video.

4. Making a Long Explainer Video

Do you know that audience prefers to watch a short explainer video? What is the accurate duration of an explainer video? What do you think? The right duration of an explainer video is between 60 seconds to 90 seconds. 40% of the companies don’t know about it. An explainer video must be short, to the point, and engaging. If you must show the demo of your product in detail, you can go up to 5 minutes. Tutorials and training videos are also usually long.

5. Forgetting Product Features

You should never make this mistake. Highlighting product features is essential if you want your audience to see your video. Your videos should be interesting and contain USPs to rank on searches. Show the product benefits, features, and other relevant details that your customers should know. Your customers will initiate a purchase if they understand your product. Also, add a call to action inside your video. It will increase your conversions and boost revenue.

6. Using a Poor-Quality Voice Over

Using a poor-quality voice-over can lose customers. The audience can lose interest in watching an explainer video if the voice irritates them. Therefore, using a professional voice-over can help hold their eyes and ears for long. The voice used in the explainer video should match the brand. Also, it should go with the flow of the script. You can hire professional voiceover artists from Silver Bazel, a leading explainer video production company in Delhi-NCR.

7. Not Delivering Value on Your Explainer Video

When you must promote your brand, you must understand the importance of providing value. Make a strong sales pitch via delivering value. Make a strategy for selling your valuable products through explainer videos. If you want to do a long-term business, try delivering value through your explainer video content. Give a lot of unique value that you can provide through your explainer video.

These are some explainer video mistakes that you must avoid while producing an explainer video. A brilliant explainer video can grow your business quickly. Hence, focus on creating engaging content that delivers value and is applauded by all.