7 Steps to Create 3D Product Animation for Marketing

This blog will explain the nine crucial steps to creating 3D product animation, which is currently shaping the digital world. Many companies have shifted to 3D animation for its immense benefits and uses digitally. Whether you run an HVAC business or deal in electronics, 3D product animation can provide creative freedom to everyone. You can show your product in 3D which engages and entertains the audience, leading to more sales. It saves time, effort, and unnecessary costs. So, why would you not like to use it in marketing? Animation can bring life to boring visuals that people would not like to look at.

Photo-realistic 3D models of a product can do wonders for your business.

Let’s learn about the 7 essential steps in making an animation video for your company:
Follow these steps and bring the best you can for your workers:

  1. Creating An Animation Concept
    Even a simple video will need a concept before being played on a medium. First, you must design a concept for your animation video. It should clearly tell the aim of your product marketing and capture the buyer’s eye. Your video concept should consist of a clear-cut idea of what your video is about and wishes to go to the next stage. Collect all the information required and create a concept that impacts the viewers.
  2. Creating A Design Brief
    Provide information to the animator and brief them accordingly. It will help them to design a brief about the video and the product to be shown. If your marketing campaign is well-focused, creating a brief storyline will do it. This step is vital for animators who are going to make an animation video detailing the viewers about the product. Once you gather all the details, you can give them to them to create an animation video.
  3. Scripting
    Once you are clear with an idea, the next step you must follow is scripting. How to present an animation and what you can include in a video needs to be written down in a well-crafted script. A storyboard will help you put every detail in sequence and work on it. When you make a script, you can add visual elements to it to make it more appealing and worth watching. Moreover, you can identify the mistakes which will keep you in the process during preproduction. After scripting, you can move to the actual production stage.
  4. Creating The Lead Model
    Animators will create the lead model after scripting to see what it would look like at the start. It will give information on the model like size, dimensions, and more to create a real product model. This partially created model will be matched with the colors and texture for the client’s approval. If they have changes, they can suggest, and the animator can make it worthy.
  5. Creating A 3D Scene
    Once the model is designed, the next step is to create a background setting. How you show it and the primary models depends on the animator who will connect the knots together. The product model should be matching with the script and the background for viewers to connect. You must spellbind your viewers by creating a stunning 3D scene that amazes them.
  6. The Final Animation
    The time has come now: for product movement. Set the lights and create a motion to help people see products from different angles. 3D animation brings life to the products and makes the models stand out. Make a real difference by animating your product design and help people see it from a 360-degree angle. Animators can do it very well.
  7. Post-production
    What is there in post-production? Post-production can push your animation to the next stage, wherein you can use sound effects, music, transitions, and other elements to help the audience understand the 3D animation. 3D product animation will be successful if you use it in the right way, with the right audience and at the right time. Don’t waste your efforts and switch to 3D product animation.

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