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5 Ways to Optimize Your Marketing Video For Social Media

Video marketing is an engaging way to connect with your target audience and build stronger relationships to enable your business prospects more efficiently. With the help of graphics, animation, storytelling videos, you can create an impactful video marketing strategy for your business that will generate more leads and more sales later. Videos are the easiest ways to promote your business online.

Everybody loves watching a video on social media and, this the only option where you can advertise your products and services to gain an audience reach. Here are five ways to optimize your marketing video for social media:

1 – Identify Your Target Audience

An effective video marketing involves getting to know your target audience so that you can make videos according to their interest and demands. Your videos should help them in every way. Identify your target audience first and then work according to their content preferences or requirements. Research and understand your client’s needs and produce a video speaking their language.

2 –Remarket Your Videos

Share your videos as much as possible. Advertise or remarket them again and again on various social media platforms where they can remain Infront of your audience so that they may remember it forever. Remarketing your videos will help your business grow instantly.

3 – Storytelling with The Video

Connect your audience with the help of storytelling videos that motivate or inspire them to buy your products and services. Stories are the perfect way to tell people what’s happening in and around their life. Incorporating effective storytelling methods in your video marketing can help the customers know your brand.

4 – Share Customer Reviews Through Your Videos

Having reviews about your company on a video is an influencing factor that will drive more traffic to your website. Ask your audience to write testimonials for your company that is social proof of your company’s powerful existence in the market. You can collect likes, votes, or comments on your video and share the same on various social media platforms to connect with influencers worldwide.

5 – Call-To-Action

A call-to-action video demands immediate action from the customers on your video that they enjoyed watching. Such videos help gain views and promote customer engagement. You can place a call-to-action at the end of your video to get their feedback on the same. You can do the following:

  • Ask a question in the comments section
  • Link your video to another piece of content
  • Put related videos
  • Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter at the end of your video
  • Ask them to connect with your company’s other social media profiles

A planned video marketing strategy can help share the information that is valuable for your clients.

Video Marketing

What are the benefits of video for Your Website SEO?

SEO is the foundation of your online marketing business. Videos can help increase your website ranking that can impact your sales. Search engine optimization is a way to boost your business ranking on Google. An SEO video content will attract your target audience and create engagement, ultimately promoting your business website’s ranking on search engine results. Visual content interests’ people who are consuming it more than text. Just like you create SEO friendly content for your website to rank, the same is the case with video production. Make it SEO-friendly too.

Benefits of videos for SEO:

1 – Customers Can Stay Confident with Their Purchasing Decisions

Customers would like to watch videos talking about more of your products and services rather than reading a text. As videos are engaging, your target audience can get an idea of why buying products and services from your company will be beneficial to them. Therefore, with the help of a video marketing strategy, you can increase your website SEO.

2 – Videos Engage the Audience

Videos connect better with your customers. A well-planned SEO video marketing strategy can increase the number of viewers on the video and therefore divert traffic to your business website. As soon as you get the traffic, your website will rank higher.

3 – People Want to View Those Web Pages Containing Videos

As videos are interesting, more and more of your target audience will want to visit those websites which have compelling video content or that uses humour videos to promote its services. This way, you can grab attention resulting in better search engine results.

4 – Builds Your Online Reputation

A video on your website will keep your visitors busy for a longer duration. This way, you can generate more website traffic and build their interest and trust in your business. To see the long-term results of your online presence, you need to establish strong relations with your customers. Build an SEO optimized visual content.

People find videos very informative on a personal level. A high-quality video will drive more traffic to your website that Google will further use to acknowledge where your business stands in search engine listings. If you have a website, you should focus more on video making because your customers can watch and understand your business operations effectively. Besides, they will trust you with what they are seeing and getting to know. Don’t let your company suffer!


Video Marketing

21 Video Marketing Stats You Need to Know For 2021

2021 is almost here and, video marketing has proved to generate more leads and revenue in the B2B landscape. People would rather watch a video than read about any company, product, or service. Videos can influence a large number of people who are searching for easy methods to learn about something new that may be a product, service, or your company. A video marketing company works according to a well-planned video making strategy that will gain more customers while promoting their business online. Have a look at 21 video marketing stats that you should be aware of for 2021:

Video Marketing Stats for 2021

1 – Approx. 88% of marketers prefer to use video marketing for increasing brand awareness

2 – 54% of professional marketers believe that video marketing generates better ROI than any other form of advertising

3 – 73% of marketers create at least two videos in a month for social media marketing

4 – There are 1 billion YouTube users worldwide

5 – 84% of people on Twitter watch videos

6 – People remain three times more active on pages with video

7 – By 2021, every business person will be using video to market their products and services and, internet traffic will increase.

8 – Saudi Arabia has 98% of people watching online video content while the US holds 85% of internet users

9 – 87% of people want to watch videos from their favourite brands

10 – 25-34 is the age group of people who view more online videos

11- 73% of customers want to know about a product or service with the help of a video

12 – 95% of customers believe that videos are more helpful in understanding any product or service

13 – 62% of marketers believe that homepage explainer videos are effective

14 – A website will rank higher in search engine results if it contains more video content

15 – 85% of customers purchased a product after watching a video

16 – Website landing page having a video can increase the conversion rate by 80%

17 – Videos attract 300% more online traffic as compared to another marketing strategy

18 – 95% of customers believe that a video should be 1 minute long only

19 – 85% of people watch Facebook videos without sound

20 – Everybody likes to watch a short one-minute video. Only 5% of people watch two-minute-long videos.

21 – An average social media user spends 88% more time on a website having creative videos

Video Marketing

Should I go for a 3D Video Service or a 2D Video Service?

Nowadays, 2D and 3D animation videos have turned out to be the best forms of marketing as these videos can engage your targeted audience and pushing your marketing campaign ahead. Whether it is a 2D or 3D animation, every form of video marketing helps in enhancing your business sales and provide you better conversion rates. With the increasing importance of video marketing, everyone is hell-bent on leveraging it. But, most of the people are confused over choosing the right animation form for their business.

Before we decide on the best forms of video animation between 2D and 3D, let’s just see what 2D and 3D animation means.

2D Animation

This form of animation is largely used in the creation of cartoons, advertisements, games, educational materials, animated movies, and so on.

Owing to the increasing importance of video content, this animation form is much popular among the businesses today as 2D animation videos are said to rise the conversion rates by 20% which is a good thing for the growth of your business. Many companies hire a team of animation experts for creating these videos, while others seek their services online.

Following are the pros and cons of 2D animation video:

Pros: –

  • Lower costs
  • 2D animation Software is lighter than 3D animation Software
  • Story oriented

Cons: –

  • Less in Demand
  • Less Dynamic
  • Time Consuming


3D animation

3D animation form is a process which comprises of three-dimensional (3D) moving images. A proper manipulation of 3D objects or models are done to provide an illusion of movement or animation. 3D animation process is categorized into 3 important sections-modelling layout, animation & rendering. Modelling is a process of generating 3D images in a scene while the phase of layout and animation include positioning and animation of objects in a scene. The final process is the rendering process which is the final output of the animations done. Today, you can find a large number of software in the market that can help you in creating 3D animations.

Following are the pros and cons of 3D animation: –

Pros: –

  • Real Camera movements
  • More Realistic
  • Models can be reused
  • More Possibilities
  • Much popular than 2D

Cons: –

  • More complicated
  • Long lead times
  • Limited Imagination

Which Animation form would be the best for you?

Well, it all depends on your requirement. Before coming on a decision, just think what message you need to convey through your video marketing campaign. Go through the above-stated pros and cons of 3D and 2D video service as that will help you choose the right video service for you. If you are looking for highly effective and realistic video, then 3D would be the best for you. But If you like to show something in a story form with funny animations or want an instruction video, then 2D animation will be much-suited for your purpose. In addition to identify your requirement, you can also discuss with your expert team before choosing any animation form between 2D and 3D.


2D and 3D animation have indeed changed the face of marketing campaigns across the world. Their popularity will continue to be on rise in the future owing to their benefits. Both the animation forms have lots of potential but what would be good for you will depend on your nature of work, requirement and your business objectives. Choosing a 2D or 3D video service will be much easier for you if you take into account the above points as you will be able to differentiate between the two forms properly after going through these points and pick the one that suits you the most.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Ideally Suited for your Business

A recent survey reveals some amazing facts on how video marketing leverage business promotion and make a company popular. The publishing world whether it relates to print media, social media or company website, keeping the audience stick to the video is one key aspect throughout the active session of the website. There are some techniques that do wonders to the key metrics of the video available after it shared to the World Wide Web.

90% of marketers are using video in their campaigns and a promotional explainer video is a name behind the many increased conversion rates exceeding up to 80% when compared to the earlier stats. Any business endeavor can get worldwide acclaim through promotional videos by putting into use the right promotional strategies used in accurate zones. 90% of marketers are using video in their campaigns and a promotional explainer video is a name behind the many increased conversion rates exceeding up to 80% when compared to the earlier stats.

Either use promotional thumbnails that say much about the video through a little snapshot of the video in its thumbnail or at least a page that will work well when added as a thumbnail. The preview image can be the first frame of the video or the frame where the company is introduced to the audience. Sometimes the preview image can also show short snippets of the entire video to give an idea on what the video is about.

The product page is essential and is the core point where the video call to action will be taken into consideration. It is a product that the user is keen to buy and is, therefore, referring to the video at the first place. A common marketing trend is to generate interest and a product is introduced best by highlighting not the basic but the essential attributes of the same.

Silver Bazel has a clear-cut approach when it comes to the creation of explainer video with all aspects taken care off in the best possible manner. Need an explainer video? Contact Us.

Video Marketing

How to Better Conversion Rates

According to Shayla Price, a B2C Content Marketer, “Adding explainer video to marketing campaigns builds an emotional connection with your customers, which can lead to brand awareness and sales.” Corporate explainer videos give exposure to your business and play a pivotal role in generating more ROI. Such videos are the best marketing trends and moreover will better your conversion rates. 80% people remember what they see and visual experience is the most trusted means of communication. Business marketing videos are backed by compelling storytelling and then bringing the product into the light with the use of well thought off animated graphics, visuals and thought to provoke promotional voice over.

A well written and easy to understand the script of a business explainer video is the crux of what is being explained and how well it catches attention. A sales pitch is almost incomplete without a voice given to it. When we come to explainer videos, scripts are the foundation on which the sales pitch rests and relays what is being told about the product. Such sales materials are full of catchy content backed by amazing facts or a storyline with product description as the main content. It is the voice over that counts and you can get it recorded by a voice-over artist and integrate into the explainer video.

Explainer videos create the benchmark that is needed for your sales pitch to do serious business for you. Try and implement a short video to the home page of your website and let it do all the talking. Silver Bazel offers solutions that will best promote your business through explainer videos. This explainer video company comprises of a very talented team of scriptwriters, 2D sketch artists and 3D animators who will make your sales pitch appealing and the most viewable piece of information available.

Video Marketing

Explainer Video Marketing- Some Steps to Create Recognizable Gains

We have experts talking about best explainer videos and agreeing to the fact that Explainer videos grab much of the attention if the sales pitch explains the essentials of the company product and its services. The basic aspect that we can relate to is the ‘Power to Explain’. How to explain? Explanation can be in long paragraphs that describe your company and the service it caters to but this is something websites no longer have and neither are they interested. Webmasters need something which is visually attractive, interesting and well explained in the most thoughtful manner.

The next few lines explain in detail on how explainer videos looks into the customers point of view before taking the first step towards video creation. Facts reveal that explainer videos takes into account the problems faced by the customer who will actually be enjoying the benefit of the product and how it can be the possible solutions to all their worries. Video marketing help in emphasizing the sales pitch and actually relate to the customer’s problem. In this way explainer videos in Delhi NCR serve as the best B2C solution that promoted your company services to the right channel.

There has to be something relevant in the form of a storyline and also the voice over that interacts with the audience and helps them make decisions. Scripts are the foundation and it should have elements that clearly explain the company’s effort and motive behind introducing their value added product and how the audience will benefit out of it. It is the crux of an explainer video without which animated explainer video creation becomes a simple waste of time. Incorporate a voice over script and add much needed edge to your video.

Video Marketing

Explainer Video Marketing –More Effective than Print Media

It is a mere cliché to put it this way but printed materials leave little impact on the audience. An explainer video is not just a video, it’s an audiovisual tool you can use to create to gain a much needed recognizable identity for your company, representing and reinforcing your brand across the web. It is just the same way as your company logo and website will do. It is the most appealing channel that will analyze the key metrics and finding answers to how videos serve as a better alternative is, therefore, the need of the hour. A recent survey reveals keeping the audience stick to the explainer video is one key aspect throughout the active session of the website.

You need to give a synopsis of your video even before it starts playing for the audience. The number of clicks on a video totally depends on audience performance and what they feel or think that will eventually make them click a video and increase its watch time. Either use promotional thumbnails through a little snapshot of the video in its thumbnail or add a page that will work well when added as a thumbnail. Both ways you are going to gain acclaim and add to the engagement factor through an appealing presentation of the company and its product portfolio.

Boasting is not the key to successful marketing. Speaking more of the company achievements and saying least about the product will not help in creating an edge even if you are using a video presentation. The product page is essential and is the core point where the video call to action will be taken into consideration. Remember, the audience is watching the video because he is interested in the product that you market and therefore looking through what your company offers will be the first priority. Make slides that highlight the product core features in the explainer video.

Silver Bazel is a clear-cut approach to the development of explainer videos with a team working towards the quality presentation of company related product and services. The team consists of sketch artists, voice over writer, visualizers, 2D motion graphics artists working together to make an explainer video stand out to its fullest.

Video Marketing

Customer Driven Strategies for Video Marketing

Silver Bazel pays heed to the essentials of video marketing. The make videos along with interactive animation used at the right places along with catchy and ‘to the point’ textsDoes your video communicate with customers? Your video should do the talking for you to your potential audience at large. You should be ruminating on the fact that your video creation should be in verbal terms with your audience. Your audience will not directly communicate but the video that they are watching should communicate with the mind that is asking questions and the corporate video production should be able to answer their queries.

As per YouTube records, 2019 will witness 80% increase in global consumer internet video. Mobile video increases by 100% every year. Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to the site. Within one year online video has literally exploded during the last 5 years.

This clearly means that any marketing strategy which is bereft of video content marketing is devoid of one of the most powerful ways to market your product or service. Video marketing has the potential and inherent ability to capture and hold a consumer’s attention. The impact of video marketing is longer than the visit time in the website of people reading a text or viewing image.

You can stay laid back which will make a difference and works. We are referring to the real groovy versions with casual-tone script and laid-back voice-over make for a light video that’s still compelling to watch. This means that the voice over which is not superseding the company product features and other traits that make a company distinct from others in the competition.

Silver Bazel pays heed to the essentials of video marketing. The make videos along with interactive animation used at the right places along with catchy and ‘to the point’ texts. Silver Bazel has a team that makes it a point, that all important elements are added. The explainer video in Delhi NCR will have a voice over with concise and effective content and the animations that give life to the characters relevant to the video storyline.

Video Marketing

Not Just A Marketing Campaign- Think Beyond it with Explainer Videos

By 2017, 69% of all online traffic will consist of video content and that percentage includes the video-on-demand explainer format, which will have almost tripled during that time period. A video is not only the primary means many people use for entertainment, but it is also where consumers turn to most often when researching products. Businesses of all sizes should be using corporate explainer videos right now, and many already see it as it is: the future of online content marketing.

Those Small Clips can do Wonders

Use Explainer video clippings that will say more in less time. Such videos have a unique combination of heavy graphics, texts and short videos to innumerate company features and give insight on the internal working of the company. Clippings of your business explainer videos can be used to showcase an event and can be created during early stages of a product release.

Opinions Matter

Experts are of the opinion that one should analyze the key metrics. Video marketing leverages business promotion and makes a company popular. There were around 600 marketers agreeing to the fact that around 90% marketers are using video in their campaigns and a promotional explainer video has a positive impact on their business and increase their conversion rates to 80% than what it was earlier.

The Core

The product page is essential and is the core point where the video call to action will be taken into consideration. It is the product that the user is keen to buy and is, therefore, referring to the video in the first place. A common marketing trend is to generate interest and a product is introduced best by highlighting not the basic but the essential attributes of the same.

Now when you know about the key essentials of marketing your business, it is barely a matter of fact that you start working on it and go ahead creating an explainer video with Silver Bazel. This one company has its team of expertise moving right where your target audience through amazing marketing explainer videos giving your marketing effort the depth it needs in bringing out our business product and highlighting it in the best manner.