21 Video Marketing Stats You Need to Know For 2021

2021 is almost here and, video marketing has proved to generate more leads and revenue in the B2B landscape. People would rather watch a video than read about any company, product, or service. Videos can influence a large number of people who are searching for easy methods to learn about something new that may be a product, service, or your company. A video marketing company works according to a well-planned video making strategy that will gain more customers while promoting their business online. Have a look at 21 video marketing stats that you should be aware of for 2021:

Video Marketing Stats for 2021

1 – Approx. 88% of marketers prefer to use video marketing for increasing brand awareness

2 – 54% of professional marketers believe that video marketing generates better ROI than any other form of advertising

3 – 73% of marketers create at least two videos in a month for social media marketing

4 – There are 1 billion YouTube users worldwide

5 – 84% of people on Twitter watch videos

6 – People remain three times more active on pages with video

7 – By 2021, every business person will be using video to market their products and services and, internet traffic will increase.

8 – Saudi Arabia has 98% of people watching online video content while the US holds 85% of internet users

9 – 87% of people want to watch videos from their favourite brands

10 – 25-34 is the age group of people who view more online videos

11- 73% of customers want to know about a product or service with the help of a video

12 – 95% of customers believe that videos are more helpful in understanding any product or service

13 – 62% of marketers believe that homepage explainer videos are effective

14 – A website will rank higher in search engine results if it contains more video content

15 – 85% of customers purchased a product after watching a video

16 – Website landing page having a video can increase the conversion rate by 80%

17 – Videos attract 300% more online traffic as compared to another marketing strategy

18 – 95% of customers believe that a video should be 1 minute long only

19 – 85% of people watch Facebook videos without sound

20 – Everybody likes to watch a short one-minute video. Only 5% of people watch two-minute-long videos.

21 – An average social media user spends 88% more time on a website having creative videos