Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos – Let the Stats work for you

This is an agreeable fact that video marketing is effective as it has one aspect in it that clicks and it is the visual appeal it provides that makes it go. Viewers can get familiar to things they can connect to visually. We know people hardly listen to a marketing piece or related to things that hardly matter. They consider it simple waste of time but if it is presented in a unique manner with ample use of elements like infographics, motion graphic animation, lively characters based on the story then it is like putting the icing on the cake. Explainer video consists of all these elements.

Creating a marketing explainer video and making it viral is not the end of the story. You will have the considerable amount of time to do more than just making it viral and posting to various channels. It is good you added it into your YouTube channel but the next thing you can do is to promote to further and how you can do it is further explained below:-

Analyze the Reach

Is your video getting the clicks it deserves after going viral? Are you measuring the reach? Reach refers to the extent your videos are promoted and the circle through which most of the likes and subscribers are coming to your video feed in YouTube or the video posting in facebook. The traffic to the page and the number of plays and views to the video is another key factor to concentrate upon. How well you can do that is depends on how much time you can devote to analyze the leads and then channelize your video according to it.

Viral Stats Matter for you

Now the next thing which will probably work for you are the stats that are visible once the video goes viral. One needs to study those to make sure how well your video has faired in social media and what is liked the most and also about the visitors and the country to which they belong. Facebook Like pages has an insight section which will lead you to the section that shows the actions on the like page, page views in the present week, reach, post engagements and page followers.

Silver Bazel lets you follow your dream of having a profitable business through Explainer Video creation for your company. Just give the preferences and the product details and silver Bazel will give you the best explainer that will promote your business through its interactive medium.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Explainer videos are gaining much-needed acclaim and did you know that an explainer video can leave a higher level of impact than usual textual material?

Whiteboard animation presents more of an allegorical aspect which basically holds the viewer attention and presents the full visual story in one canvas. The entire story gradually appears before the audience and it leaves the audience curious for more. Whiteboard is ideally suited for long-term memory retention.

What Makes it Different?

Whiteboard animation has adopted the aspect of drawing and sketching and eventually filling it with colors or simply leaving it grayscale. This art of sketching actually draws a storyline and then concludes with the final message. The sketching is done through an animated hand that draws out the storyline and texts added for the product sales pitch. The entire idea substantially contributes towards holding attention for longer intervals.

The Birth of an Idea

The viewers of whiteboard animated explainer videos get more and more fascinated by the fact that they can actually witness the birth of an idea. Whiteboard animation uses creative skills of the animation to show something that is being drawn onto a white surface which creates a hypnotic effect and is very popular for startups. Viewers can witness an idea which takes shape, then in the course of the drawing process, materializes into an engaging story and eventually concludes off into a strong impactful message.

It is Surprisingly Simple

The best part of it is the simplicity it offers, with which an idea is drawn into the whiteboard and presented through animation. The surprise element is the drawing itself that starts on the worksheet and is shown in the most simple storytelling manner. This story is told through visually appealing simple animation and the dialogue is also written in the whiteboard.

Whiteboard animation requires a lot of effort but with Silver Bazel as your video creation partner, creating attractive whiteboard animated explainer videos is easy. The company will produce a totally relevant, engaging and result oriented promotional material for your business.

Explainer Videos

Optimize your Website with Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are gaining much-needed acclaim and did you know that an explainer video can leave a higher level of impact than usual textual material? A video thumbnail added to your webpage leads the audience to an interactive world where they can witness engaging content supported by a storyline, typography and animated transitions.

To clearly elaborate this point, we can take an example of a website with usual content with all efforts made to work on its optimization. The ranking of the website is not good and the website is also witnessing a high bounce rate which means that there are visitors to the website but they are leaving without any activity. This is mainly because of the reason that website viewers do not like textual jargon and wants something which is more grasping and concise in nature. An explainer video, therefore, fulfills this very need by presenting text in the form of an infographic and a storyline that has lot of animation in it.

People are busy with hardly any time for recreation and reading something they are not connected to, are regarded as a waste of time but with explainer videos you can see a change of outlook. Recent studies reveal that websites with video are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page. This clearly indicates that people prefer to watch video on product features rather than reading its description. The best part will be to optimize the website with a video and this in turn, will have more views for the explainer videos uploaded in the website.

Optimization with Videos

• Use of Video Thumbnails
• Keeping it Short and reaching out to the ‘Call to Action’ section.
• Catchy titles to your video
• Creating keyword enriched description
• Social Sharing

Explainer Video is really impactful and if you are thinking of getting one for your website or about choosing the right video creation partner, then Silver Bazel is the one ideally suited for your website. You can have an explainer video with a storyline and the company motto used in sales pitches to make it highly appealing and more engaging.

Video Marketing

Need Effective Sales Promotion? – Go for Whiteboard Animation

Animation done by means of a whiteboard specifically accentuates the sales pitch through the art of drawing and writing. These types of movements as shown in the animation revolve around the specific message and this message is written through hand movements. The message comes before the reader in a well-formatted way and closely relates to the subject matter.

Whiteboard explainer video specifically conveys a message through unique animation that stands out in a white background of a whiteboard. Conventionally, it was done on paper for the print media but the idea stands out to be different with whiteboard animation. People are always curious to know what is being drawn that corresponds to the storyline. In a way, audiences get entertained by looking at the animation that is taking place.

This stands as the core feature, making whiteboard animated explainer videos, easy to market and generate higher returns. Such videos can be placed anywhere within the website homepage, landing pages and feature articles. The message can be conveyed in the most direct manner. This kind of animation is very adaptive as it tells the user about how the topic or the subject matter fits in their life, how it will benefit them, and how they can use it.

Call to action refers to that section of the video, where the user is told to act further in getting the services of the company. In short, this animation technology can properly explain the CTA. The viewer is clear about what is to be done further to contact the business organization for its services.

Silver Bazel whiteboard animation brings you animation with a difference with a really effective way of conveying the message to your audience with elements used in the video to make it thought to provoke and visibly appealing.

Promotional Video

Four Promotional Video Ideas that Click

According to a recent video marketing survey and business trends report, an analysis based on the feedback from over 600 marketing respondents indicates that “93% of marketers are using explainer video in their campaigns, 84% for website marketing, 60% are involved in email marketing, 70% for search engines and around 82% confirmed that explainer video had a positive impact on their business. In another scenario, 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor who offers to create a video for them.

Knowing about these facts which we were not aware off until it was shared, makes it evident as to what lies behind the many marketing surveys done to assess the success of a promotional program. It is the fact that an explainer video with a grabbing content should be shared most often to get maximum viewer attention.

Video marketing?

It is the audience engagement that matters! Your sales efforts can reach its height of success by keeping your audience glued to your video. There is a little nugget of wisdom that can help in getting the most out of promotional efforts and it is the use of video marketing as one medium to achieve higher returns. But there lies a question and we all want a satisfactory answer to go with it- How to gain the most out of Promotional Videos?

Promotional Videos with Small Clips

Use Video clippings that will say more in less time. Such videos have a unique combination of heavy graphics, texts and short videos to innumerate company features and give insight on the internal working of the company. Clip videos can be used to showcase an event and can be created during early stages of a product release.

Know the Product

People buy from people they know. You can build it by including a storyline that relates to the product and says about its unique preposition. People should get aware of the product and what makes it distinct from the others, thereby they will come to know about the product, like wise they can then like the product and consequently go the final sale of the product.

Add a Story

It is fine you know the product and the technique to very well showcase it in the video but do you have a story with it. You need to understand that viewers like to get inspired. It can be done through a story that aligns well with the product and actually discusses a problem and how the product stands as the solution. Use something that touches the heart of your audience.

Silver Bazel is into giving your product an identity of its own and portraying it in the well deserved manner through promotional video creation. The company and its team work after doing extensive research on the product and bring forward the unique traits. The video uses graphics, animation and impactful text.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos–Keep it Short for the Audience

Statistics of the National Center for Biotechnology Information make us believe on the corroboration that the first 10 seconds are crucial for video engagement to take place where the average recorded attention time is just 9 seconds.

These statistics correlate to the present times when the attention span of a person is getting short depending upon the tasks he is engaged to and off course on his interest level. This comes with a bang and can drift apart the lives of sales promotion executives across the globe.

Now the obvious question- How to keep your audience engaged?

The Play Button Does the Trick

The first and foremost think to understand here is- what will make the audience tempted enough to hit the play button? Two most important points of consideration are the thumbnails of the video that will display before the videos plays and secondly the length. Thumbnails are small images that represent a video and also relate to the key point of the story behind the video. It is mandatory to choose the thumbnail image wisely so as to influence readers to go for the play button and watch the explainer video. Then, the next thing is the length of the video. Sometimes an extremely busy business person might check the length of the video before even considering watching it. If the video has a shorter length it will be watched more and the audience can find it engaging.

Point to Note: Keep it short and make sure it is has grabbing information.

Explainer Can be 45-90 Seconds

We must agree to the fact that the potential viewer can get engaged to any video for a short span of time. During this time what he would be looking at is something which is short and needs less time to concentrate. Keep your explainer videos between the time duration for 45 to 90 seconds or else they can feel bored and will switch over midway. Highlight the key points and things that make you distinctive from other counterpart businesses.

Point to Note: The video should not exceed above 90 Seconds.

Silver Bazel knows what works and therefore creates explainer videos that are short, to the point and best represent your company. The team that works on the video has the expertise to create really concise but effective videos for its clients.


Whiteboard Animation – The Virtual Story Teller

Ever heard of virtual storybooks?  It is a type of promotional storyboard or explainer video with effects that demonstrate the action of drawing in the most unique manner. The best part of it is making images come to life and also help retain the sales message for long. Many organizations cling onto the aspect of uniqueness to promote their business and whiteboard animation videos are just perfect to grab the attention of their potential customers.

White Board Animation for Brand Promotion

Whiteboard explainer videos are entirely based for brand promotion, to educate, guide and relay information in a best-animated manner that anyone can ever imagine. What makes whiteboard animation stand out? It is the action of drawing, where a hand is shown that does the sketching or writes the text with the sales pitch in it. The entire story becomes prominent when it is drawn out over a whiteboard used for the animation.

Messages without Fluff

Too much fluff is not good for your business. It is based on superficial things that somewhat drift attention from the real product. Fluff is something which is not materialistic in nature. Explainer videos with whiteboard animation are devoid of such things as fluff, which can ruin your promotional efforts and money spent on video creation. Whiteboards include to-the-point messages through animation that are done in a very realistic manner. This distinctiveness is something which makes whiteboard animation very amusing.

Why do we Need Whiteboard Animation Videos?

  • Brand Promotion– Whiteboard videos essentially promote a product and elucidate its features and functionality.
  • Clear Cut & Concise– Whiteboard animation conveys a promotional or informative material that is clear-cut and concise through sketch animation and texting.
  • SimplicityWhiteboard animation is simple to understand.  As and when a sketching is done, it comes into life with annotated texts; the audience can interpret it well.
  • Communicating a Strategy or Training Process– Whiteboard animation is ideally suited to showcase promotional strategy, training process or tutorials. The process or steps as denoted in the video, comes out well defined through sketching and texting.
Animated Videos

4 Types of Animated Explainer Videos that Sets You Going

Explainer videos exemplify the best of motion graphics along with the sales message which becomes more effective than textual content. Explainer videos are short, to the point with the message given in short snippets or points along with animated effect to make it more effective and actually convey the message in the most interactive manner.

A 60-second video is capable of showing all thea company services in a single click. Explainer videos can be interpreted in a faster way and much more effective than texts. Explainer videos can be of varied types like the ones that focus on a particular character and bring it to live through animation, or videos that have a storyboard with pictures on a whiteboard background

Three Types of Explainer Videos are as follows:-

Character Animation Explainer Videos– The first and foremost is the creation of videos that will make the characters used in it alive so as to bring forth your sales pitch in the best possible and effective manner. Such videos create a vast illusion of thought, emotion and personality.

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video– Your sales pitch is conveyed here through whiteboard animation with a creative story and pictures to support it. It is used in advertising for TV and internet to communicate messages in an innovative and unique way.

Motion Graphics Explainer Videos– Motion graphics videos are dominated by motion graphics with a lot of illusion of motion. These types of videos also use the rotation that takes place and is supported by music that goes best with the graphics. It is used for multimedia presentation and brand promotion.

Live Action Explainer Video- You can also live video of a happening event in combination with some motion graphics or simply show live action in the video. The sales message can be delivered through appealing voiceover that runs in the background.

Silver Bazel is an explainer video company offering Explainer video creation services worldwide. Silver Bazel is a video service provider in Delhi NCR. There are talented individuals dedicated to presenting the best animation with typography and 3D effects.

Explainer Videos

Promotional Explainer Videos are a Boon to Your Company

The marketing world is very vast as it seems and promoting business with Videos is a wise thing to do. Videos have become a boon to the promotional world with so much to offer along with a message that is pass on to the right audience and at the right time. If the audiences get something that matters to them and is grabbing and takes less time to convey, then they will love it and actually following your call to action.

It has been estimated that 64% of the consumers are more likely to buy a product online after watching its promotional video. With YouTube shares happening every now and then, YouTube proudly shares the fact that there is 100% increase in mobile downloads and time goes by.

These statistics are very impressive to read and even then there is people hesitant thinking about the fact that will make a video work. But it is high time you get acquainted to the fact that explainer video does work for your business and make you achieve more in less span of time.

It Boosts up your Sale

No one wants to lose their potential clients and do whatever they could to make their business known to customers in the most viable ways. If you do not have a video in your website and you think just the content will do, then you are mistaken. Video has become the best source of communication today that help boosts up your sale. Online sales go high if a relevant video goes with your sales pitch and make it more viewable through a message in the video and a subsequent call to action. It is reported that 50% of CEOs need more information about a company or an organization after watching a video and 65% of executives will visit a marketer’s website after viewing it.

 Lowers Website Bounce rate

The need for increased sales may be a sign that you need to give promotional videos to talk more with your sales pitch. The website bouncing rate very well depends on the content you have in your website and off course what it relays to the ultimate consumer. A video is incorporated with the right type of motion graphics and images used, can do wonders. You will also need a sales pitch to go with it and some elements that will keep your customers intact for the rest of the video and actually pay heed to the call to action part. This will lower the website bounce rate.

When a potential client clicks on a video, it is the power of visual presentation and capturing graphics that will keep him engaged and actually look for other features in the website.  The same can’t be said for reading text. This is the moment where you need to instill confidence in your audience about your product or services – it’s the time to “knock their socks off.”

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos –Optimize it for Search Engines

We are quite aware of the fact that explainer videos are gaining popularity ever since time constraints have engulfed people who are busy coping with daily schedules. The first video was created in 2007 which had simple graphics and a language which was easy to understand. This video was the first of its kind, so it gained popularity but what about creating one and promoting it in a highly competitive environment.

Nowadays, we can find numerous videos that convey attention-grabbing messages in the most innovative manner. As there are designers who come up attractive designs similarly the communication world has explainers to bring forward a promotional idea with help of graphics, animation and thought to provoke text and content. But the need of the hour is to optimize it to and help your explainer video get the position it deserves in leading search engines.

Explainer videos once submitted can be analyzed for its efficacy. Here are some out of the box attributes:-

  • Your submission is never complete unless you have a video thumbnail that will best represent the video in the most interactive manner. Choose a thumbnail that is grabbing.
  • Make your video concise and try to hook viewers in the first five seconds.
  • Create video relevant to your niche market with information that sets you apart from others in the competition.
  • Give you Video accurate titles which should be short and to the point.
  • Influence your customers to comment, like and share your explainer video.
  • Make sure your video has a Call to Action as the conclusive part of the video.
  • Try and go deeper into the analysis report of social submissions that you do on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Try to follow the insights.
  • Compare and make instant changes. Some publishing platforms help you make drastic changes in the most crucial moments.

These optimization suggestions can very well position your website or product that has an explainer video to make business promotion more effective.