Training Videos: A Significant Contributor To Skill Development At Lower Costs

The Indian government is constantly making improvements in skill development across the country with the aim of creating a huge supply of skilled manpower, focusing on the initiative of ‘Skill India’. Skill development is the need of the hour for both men and women in the country as it aids in making them self-dependent. There are many government initiatives currently in operation such as Udaan, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendras, Pradhan Mantri ‘YUVA’ Yojana, Craftsmen Training Scheme, National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme, etc. The Indian government has taken skill development very seriously, providing everyone with the opportunities they deserve. This will enhance livelihoods and the employment rate in India.

Skill development can create a strong workforce with the knowledge, capabilities, and efficient skills necessary to boost their livelihoods.

Despite all efforts, some people, especially those from rural areas, may fail to attend skill development training due to various reasons such as having to travel long distances, high training fees, lack of proper transportation, and other household issues. Considering all these challenges, it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest using portable mediums like videos to provide them with proper skill development, would it? In an era where everything is going digital, why not this? We can create training videos that can reach millions of people anytime, anywhere. Moreover, it wouldn’t cost much, both for the viewers and the creators.

Let’s explore some benefits of using training videos in skill development:

Training videos are crucial for skill development, especially when many are interested in online learning. The benefits that training videos provide include:

  • Consistent Learning Experience

Everyone receives the same information about the course, ensuring a standardized learning experience and fostering trust.

  • Accessibility and Convenience

People can access training videos on their mobile devices at any time. They can also download videos for offline viewing, which is particularly useful in areas with poor network connectivity. Training videos offer the convenience of viewing lessons anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

  • Lower Costs

Once a training video is created, it can be shared with numerous users within minutes. There’s no need to conduct repetitive training sessions; with videos, you record it once and share it an unlimited number of times. This saves costs for both creators and viewers.

  • Flexibility

Learners can pause, rewind, and rewatch sections of the video as needed, catering to different learning styles and paces.

  • Remote Learning

As mentioned earlier, in situations where in-person training is not feasible, such as during a pandemic, training videos facilitate remote learning and skill development. They create a conducive learning environment, even for those facing location constraints.

These are just a few advantages.

We Have Worked With NGOs Providing Skill Development Training

We specialize in creating informative, engaging, and interesting training videos for skill development of men and women in India. We have created explainers, animation, and other types of videos for well-known NGOs in India like Udayan Care, NLR India Foundation, Shakti, etc., that focus on improving people’s livelihoods. For more details, please explore our services on the website and get started with your training video today.