Standard Operating Procedure – Animated Video

We understand the importance of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for organizations. But did you know that you can present them interestingly and gain the audience’s attention?

Continue reading to learn how.

What Is A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)?

An SOP is a step-by-step guide detailing any product or service, explaining how it works. SOPs are of paramount importance for companies as they teach how a task is performed, contributing to better productivity at work. From cooking a meal to operating machinery, SOPs are applicable to every job role. Companies provide SOPs to their employees, promoting a healthier work environment by helping employees understand how to perform specific tasks. It’s like a text manual provided to your audience for easy understanding.

Using Animated Videos For SOPs

Have you ever wondered if your employees or workers genuinely read or show interest in your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)? It’s often deemed boring by those with limited time or interest. Whether disinterested in reading a lengthy and tedious SOP or failing to follow it eventually, your employees may zone out before reaching the end. However, presenting information in an engaging way, such as through animated visuals, might be a more effective method. Have you considered using animations to present your SOPs? If not, start incorporating them today. Animations are highly engaging and interesting, ensuring your employees or workers won’t overlook crucial information.

5  Reasons To Consider Animated Video SOPs

Here are 5 reasons why opting for animated videos to present SOPs is a wise choice:

  1. Animated Videos Are Interesting

Animated visual content is much more engaging, entertaining and above all interesting than text. Don’t you agree with this? You can showcase creativity through animated videos, which unfortunately cannot be conveyed through text. Complex procedures, intricate functions, or features of a product/service can be more interestingly presented through videos.

  1. Animated Videos Are Accessible

You can easily share animation videos on any device or at any location. It is convenient for your workers or employees to watch videos at their leisure. Isn’t it a better way of communication that is also accessible, flexible, and reliable? So, why wait? Switch to animated video SOPs and make it easier for your learners.

3. Videos Have A Higher Recall Rate

Animated videos are more effective because people remember the content for an extended period and retain the information. This enhances the overall learning experience for workers, who may gradually develop a preference for this format. Presenting information in a video format is worthwhile and engaging.

4. Videos Can Prompt Action

You might encounter a situation where you either fail to demonstrate an SOP or your employees are aware of it but struggle to adhere to it. How can you address such a scenario? Utilizing animated videos, you can illustrate an emergency that could unfold if a specific SOP is not followed. By depicting potential consequences, you can prompt a swift and informed response from your employees or workers.

5.  Videos Can Showcase The Inside Of Machinery

Animations can illuminate the inner workings of machinery, a feat that text or other content forms cannot achieve. Therefore, leverage captivating animated visuals to showcase the internal components, workings, or processes of your machinery. This not only aids in understanding but also facilitates troubleshooting for your employees. Present your complete equipment with the assistance of creative animated videos from Silver Bazel.

Say Goodbye To Boring SOPs And Hello To Animated Videos

Are your employees disinterested in reading text SOPs?

Replace them with animated videos and save a lot of time and effort. Silver Bazel will show you how it’s done. If you want animated videos to highlight your SOPs and make them interesting for your viewers, you should give us a chance. We have the right resources at the right price, just for you.

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