What Whiteboard Explainer Videos do? – 3 Secrets that will make it a Success

Getting decisive on creating a whiteboard animation explainer video insists the video maker give high priority to its effectiveness and one way to do is asking the experts who have their own secrets and it’s not that easy for them to reveal. But then, there then sometimes some suggestions that they give are part of the secrets that can be revealed if insisted upon. In our roundtrip to the discovery of whiteboard animation facts, we have come across some ideas that really work for the biggest breakthrough.

Looking into the power of animation which can bring out a character to its utmost level of perfection there are some suggestive elements that you should use within the video:-

The Animation Off Course

There is nothing unique about the information that whiteboard videos use characters but it is not mandatory to work on its animation. But to those who have studied explainer videos closely have now come to the conclusion that inclusion of characters multiplies to the number of views a video gets to boost its effectiveness to a larger extent.

Adding a character will explainer the story in a more realistic manner and will make it stand out among the rest. Much of what type of animation is best for your presentation has to do with the product itself, how much explanation is needed to show the product is well defined by a character animated to present the product and decide whether you want to be more direct with your presentation or more subtle.

Connective Drawings

Now what you do in a whiteboard is very close to the fact that you draw things out in an engaging manner with a bit of surprise element in it of what comes next. The most engaging thing about this video technique is that drawings are connected between them. Making it this way is quite difficult and makes whiteboard video production more expensive. However, connected drawings make these videos super appealing, because viewers watch how the story is created before their very eyes and how everything connects. One should have a look at how the drawings get connected in this whiteboard explainer video, revealing that the whole story was in fact a part of the brand logo:

Colors in Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations are made in black and white but there is no harm I adding the little bit of colored element have some color addition but not much because ultimately we don’t want to spoil this traditional technique. It is important to choose your brand colors to make your product identifiable among others in the bandwagon.

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