Visual Storytelling & Explainer Videos

Experts reveal that-“Storytelling is influential and people find it better to listen, recollect and often retell it for many purposes. Many studies have proven that Storytelling has a big effect on human behavior. In 2008, researcher Jeremy Hsu found out that the human brain is more engaged by Storytelling than by simple logical facts.
People find it human brain is wired in such a way that it finds it better to listen, recollect and then retell stories.” Stories evoke emotions and thus is regarded as effective in promoting a product.

When we were young we used to learn and engage with a story which in turn, was an effective way to evoke emotion and connection. Doing it visually will generate the same emotion if done in an effective manner. Visual storytelling is a story that actively uses visual media to put forth an idea or information before the viewer. Incorporating visual storytelling in the form of interactive and most importantly, informative videos shows how visual storytelling has the power to educate, engage and inform the audience at large.

We used to get fantasized to a great extent and heard a lot of stories from our grandparents. Many things have changed but the art of storytelling remains the same. It is incredible how content marketing works with storytelling. It has the ability to create excellent content whether you are writing blogs, landing pages, product descriptions and more. You can then send out this content and convert people into leads, helping to grow your business and make it epic in whatever your industry is.

The visual memory stands superior with regard to what we see that will be recalled most of the time. Videos playback can always be reviewed by playing it, again and again, to gain new insights from it each time you watch it. When we create a video, we are adding something visually recalling that will pay up for most of the money spent. Silver Bazel video can present the product in the most interactive manner and also add an animation that will make the audience visually attentive thereby increasing their power to recall.