Video Marketing with Explainer Videos

Do not ignore the use of explainer videos! Yes, It is with regard to video marketing as it is the primary choice today and such marketing endeavors are essential for grabbing the attention of your potential audience. When done effectively, adding video can benefit your organization in creating a brand identity of the product offered for sale. Video marketing is one thing that goes viral with maximum amount of likes and shares.

Explainer videos have now become an essential component of marketing done for your website and services. A 30 to 90 seconds explainer video is far more effective than the other marketing efforts that you make like doing SEM, SEO, PPC and Social media marketing. These have less appeal than other modes of visual presentations.

What do you expect from a website that very well describes your service? Most conventional types will include some images and text to put forward their message. But looking into the present case scenario, doing this is simply not enough. Video marketing with explainer video containing an effective sales quotation can turn the tide towards you. There are certain facts that prove it better:-

Edgar Dale’s Explanation

Edgar Dale, an American educator was the founder of the cone experience that denotes the percentage relevant to leaning activities and learning outcomes. According ot Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning, “people generally remember 10% of what they READ, 20% of what they HEAR, 30% of what they SEE, 50% of what they SEE and HEAR, 70% of what they SAY and WRITE, and 90% of what they DO.”

Edgar made it clear that an explainer video defines, describes, add a scope for the audience to stand glued for a while. The users can actually take the final step of following the call to action leading to final sale of the product.

Explainer Videos Help Make Decisions

90% of people who do online shopping, find explainer videos as helpful in making decisions for them. By watching an explainer video they are able to decide it better. Whether it is to know about a product or simply reading the testimonials of customers, sales go higher with explainer videos. The customer can very well assess his or her decision on buying the product or going for something else.

Explainers Videos- Feel Free to Share

As wise men say anything long can be nerve raking at times. You have an engaging Call to Action (CTA) but it is of no use if the video gets irritably long. The attention span of customers is shorter and videos less than 15 seconds are ones that get social exposure through sharing. Therefore, the need of the hour is to get engaging short content in explainer videos that work well on your ROI.

Explainer videos are a must-have for businesses to communicate their brand messages. Whether it’s a complex idea or a creative solution, explainer videos leave a lasting impression on customers to learn more about your products and services.

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