The Future of Explainer Videos

Learning marketing strategy is not a herculean task but it’s also not as easy as a child’s play!

In every marketing strategy, you are required to keep experimenting with many advertising means to check the behaviour of your targeted audience.

The newest form of marketing is explainer video which is a way ahead than the traditional marketing strategies. Some marketers are confused about using this marketing technique; however, getting explainer videos created is highly beneficial for your business.

1. More Information in Short Time

We better know the efficacy of a picture rather than mere words! So we can better imagine the impact of the video!

A mere 2-minute video can do magic for you and attract your target audience. The volume of information provided in a video is broad and is interesting enough to catch the pulse of the audience.

The script or the information you need to display is written by a professional who better knows your vision and can sum up your product/service information in limited word.

2. Excellent for SEO

Explainer videos are the future of marketing!


Google and other available search engines like websites with the videos as these videos are considered good for SEO purposes. Videos posted on your website and social platforms are really beneficial as they help in increasing your website ranking in the search engine pages. Good SEO is the main aim of every business owner and videos attract search engines as they are loved by all.

3. The audience will Love your Explainer Video

Your audience will surely love your animated explainer video as they are created in a brilliant way!

An explainer video, made up of an interesting script and funny animation, is the best way of marketing your brand. Once your viewers will see your explainer video, it will stay in their mind for a longer time and persuade them to buy your product or service. As your product or service is explained in an amazing manner in the video, it becomes memorable and makes a strong bond with your audience. The story of the video is told by amazing visuals and sound which makes it much more enigmatic than other marketing strategies.

4. Higher Engagement

It is true that your targeted audience will like to be engaged with your video rather than liking social posts as well as text articles.

As an explainer video is made for the targeted audience, its future is certainly brilliant. Time is not far when video marketing will take over other marketing strategies in terms of the engagement they provide to an audience. So there are higher chances of your audience’s involvement in a video rather than a long blog post written for attracting the customers. The audience will get to know every single detail of a particular product or service as explainer videos are created with due care and keeping in mind all the important information that is to be given to the customers.

5. Increased Conversion Rate

For many marketers, the video conversion rate is high than other marketing techniques. Big giants such as eBay and Amazon say that adding a video to a product has effectively increased their sales dramatically.

An explainer video tells your product story in an emphatic way which helps in your product story to go viral and faster. If your video is viral, you will hope to reach a large number of your potential customers in a short span of time.

6. Explainer Video Explains your Product Effectively

A well-crafted explainer video gets the love of everybody who watches it!

These videos are able to convey a complex message in a lighter and comprehensible manner. They can present broad information in a short time as these videos are a combination of visuals, audios, and animation. So they are highly impressive than the mere text. Viewers who watch these videos get the idea that they are watching an interesting movie. An explainer video can create a bond with your audience that becomes highly beneficial for you.

To conclude, there are higher chances that explainer videos will continue to be in trend given their powerful visuals and a funny tone which clearly gives the important details about a product or a service.