Promotional Videos Can Help- Make it a Part of your Business Promotion Strategy

Recent video marketing survey and business trends report reveals, an analysis based on the feedback from over 600 marketing respondents indicates that “93% of marketers are using explainer videos for promotion in their campaigns, 84% for website marketing, 60% are involved in email marketing, 70% for search engines and around 82% confirmed that a promotional explainer video had a positive impact on their business. In another scenario, 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor who offers to create a video for them.

Knowing about these facts which we were not aware off until it was shared, makes it evident as to what lies behind the many marketing surveys done to assess the success of a promotional program. It is the fact that an explainer video with a grabbing content should be shared most often to get maximum viewer attention.

Why is there so much buzz about video marketing?

It is the audience engagement that matters! Your sales efforts can reach its height of success by keeping your audience glued to your corporate explainer video. There is a little nugget of wisdom that can help in getting the most out of promotional efforts and it is the use of video marketing as one medium to achieve higher returns. But there lies a question and we all want a satisfactory answer to go with it- How to gain the most out of Promotional Explainer Videos?

Promotional Videos with Small Clips

Use Explainer video clippings that will say more in less time. Such videos have a unique combination of heavy graphics, texts and short videos to innumerate company features and give insight into the internal working of the company. Clip videos can be used to showcase an event and can be created during the early stages of a product release.

Know the Product

People buy from people they know. You can build it by including a storyline that relates to the product and says about its unique proposition. People should get aware of the product and what makes it distinct from the others, thereby they will come to know about the product, likewise they can then like the product and consequently go the final sale of the product.

Silver Bazel team of expertise knows about the product and are aware of the technique to very well showcase through the explainer video with a story in it. The team actually discusses a problem and how the product stands as the solution. The video is created in such a way that it touches the heart of your audience.