Pre and Post Corporate Video Production Tips

Pre and Post Corporate Video Production Tips

Corporate videos are the buzzword today due to their wide reach to the targeted audience spread across the world.

As a video production company, you work for innumerable clients to create recruitment & training videos, broadcast commercials, explainer films, branded content, and testimonials.

Creating corporate videos is not difficult but you need to know a few important tips to create such videos that will help you come up with an amazing and informational video.

Shooting these videos involves pre and post-production phases-both of them are important for the final creation of the video.

First, we look for a few following pre-production tips for creating corporate videos: –

1. Writing the Script

After you have started your project, the first thing in the pre-production phase is to write a script!

Writing a powerful script is the most challenging work for any video as your script should go with the message you want to convey to your targeted audience.

In the pre-production stage, everybody is concerned about writing an engaging script so that it can attract their potential customers to its products and services. Scriptwriting should be done keeping in mind the requirements of your clients to save from the extra effort of editing the script again and again.

2. Scheduling

The other thing required in the pre-production stage is proper planning and scheduling of shooting as well as editing. You must hatch a strong plan to produce, shoot and edit your video so that you might not land into any problem afterward. You should make a prediction beforehand as to how much time a video will take.

3. Shooting

Corporate video production has changed dramatically in the last fifteen years due to the introduction of digital cameras. These modern cameras have reduced the price of video production and made video production services easily accessible for several filmmakers.

Shooting these days is easy as all you need is a camera, its tripod, rig or sound recording equipment as well as lighting.

Nowadays, you have several options:  you can spend a great amount of money or you can just spend on a wireless plan and can easily shoot with your smartphone.

4. Audio Recording

For creating the best corporate video, you need an excellent audio recording.

Low audio is not going to give you the results you are looking for in your video

The more qualitative the audio is the more it will enhance the look of your video. If you are working with a camera with the best quality video recording then you need not do anything. But if you are not then you must use external audio recorders along with a good mic so that you will get your desired output.

5. Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in producing a corporate video!

Not many people take it so seriously but lighting is a major factor in creating an amazing video!

So, the best thing is to shoot in a well-lit environment so that your video output should be amazing.

So, we are done with pre-production tips to create a video!

Now it’s time for looking at some post-production tips that will make your video production process smoother than ever before.

1. Make Reviewing Process Smoother

The post-production process of a video should be simple so that you might not get more stressed. Since the post-production process of a video is a complex job so it is important to make sincere efforts to make it much smoother. The greatest problem in a corporate video post-production process is to revise the video several times that takes most of your time and leave you distressed due to editing your video again and again.

2. Editing

When you are on with your review process, then editing is a decision-making procedure. Just edit your video in the best way. If you have taken multiple shots and you choose the best shot out of them and edit your video accordingly then you are on the way to produce an engaging video.

3. Music

Music is one of the crucial things in producing an excellent corporate video for your clients. If you choose the best background music for your video, you will succeed in getting that the professional tempo and feel you are looking for.

4. Final Approval

Once you are done with creating your video, the next thing is to share it with your client for his confirmation. You can also find several review programs that are considered the best for real-time feedback and revisions.

5. Marketing

When you deliver your video, it’s up to you to market your video. If you have gone into an agreement with your client, then you can link or host the video on personal pages.