Influence Of 3D Product Videos On The Manufacturing Industry

Elevate your product presentation with immersive 3D videos.

3D video content is required by manufacturing industries today. Do you know why? Visuals can show what a static image cannot. People can dig deep into a product and see it from 360 angles with 3D effects. Isn’t that fascinating? Your customers can engage, interact, and gain knowledge about a product right from its manufacturing stage. You can promote and show every type of product and machinery with 3D product videos.

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Video marketing has revolutionized marketing strategies. With new methods emerging over time in digital marketing, brand promotion has become easier, ensuring coverage on a large scale. As per reports, in 2022, 90% of marketers prefer to use product videos to improve customer satisfaction. And why not, product videos can show a product completely right from its manufacturing stage. You can show your machinery in action, spread awareness, and improve work safety at the site. Videos touch humans’ emotions.

Benefits Of 3D Product Videos In Manufacturing

Manufacturers can visualize a product and make customized designs respectively. It is one of the biggest advantages of showing 3D videos to them. As for customers, they can also see machinery in a 360-degree view. Those who manufacture machinery should use 3D videos in their advertising strategy to gain the attention of potential investors. Product videos boost interaction between the manufacturer and investor. Have a look at the benefits of 3D videos in a B2B scenario:

  • Improves communication
  • Resolves manufacturing technicalities with ease
  • Promotes brand awareness
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Highlights every part of the machinery or product
  • Provides a precise visual representation of the manufacturing process

5 Types of Video Content for Manufacturing Companies

If you are into manufacturing, you can use these 5 types of visual content:

  1. Facility tour video
  2. Demo video
  3. Brand video
  4. Testimonial video
  5. Explainer video

These five types will help manufacturers demonstrate their products precisely with an eye for detail. If you are facing problems with conveying technical information to your customers, we suggest you use 3D product videos.

Use Of Videos By B2B Manufacturers

Do you know that 85% of manufacturers are already using product videos today? B2B manufacturers are actively using videos in sales presentations, training and education, product demonstrations, social media, etc. Videos can explain technical terms related to products that can otherwise be not seen or heard in text or images. You can use product videos wherein a technician explains a machinery including its functionality and features. It is an excellent training tool through which you can impart proper skills to employees at work. Explain everything in detail through videos.

Silver Bazel, A Reliable Partner In Making Machinery Videos

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