How to Measure Performance of Product Explainer Videos

An agreeable notion today is about video marketing which is effective as it has one aspect in it that clicks and it is the visual appeal it provides that makes it going. Viewers can get familiar to things they can connect to visually. We know people hardly listen to a marketing piece that hardly matters to them. They consider it simple waste of time but if it is presented in a unique manner with ample use of elements like infographics, motion graphic animation, lively characters based on the story then it is like putting the icing on the cake. Explainer video consists of all these elements.

Creating a marketing explainer video and making it viral is not the end of the story. You will have a considerable amount of time to do more than just making it viral and posting to various channels. It is good you added it into your YouTube channel but the next thing you can do is to promote further and how you can do it is further explained below:-

Analyze the Reach

Is your video getting the clicks it deserves after going viral? Are you measuring the reach? Reach refers to the extent your videos are promoted and the circle through which most of the likes and subscribers are coming to your video feed in YouTube or the video posting in facebook. The traffic to the page and the number of plays and views to the video is another key factor to concentrate upon. How well you can do that is depends on how much time you can devote to analyze the leads and then channelize your video according to it.

Viral Stats Matter for you

Now the next thing which will probably work for you are the stats that are visible once the video goes viral. One needs to study those to make sure how well your video has faired in social media and what is liked the most and also about the visitors and the country to which they belong. Facebook Like pages has an insight section which will lead you to the page that shows the actions on the like page, page views in the present week, reach, post engagements and page followers.

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