How to Make 3D Product Videos That Sell in 2024?

3D product video marketing is one of the easiest ways in digital marketing through which you can convey your brand message effectively and gain worldwide presence within a short period of time.

75% of consumers claim that they find 3D product videos easy to understand, convincing, and helpful in making purchase decisions. It is no doubt that 3D product videos are super engaging.

Do you know what makes them so unique and different from the others? Their ability to show a product from a 360-degree angle makes them stand out.

As an e-commerce business, you must invest in 3D product video marketing to convince your target audience to buy from you. Do you know how to create a good 3D product video that generates more sales and profits? Any product video should inspire the viewers to act (making a purchase). It should engage, entertain, and inform you about what you are selling. Plus, your 3D product videos should not consume much time and look easier to understand. It is how you will be able to generate a good 3D product video for your e-commerce company in 2023. Now how to do it all?

We will learn in this blog.

What Makes A Compelling 3D Product Video? 

A good 3D product video should have the following qualities:

  • A strong hook in the first few seconds (5-10 seconds) that makes viewers interested in watching more
  • Solves customer problems 
  • 360-degree product angle view
  • Explains a product entirely in details
  • Short, to-the-point and easy-to-understand
  • Effectively conveys your business message
  • Highlights features, functionality, and benefits of your product
  • Includes a solid call-to-action

Your 3D product video should have these qualities before you showcase it to the audience. Now let us understand how to create quality 3D product videos for various industries, including e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Meesho etc.

How To Make A 3D Product Video? (4 Major Steps) 

Step 1: Shoot Your Product Video

Get an ideal shoot setup wherein you can set up good lights, a stable camera, and an organized background. Take product shots from every possible angle to give your audience an opportunity to see a product from a 360-degree angle. Take close-up shots as well. Highlight every feature of your product by using 360-degree product angles.

Step 2: Use A Professional 3D Video Editing Software

You can choose professional 3D video editing software online and make a 3D video. Follow the steps, choose templates, and upload your shots for customized 3D product video creation.

Step 3: Editing

After uploading the shots, you can start with the modification, which includes adding a timeline panel, effects, or transitions to get your customized video. You can work with the animation part in this step. You can even add background music and other necessary items in your clips.  

Step 4: Download And Export 

Download and export your 3D video. Render it for perfect preview. You are ready to share it on multiple channels. Contact us for 3D product video marketing.

Now you have learned about 3D product videos and their creation, you must use them effectively in your marketing strategies. They are ideal to draw attention and get people talking about your brand. Convince your consumers to make a purchase with 3D product videos.

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