5 Types of Visual Content That You Can Use in Your Marketing Campaigns

You must have seen many creative advertisements on Television, Catalogs, Magazines, Newspapers, etc. How many of them do you remember to date? If you remember one, it must be unique.

Visual content impacts human psychology in different ways. 85% of people prefer to watch visual content that appeals to their emotions and matches their requirements. So, if you will use visual content in your marketing campaigns, you must know the five types of visual content to take your marketing campaign to the next level.

Types Of Visual Content to Use in Your Marketing Campaigns

Visual content adds charisma to your business website, social media handles, etc. There is a variety of visual content like screenshots, illustrations, infographics, and so on. But what type of visual content will suit your marketing campaign? You must choose visual content that connects your brand with your target audience and promotes your business growth.

Here is a list of 5 influential types of visual content that you can use in your marketing campaigns:

  1. Images

Images play a vital role in attracting customers. The pictures that you click add a personal touch to your campaigns. If you lack time, you can create engaging images, edit them perfectly, or pick some from an image-providing website and share them.

  1. Videos

90% of people watch a product video before they buy it. You can make a forever impression on your audience and provide them with more value by adding videos to your marketing campaigns. Videos create a strong bond of trust with your audience and convey essential information about a product uniquely. What is your brand type? Who is your audience? What is your storyline? Whatever video format you choose, make sure it fulfills your business objectives well.

  1. GIFs

GIFs are more appealing and compelling. They are short, appeal to an audience’s emotions, and influence their purchasing decisions. GIFs contain creativity and highlight your USP uniquely. They simply communicate the message, which is liked by the audience a lot.

  1. Memes

Memes are trending these days. They add humor to your marketing campaigns and contain funny words that impress your audience a lot. If you want to increase brand awareness quickly, use memes and let them go viral. There is a lot of meme-creating software on the internet, using which you can publish memes with your brand message and engage more potential customers.

  1. Visuals Showing Data

Visuals that show charts, graphs, data, and so on are eye-catching and add value to your marketing campaigns. You can target more customers using data-driven visuals and gain their trust quickly. People consider visuals containing data trustworthy. It is a great strategy to use in your marketing campaigns.

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