How Small Businesses Can Use 2D Animation Video to Marketing on YouTube?

2D animation is an engaging video marketing technique that can tell your business story more comprehensively. 80% of people learn from the videos, and 60% of the marketers believe that 2D animation is a more popular form of video content that their audience loves to watch. For these reasons, social media is full of visual content that engages more audience. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on have more than 1 billion video streams every day. Visuals are engaging and attractive as compared to the picture or images. Here are the statistics that you should know for doing impactful video marketing:

  • If you post a 2D animated video on the landing page of your website, you can increase the customer conversion rate by 90%
  • 55% of the customers are more likely to purchase your product after watching a 2D video
  • 70% of people remain online every day on their respective social media accounts
  • 59% of marketers prefer to promote their products and services through 2D animation video
  • YouTube has many active users who watch animated videos every hour

  • You should include 2D animation as an essential part of your marketing strategy to gain more conversions and customer engagement. 2D animation videos get viewers’ attention quickly and, they remember it for years. You need the traffic to make your business successful and, a 2D amination video can help you with it.

    Why Should You Use 2D Animation Videos to Marketing on YouTube?

    Many people prefer to watch videos that are entreating and fun to watch. 2D animation videos use graphics and other creative video elements that attract the consumers and influences sales later. There are various reasons why 2D animation videos are the best promotional strategy:

    1. 2D Animation Videos Evoke Emotions

    2D animation videos attract your target audience and evoke their emotions. Such videos initiate a conversation. They tell your business story uniquely and compel the audience to take immediate actions with buying a product. Besides, people watch animation videos because they are eye-catchy and provide information about the business.

    2. 2D Animation Brings Life to The Products

    Animation is a perfect tool to bring more customers to your business. With the help of 2D techniques, you can simplify complex topics and make them easy for your target audience to understand. Animations can bring life to unliving products and show them differently. Add motion to your characters that can show how mechanisms work.

    3. 2D Animation Is Fun

    2D animation uses characters that are entertaining and fun to watch. Animations videos go viral quickly. People want entertainment these days. Hence, animated videos are love. People of all ages love watching 2D animation videos that are popular and liked by all.

    4. A 2D Animation Video Is Cheap to Produce

    It is one of the benefits of using 2D animation videos for social media. Production cost is less and, you don’t need to spend much. You can use free 2D video making software and make an engaging video for your company. By 2022, internet traffic will double by 90% and, animations will rule online. Animation videos are best for your business.