10 Reasons Why Explainer Videos are a Hit for Your Business!

In recent times, Explainer videos are the best channel through which a brand can be efficiently promoted. These videos prove to be the finest advertising tools for your business by enhancing your online presence the way you like it.

The powerful visuals created by explainer videos can effectively elaborate your whole business ideas into easily understandable chunks. As people love to watch videos more than the text, such videos are much loved by the world and offer greater ROI to the business owners.

There are in fact many more reasons that go with using an explainer video over other marketing strategies. These reasons can be explained as follows:-

10 Reasons Why Explainer Videos

1) Best Creative Medium

Animated explainer videos are attention grabbers! Yes! These videos can easily weave a gripping story around your product that will attract your audience.

As everyone likes animated characters, so a video can push your marketing campaign to a few steps further. As these videos say the voice of the customers, they appeal to your audience more than anything else.

2) Better than Any Written Text

Videos are catchier than a written text! They tend to remain in the mind of the people longer than a written text. Your company’s catchy slogan or your presentation style can attract your customers who will then speak well for your brand. An animated explainer video will certainly push more traffic to your site once you share it on all your social media channels.

3) Videos are highly entertaining

Videos can entice your audience much more than any brand marketing strategy!  As people are in the habit of watching documentaries or videos as compared to novels & books, they will really prefer to watch explainer videos which are the most advanced marketing strategy till date.

4) For Higher Rankings

Explainer videos are too good for augmented rankings of your site in Google search engines. If your video is eye-catching and clarifies your product/service in an interesting way, then there are higher chances that people would love to visit your site. Given the gripping attitude of these videos, they become the profile of your company that your customers want to watch in order to know about you.

5) Easily Shareable

Explainer videos can be easily shared on your different social media channels that can help spread your company’s positive points to the world immediately. Videos are loved very much so everyone enjoys watching them anytime. When these videos are shared by one to his friends & acquaintances they indirectly boost your brand’s popularity.

6) For Higher Conversion Rates

The hardest thing you need to do is to turn your visitors to your customers! Well, explainer videos can help you in this. The wonderfully created animated explainer videos give a push to your sales funnel and provide a substantial growth to your company. The long and short of it is that money spent on creating these videos will pay you off once your company gains a momentum.

7) Videos have more retention power

Video content is highly effectual than text! The reason being is that it stays in your mind for a longer time. So, in this way a video is far more emphatic than a text. Your tough task of brand promotion becomes pretty easy with the help of beautifully created explainer videos. By creating great videos, you can hold the attention of not only auditory but also visual learners.

8)  Better brand communication

Explainer videos can emphatically communicate your brand as they can be easily shared on your mobile phones. These videos are the best communication tools that can open broad possibilities for your company. As they are cost-effective than anything else, they are the best suited tools to promote your brand.

9) Present your Products in an enticing Manner

Explainer videos are extremely impressive not only for your clients but also for the common public. With a fantastically created video, your products are explicated effectively that can give new customers to you. These videos revolve around your products and explain every minute detail related to them.


10)  Increase in Profits

An explainer video can help in skyrocketing your business as one would love to share your videos if they are made in an interesting way. That way, your brand promotion will take a new leap as more and more customers would want to be attached to your brand.

Animated explainer videos are very profitable for your company! If you are the one who is struggling with the recognition of your brand, then just consider getting such videos created. Hire the best companies to get explanatory videos for your brand and product/service. The more your videos are shared to diverse social media channels, the more people will come to know about you. As a result, your brand will be known across the world and that too in a short period of time.