Whiteboard Animation – The Virtual Story Teller

Ever heard of virtual storybooks?  It is a type of promotional storyboard or explainer video with effects that demonstrate the action of drawing in the most unique manner. The best part of it is making images come to life and also help retain the sales message for long. Many organizations cling onto the aspect of uniqueness to promote their business and whiteboard animation videos are just perfect to grab the attention of their potential customers.

White Board Animation for Brand Promotion

Whiteboard explainer videos are entirely based for brand promotion, to educate, guide and relay information in a best-animated manner that anyone can ever imagine. What makes whiteboard animation stand out? It is the action of drawing, where a hand is shown that does the sketching or writes the text with the sales pitch in it. The entire story becomes prominent when it is drawn out over a whiteboard used for the animation.

Messages without Fluff

Too much fluff is not good for your business. It is based on superficial things that somewhat drift attention from the real product. Fluff is something which is not materialistic in nature. Explainer videos with whiteboard animation are devoid of such things as fluff, which can ruin your promotional efforts and money spent on video creation. Whiteboards include to-the-point messages through animation that are done in a very realistic manner. This distinctiveness is something which makes whiteboard animation very amusing.

Why do we Need Whiteboard Animation Videos?

  • Brand Promotion– Whiteboard videos essentially promote a product and elucidate its features and functionality.
  • Clear Cut & Concise– Whiteboard animation conveys a promotional or informative material that is clear-cut and concise through sketch animation and texting.
  • SimplicityWhiteboard animation is simple to understand.  As and when a sketching is done, it comes into life with annotated texts; the audience can interpret it well.
  • Communicating a Strategy or Training Process– Whiteboard animation is ideally suited to showcase promotional strategy, training process or tutorials. The process or steps as denoted in the video, comes out well defined through sketching and texting.