Whiteboard Animation and the Essentials that Make it Distinct

Whiteboard is basically an artist’s recording of his own work. Whiteboard animation videos are seen mostly throughout the internet on YouTube and Vimeo. Many companies and firms of all sectors and sizes are incorporating this style into their engaging storyline. Whiteboard is also beneficial for educational purposes to learn new language, teach company employees different company policies, demonstrate a new software or product to consumers, or are used as chapter summaries for educational textbooks. Starting in 2010, the Royal Society of Arts converted selected speeches and books from its public events programmed into whiteboard animations. The first 14 RSA Animate videos gained 46 million views in 2011, making the RSA’s YouTube channel the no.1 nonprofit channel worldwide.


A whiteboard animation video can convey so much more information than text in one minute. It’s a great time saver, and need not be too pricey. In fact, you are likely to make a great return on investment from the video, so it could save you money in no time.

Free Up Your Webpage

Since all the information you need to share will be in your engaging whiteboard video, you can free your website of all that unappealing text. A video that runs in the homepage of your website will be far more effective than the textual jargon. Too much text and clutter can be overwhelming and make a website unattractive, so this can really help to retain visitors on your site, so that they browse and find out more.

Multipurpose Instrument

Whiteboard animation can be used to describe products, services and brands that need adequate exposure in the retail market. This animation technique is often used to educate about something, but it can also be used to share simple messages, perhaps by creating a story.

Boost Sales and Other Conversions

The movement, images, appealing concept and script of a whiteboard animation video make it truly engaging, so the viewer often does not feel as though they are engaging in a marketing message or sales funnel. When consumers are more relaxed, they are more likely to engage in the call-to-action at the end of a video, whether this is to navigate to another page on the website, make a purchase, or some other action.

Set your imagination free and you will surely find an innovative way to use this animation medium to share your desired message and accomplish your business objectives.

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