The ‘Taelman’ Explainer Video – A Problem Solver for Many

The most important motive behind explainer video creation is to connect with the audience. The creators of such videos must be adept enough to bring to light the key concepts within which the storyline should revolve. There has to be a problem and of course a solution to it which should be a problem solver for the viewers at large.

Looking into a Generic Fact

Taelman explainer video had a storyline that focused largely on the fact that looking into the aggravating cost of fuel these days no one can really tolerate any kind of pilferage or wastage due to spilling. As a very diligent businessman, Mr. Bhargava hears the voice of the massive DG set starting up in his factory. He is quite concerned about the pollution that it is causing. Pollution, fuel pilferages are all problems that are faced by Mr. Bhargava and which also reflects the problem faced by the masses as well. The video starts with this generic approach and then further refines it to connect it with the story and then giving a possible solution.

Cumulative Effort towards Problem Solving

Then comes the actual part of the storyline with a story in it that will go further in explaining how the problem arises and gets solved cumulatively through a product or service. This will then help create the brand identity of the product in focus. The protagonist is concerned of the pollution that the DG set is causing and finally gets very worried with the DG set malfunction and possibly thinks what might have caused it. He then, eventually zeros upon the adulterated fuel which can be the reason for the breakdown of the DG set. The problem is solved when without delay, Mr. Bhargava visits Taelman’s website and places an order. He is delighted to see an instant confirmation by Taelman and pilferage free fuel reaches to him within no time.

Story from the Character’s Perspective

An animated character of Mr. Bhargava is a representation of a common businessman who is troubled by the ongoing pilferage of Diesel. The animated character is reflective of the common man who might enter into such situations. The company and its product are introduced by a friend of the main character Mr. Bhargava. The character animation, therefore, is intended so that the audience connects well and sometimes sees him in the place of the character facing a problem and thereby gets interested and wants to know about the solution to end his woes.

Explainer videos with such problem-solving elements definitely are successful for the company for which it has been created. Silver Bazel and its team can make things work for you and your product. They would perhaps think out of the box for you and come up with a splendid storyline with great problem-solving methods that will help engage the audience.