How to Grab User Attention Towards Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are great source of augmenting user attention to a considerable level. According to video analysts around the world “10 seconds are crucial for video engagement where the average recorded attention time is just 9 seconds.” Agreeing to this fact the statistics make us believe attention span of a person is getting short depending upon the tasks he is engaged to and off course on his interest level. This comes with a bang and can drift apart the lives of sales promotion executives across the globe.

45-90 Seconds are Enough

We must agree to the fact that the potential viewer can get engaged to any video for a short span of time. During this time what he would be looking at is something which is short and needs less time to concentrate. Keep your videos between the time duration for 45 to 90 seconds or else they can feel bored and will switch over midway. Highlight the key points and things that make you distinctive from other counterpart businesses.

A Grabbing Thumbnail

Thumbnails of the video is the image that will display before the videos plays and It is mandatory to choose the thumbnail image wisely so as to influence readers to go for the play button and watch the video. The thumbnail image is reflective of what the video content is about and whether it is of any interest to the audience at large.

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