Infographic Explainer Videos- Invest on One

People are busy with hardly any time for recreation and reading something they are not connected is simply waste of time but explainer video are in with a great start as these are the most interactive options available today which is fun and message worthy all in one place. But if you want your explainer video to be more serious and information worthy then infographic explainer videos can fit into the box. Recent studies reveal that websites with video and information are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page. This clearly indicates that people prefer to watch video on product features rather than reading its description. The best part will be to optimize the website with a video and this , n turn, will have more views for the explainer videos uploaded in the website.

Adding a Serious Element

If you explainer video to be serious and professional instead of humorous or entertaining, then infographic animation is the best way to do so. Infographics present complex information in a simple and easy to understand way. Marketers believe that infographics are an increasing trend in the online marketing industry and are here to stay. After all, they condense the sixty minute presentation to a sixty seconds video

You Need the Stats to be Correct

Statistical data is important for you to confirm the authenticity of what you proclaim. If you have facts and figures to be highlighted in your corporate explainer video, your infographic video would help you in doing so. “More than 90 % of High school students in America use Facebook.” When you have statistical data to support your credibility and include them in your explainer video, it becomes quite easy to build trust in your target consumer’s mind. You can add effective text, graphs or charts to make it more convincing.

Static InfoGraphic Videos

While static info graphics are still effective, turning a static into an animated infographic ups your game just that much more. Using full-on or even light animation makes your infographic more dynamic and attention-grabbing. This is especially true for social, where you’re trying to stand out in a feed. (It’s also more likely to get you published, as publishers are always looking for A-plus visual content to enhance their own editorial mix.)

Infographic videos don’t rely on characters or storylines. They can spend the entire time of the video with a particular focus on the product or service. This makes the messaging much more direct and also allows viewers to focus their attention on the brand without any distraction. Info graphics look professional and there’s no better way than a nice infographic to create your brand identity. When you convey information about your company through an infographic video, you appear professional and people take your brand seriously. Silver Bazel and its team is adept in designing info graphic with the focus towards excellence is conveying the message in the most interactive way possible.