How We Created XIECO Explainer Video?

Let’s face it; the world needs something which is grabbing and relevant. Above all, the idea is to connect and stick to the person watching your video whether emotionally or professionally, it depends entirely on the video. Any sensible explainer video should introduce a new solution and next, create a level of engagement and excitement that drive conversions. This was the idea that was kept in mind all throughout when the interactive explainer video on Xieco Remote Coach was in its pre-production mode.

Bringing Together a Concept

Xieco explainer video revolved around its main protagonist Mahesh who was an office going person finding it hard to stay healthy because of his busy life schedule. The animation depicted the changing background of Mahesh’s house and office. A little fun element was given to the video by showing Mahesh looking at his overgrown belly fat and getting disappointed. Then Mahesh switched to a healthy diet regime through the Xieco device. The final product Xieco remote coach was in focus along with the additional features it had like heart rate monitoring, ECG graph support, tracking daily step record, sleep monitoring, vibration alarm system, 3D acceleration sensor, High-quality OLED display, touch screen, USB cable and above all Xieco cloud support. The explainer video did full justice in bringing together each aspect.

Altogether Cumulative Effort

The creative team was determined after days of collaboration with the client that the character exercising in various poses to help provide a snapshot into how the Xieco remote coach works on him. The campaign was a success, another success story that the team cherished. The team actually used several strategies that we’ll take a look at the problem and solution quickly. They also make good use of characters and storytelling to introduce a scenario we can all relate to and connect in the best manner possible.

Use of an Amusing Character

An animated character like that of Mahesh represents the problem of any corporate man who is unhealthy and is in need of a healthy diet regime. The video showed how Mahesh went about being fit and right in his shape. Such characters are deliberately made to give a larger than life image, to make them immediately grab the attention of viewers. In this explainer video, Mahesh was shown thinking about how he can overcome and fight his disease and obesity.  It was a way to connect with the audience by presenting a common problem that every obese person faces. The character here is made to look, behave and act in a certain manner and depicts his way of fighting off obesity through Xieco remote coach.

With all these things in mind, one can be sure about the success of an explainer video that takes into account a common problem and solving it through the product depicted with the help of a character. Silver Bazel and its expert team were right behind in creating an exceptional video that explains about the problem of staying fit and how Xieco remote coach is the best anyone can get and stay healthy for life.