Explainer Videos –The Four Types to Promote your Product

You can exemplify the best of motion graphics through explainer videos but did you know that you can do it through four types of explainer videos? Yes, the most common of them all, but very effective and can be used to promote all types of products and services offered by leading industries. It is the sales message which becomes more effective than textual content and explainer video plays a big role in relaying the sales pitch to the audiences at large. Explainer videos should have a specific tone that will influence a potential buyer to actually go for the product after looking at its features presented in the most appealing manner. There are four types of explainer videos that stand as a unique source to do that and entice the audience.

Four Types of Explainer Videos are as follows:-

Animated Explainer Videos with Character Animation

The first and foremost is the creation of videos that will make the characters used in it alive so as to bring forth your sales pitch in the best possible and effective manner. Such videos create a vast illusion of thought, emotion and personality. This form of animated explainer video is widely used by startups and flourishing business who are in urgent need to create an edge above others and make themselves known in their niche market. Character animation is done in 2D, 2.5 D animation, 3D and stop motion animation videos.

Whiteboard Animated Explainer Videos

Your sales pitch is conveyed here through whiteboard animation with a creative story and pictures to support it. It is used in advertising for TV and internet to communicate messages in an innovative and unique way. This is an old form of animation but is gaining acclaim because of its effortless way to bring forth the story and narrate it through hand sketching of the characters involved in the story. This video making concept is therefore widely used for business marketing.

Typographic Explainer Videos

Typographic video uses the power of words to convey a sales pitch in the most effective manner possible. Typography is the technical name given to the visual presentation of text and is displayed through animation to make it look more lively and probably the best means to relay the sales message to the audience. Such video make the audience aware about a product and its related features. Typographical video presentation is capable enough to evoke ideas and bring them to light in the most innovative manner.

Motion Graphic Explainer Videos

Motion graphics videos are dominated by motion graphics with a lot of illusion of motion. These types of videos also use rotation that takes place and is supported by music that goes best with the graphics. It is used for multimedia presentation and brand promotion. The sales message can be delivered through appealing voice over that runs in the background for motion graphic videos.

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