Explainer Videos- Is it working for You?

We must acquaint ourselves with two forms of communication tools- Video and animation are powerful communications tools and articulates demonstration of these tow tools into one potent package. But building a good explainer video requires much more than equipment and will; it’s all about using the medium to its full effectiveness. Here is how you can check whether the explainer video is working best for you.

Simple Enough to Work for the Stats

According to Steven Johnson’s discussion of the creative process, take for example the video with the title “Where Good Ideas Come From”- we find it simple, succinct, and it’s a topic everybody wants to know about. It’s a highly informative video.” This, therefore, makes us aware of the fact that “It is good to be simple” and the next part off course is to see how it is working on the stats.

Does the Video works when mute?

The effectiveness of the video is analyzed best by watching the video in muted version to check how it stimulates the audience to action. Look closely at the animation. You should be able to follow the video closely just by watching it without the sound. The explainer video should combine detailed art and text to make the video easy to follow and communicate its concepts.

Is it Self Demonstrating?

What’s great about an explainer video is that it’s not just a visual presentation and an audio presentation that complements each other but it is also self-demonstrating. The animation is ideal, but where it really stands out is that it constantly reinforces its points in subtle and direct ways. Your video should very well do this otherwise there is no point on investing on an explainer video which will need an outside source to put forth the sales message. Check whether your explainer video is self-demonstrating or not.

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