Explainer Videos are Effective- Facts that Prove it Right

Ever gone through the basic info graphic on videos on how they help promote business? What? You never knew about Videos promoting business! Videos do help in getting more customers for your business and that is why we have people adding videos in their personal channel and get keen on having subscribers. If you were ignoring the use of explainer videos all these while then it is time add video creation as one of your sales promotion strategy. Adding video and also 3D visualization can benefit ayour organization in creating a brand identity of the product offered for sale. Video marketing is one thing that goes viral with the maximum amount of likes and shares.

Studies do make some important revelations proving the efficacy of explainer videos and how is creating a revolution in becoming the medium for business promotion. Experts like Edgar Dale affirm to the fact that-“Explainer videos define, describe, add a scope for the audience to stand glued for a while. The users can actually take the final step of following the call to action leading to final sale of the product.”

A recent poll shows that 90% of people who do online shopping find corporate explainer videos interesting than other modes of promotion and above all they are able to make decisions. Whether it is to know about a product or simply reading the testimonials of customers, sales go higher with explainer videos. The customer can very well asses his or her decision on buying the product or going for something else.

Avoid making the video irritably long for the viewers. Try to add something engaging like a Call to Action (CTA) that is catchy and to the point. Studies suggest that the attention span of customers is shorter and videos less than 15 seconds are ones that get social exposure through sharing. Therefore, the need of the hour is to get engaging short content in explainer videos that work well on your ROI.

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