ERD Explainer Video- Self Explanatory in Itself

It was a day full of triumph for the team working in the best manner hence building better brand identity for the product that came into focus. The client wanted a more technically inclined draft of the script on ERD power charger, based on the specified points as discussed earlier. The team had the basics in hand but now they were required to work on the visualization aspect. The technical facts were assimilated first and then a blueprint of the video was created through a PowerPoint presentation.

The video started by welcoming viewers to the world of quick charging bringing into the forefront the next level charging technology which is extensively used in smartphones and power banks that will save you from the hassles of not having your device charged when you need it the most. The explainer video further goes into explaining the types of adaptors that are USB compatible, UL- certified and Type C Versions.

The visualization then moved towards making a comparison between 2 times faster charging and normal mode charging through animation and also the diagram showing 75% more efficient charging. This was the area of focus where the comparison was shown diagrammatically using animated techniques to clarify it more in specific terms.

Then came the most fascinating part of merging 3D elements into the video that showcases the packing box with a 360 degree 3D animation of box highlighting the BIS approved label on the box. This part showed the BIS seal guaranteeing tamper proof packing of the charger. Then as the animation shows the rear of the box, it zooms in over the specifications for quick charging and normal mode at output wattage of 24W followed by on-screen text. The charger cabinet description is also indicated with the help of 3D visualization which is merged beautifully with 2D animation.

This corporate explainer video aimed at gluing audience to the video screen by showing 3D rendering of the charger getting connected to the power outlet and then there is the mention of technical specifications. In short, this was an explainer video that said more about the protocols of quick charging but was interactive at the same time.
Silver Bazel is the brain behind coming up with such an explainer video which is a clear blend perfect explainer video with technical details and 3D animation along with motion graphic animation.