Conversion Rate of your Video- An Integral part of your Marketing Campaign

explainer video was ranked as the most reviewed type of content during the buying decision process.Videos are soon becoming an integral part of your overall marketing campaign. Studies reveal that leading marketers surveyed worldwide over social channels and live events show an increase in the use of videos either uploaded to the company website or circulated through social channels like YouTube. It has also revealed freshly brewed statistics on the fact that using video requires 37% fewer unique site visits to generate marketing response or raw unqualified leads. In regards to businesses, another recent survey revealed that explainer video was ranked as the most reviewed type of content during the buying decision process.

According to many B2C Content Marketer, “You will have to have an emotional bonding with customers and eventually try putting into use the resources for a steady and successful marketing campaign. The next main factor is the visual appeal that a video creates for substantial conversion rates to come to your kitty. 80% people remember what they see and visual experience is the most trusted means of communication. Business marketing videos are backed by compelling storytelling and then bringing the product into the light with the use of well thought off animated graphics, visuals and thought to provoke promotional voice over. Explainer videos give corporate exposure to your business and play a pivotal role in generating more ROI.

The Performance of your Script

Your video should speak for itself and a well-written script is a basic foundation on which the success of the video depends a lot. A script is essential to give a specific voice to your explainer video so that it can speak for itself for successive leads. Such sales materials are full of catchy content backed by amazing facts or a storyline with product description as the main content. It is the voice over that counts and you can get it recorded by a voice-over artist and integrate into the corporate explainer video.

The script should have a conclusion which should not be an overt sales based message but should leave a great impact on the viewer so that he could close the deal and accelerate the sales meter. Find out a definitive takeaway through an impactful script that should speak for itself and build up heavy on your conversion rates.

Silver Bazel offers solutions that will best promote your business through explainer videos. This explainer video company comprises of a very talented team of scriptwriters, 2D sketch artists and 3D animators who will make your sales pitch appealing and the most viewable piece of information available.