Whiteboard Animation Videos

Explainer videos are gaining much-needed acclaim and did you know that an explainer video can leave a higher level of impact than usual textual material?

Whiteboard animation presents more of an allegorical aspect which basically holds the viewer attention and presents the full visual story in one canvas. The entire story gradually appears before the audience and it leaves the audience curious for more. Whiteboard is ideally suited for long-term memory retention.

What Makes it Different?

Whiteboard animation has adopted the aspect of drawing and sketching and eventually filling it with colors or simply leaving it grayscale. This art of sketching actually draws a storyline and then concludes with the final message. The sketching is done through an animated hand that draws out the storyline and texts added for the product sales pitch. The entire idea substantially contributes towards holding attention for longer intervals.

The Birth of an Idea

The viewers of whiteboard animated explainer videos get more and more fascinated by the fact that they can actually witness the birth of an idea. Whiteboard animation uses creative skills of the animation to show something that is being drawn onto a white surface which creates a hypnotic effect and is very popular for startups. Viewers can witness an idea which takes shape, then in the course of the drawing process, materializes into an engaging story and eventually concludes off into a strong impactful message.

It is Surprisingly Simple

The best part of it is the simplicity it offers, with which an idea is drawn into the whiteboard and presented through animation. The surprise element is the drawing itself that starts on the worksheet and is shown in the most simple storytelling manner. This story is told through visually appealing simple animation and the dialogue is also written in the whiteboard.

Whiteboard animation requires a lot of effort but with Silver Bazel as your video creation partner, creating attractive whiteboard animated explainer videos is easy. The company will produce a totally relevant, engaging and result oriented promotional material for your business.