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Product Explainer Video

A product explainer video is a buzzword today as it rightly strikes a chord with your business goals & objectives. By displaying every single detail of your product, these videos prove to be the best marketing strategies that can drive your business growth engine. Right from your product

Specifications to the interesting representations of your product from every angle truly attract the right audience to your product and your struggling business starts to thrive.

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2D/3D Animated Product Videos

Traditional marketing strategies have taken a backseat and new marketing tactics has come to the forefront. In this context, a cleverly crafted 1 minute 2D and 3D animated product video are enough to push your marketing vehicle. Research favors these marketing videos as customers end up buying a particular product after watching these videos just because they get a deeper insight about a product such as its specifications and benefits which they are not able to know through other traditional marketing tactics. A 2D animated video leverages motion graphics technique to showcase a problem and a solution along with a character and with a storyline that gives an emotional stimulation to the audience.  While 3D animated product video is much-detailed and is used for showcasing every bit of detail of a product which helps your customers to know your product better.

Why You Need a Product Explainer Video?

First and Foremost- Google loves to rank videos rather than a mere promotional text!
And the explosive growth in your business through these promotional videos is beyond your imagination! Well, a product explainer video is an excellent marketing tool that increases your business sales funnel and also grows your conversion rates by giving a clear insight about your product. Proven effectiveness lies in these videos towards your business is the reason why product videos services are selling like hot cakes. With their boom in popularity-just because they are directly targeted to your overall business growth, paves the way for their extensive usage for nearly every product that is waiting to be introduced in the market.

Product Explainer Video to Drive Sales

The sales funnel of a successful business should be in a continuous increasing state which clearly denotes the success of a business. And increasing sales funnel is possible only through strong promotional strategies! That’s where product explainer videos come into the picture. A promotional video has the power to explain a simple concept into a much entertaining way.
As people are busy sharing videos these days, animated explainer videos are the ones that help in enhancing business growth. These videos are easy to be searched and provide the viewers with another strong reason to go for the services of a company. As these videos are problem-centric they are really considered the best for attracting customers to any company’s products & services.

How to Craft a High Converting Product Explainer Video?

Creating explainer videos demand a thorough understanding of a product or service. Once you are well aware of the product, creating a high-converting product explainer video is just an easy task. There are many phases of a product explainer video which are important for creating a high-conversion product explainer video such as choosing a video format, pre-production, production and post-production phase. And you need to consider all these important key-points before making a high-conversion explainer video.
Complete product information coupled with amazing representation makes a video worth watching. These product explainer videos capture the imagination of the viewers and put a real problem as well as a solution before them.

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