Explainer Video Pitfalls that Can Ruin your Business

The latest infographic predicts that in 2017, online video will account for 74 percent of all internet traffic, and already 55 percent of people watch videos online every day. Getting aware of such facts will only make it more important to concentrate on the core features that make an explainer video successful and not repeating the mistakes that we often overlook in the course of video making.

The Pitfalls

The Target Audience– We must keep into consideration the target audience of the promotional video and the ‘Who’ element that stands paramount and help in the decision making process. Videomakers tend to work on the ‘X’ factor of the video and neglecting the target audience who will be the actual consumers and might be interested on the product.

Get rid of the Monotony– The usual infographic used in videos can be boring at times and using the same over and over again can hamper the viewership to a greater extent. People will probably hate watching the same old stuff and would expect certain elements that make your explainer video distinct from the rest.

Not Using the ‘Call to Action’- Negating the fact that you do not need a ‘Call to Action’ for your video is just unfair on your part as you will waste quality time spent on creating the video with so much effort. Not adding a ‘Call to Action’ can prove fatal. Many video production companies do not use the ‘Call to Action’ content like ‘E-mail us’, ‘Subscribe to Know More’ or ‘Visit our Website’ and therefore miss out on the potential clicks.

Silver Bazel takes into note the essentials to use in the explainer video. They make videos along with interactive animation used at the right places along with catchy and ‘to the point’ texts. Silver Bazel has a team that makes it a point, that all important elements are added. The explainer video will have a voice over with concise and effective content and the animations that give life to the characters relevant to the video storyline.

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