Optimize your Website with Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are gaining much needed acclaim and did you know that an explainer video can leave a higher level of impact than usual textual material? A video thumbnail added to your webpage leads the audience to an interactive world where they can witness engaging content supported by a storyline, typography and animated transitions.

To […]

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Need Effective Sales Promotion? – Go for Whiteboard Animation

Animation done by means of a whiteboard, specifically accentuates the sales pitch through the art of drawing and writing. These types of movements as shown in the animation revolve around the specific message and this message is written through hand movements. The message comes before the reader in a well formatted way and closely relates […]

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Four Promotional Video Ideas that Click

According to a recent video marketing survey and business trends report, an analysis based on the feedback from over 600 marketing respondents indicates that “93% of marketers are using explainer video in their campaigns, 84% for website marketing, 60% are involved in email marketing, 70% for search engines and around 82% confirmed that explainer video […]

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Explainer Videos–Keep it Short for the Audience

Statistics of the National Center for Biotechnology Information make us believe on the corroboration that the first 10 seconds are crucial for video engagement to take place where the average recorded attention time is just 9 seconds.

These statistics correlate to the present times when the attention span of a person is getting short depending […]

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