Key Factors that help in Explainer Video Promotion

According to a recent video marketing survey and business trends report, an analysis based on the feedback from over 600 marketing respondents is outwitting the others and reveals the fact that 84% for website marketing is done through video creation and the latest in it is the Explainer video that can have series with new […]

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Explainer Videos – The Best Option in a Really Busy World

Being assertive on the methods of business promotion in a really busy world is considered a challenge. But with explainer video and the way it promotes the company and its product, it is an all total different scenario. The videos have text animation along with 2D and 3D visualization.

Explainer video is the use of […]

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Explainer Videos – Let the Stats work for you

This is an agreeable fact that video marketing is effective as it has one aspect in it that clicks and it is the visual appeal it provides that makes it going. Viewers can get familiar to things they can connect to visually. We know people hardly listen to a marketing piece or related to things […]

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Whiteboard Explainer Video- Incorporating it is the Need of the Hour

Whiteboard animation presents more of an allegorical aspect which basically holds the viewer attention and presents the full visual story in one canvas. The entire story gradually appears before the audience and it leaves the audience curious for more. Whiteboard is ideally suited for long term memory retention.

What Makes it Different?

Whiteboard animation has […]

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